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  1. What I would like to see as a addition to that, is that we do not stop leading horses with a rope when going onto a ship or cart as a commander. Thing is, I do not know what ramnifications that would have or if it poses a problem regarding game balance.
  2. To make it more of a choice, have a command to auto queue them, do not make it a standard choice, because people would probably want to have a specific number queued. So when you have a large stack, it will ask you to auto queue. This can be made more modifiable by adding a checkbox in the settings screen (for example auto-queue always pops-up). The default option would be no auto-queuing, but you could call it up by using a certain keystroke like alt+action or ctrl+action. Thing is, that is more of a plan for the future and takes a bit of coding to get all the interface elements going. And I do think that feature has been requested already.
  3. There is a key bind called CLOSE that can close a window specificaly of the item whose inventory you opened. Thing is, it is rough around the edges, because you have to actually mouseover the actual item you just opened. so: bind shift+e open bind ctrl+e close as a example. The commands are there, but they need to be improved a bit. using the close command on the window while mousing over the window would help very much. There should as well be a keybind to close/hide all active windows. If there is one, please do mention it.
  4. Why not make the repeat last task only applicable for certain situations, like building a ship, creating tedious ammounts of items, attaching arrows to shafts, and so on and on, or ease up the creation by raising the number of added items to a ship (each continue action adding 10 rivets to the ship for example).
  5. Due to a visual addition to the backpack and satchel to our characters, there really is no functional need to actually wear it. Wearing a backpack on your torso actually encumbers you if there is enough weight on the backpack. There really is no incentive to wear a backpack/satchel on your torso. What I suggest, is add a functionality to the backpack/satchel where it lowers the weight of items inside it by a small fraction, since you distribute the weight properly inside of it. Since there is no incentive to improve the backpack/satchel either as a container, that functionality could only be unlocked when the backpack/satchel are at 50 quality. At 50 quality it would lower the weight of items inside it by a certain percentage, let's say 2 percent. For every 10 quality more that the container has, it would lower the weight of items inside it by another 1 or 2 percent. This would ofcourse only apply if you are wearing the backpack on your torso as to not have countless backpacks in your inventory for lowering weight, and you can only wear one backpack on your torso aniway. The encumberance in combat should only as well apply if a certain weight in the backpack has been exceeded. For example a accumulated weight of 10kg in your backpack, would give a attack speed and mobility penalty still, and higher weight numbers even more, so as to make it seem realistical. This makes acessing the backpack a hassle as well, so it would be good storage for items that are not in use most of the time, or are already hotkeyed to your toolbelt. TLDR version: Make backpacks have a weight reduction over 50ql when equipped on the torso, but still give encumberance if a certain weight is exceeded.
  6. That argument is rather irrelevant as you mentioned, just seems like a excuse for them to not be made. Yes, give the Notice boards a different design or color or just mouseover it and it says "Village notice board."
  7. If the papyrus supports hyperlinks, that would be great. Thing is, it should still be middle agey and need resources like papyrus to have any use. You would only be able to put papyrus on the notice board to leave messages, you wouldn't be able to use it persay without papyrus. Another idea would be to have pins or some sort of item that sticks certain papyrus sheets on the board, so they can't be removed, those would be used for welcoming messages, to post village rules or post a message that can't be removed from the notice board.
  8. I would like to suggest a item which would be using carpentry to make and can be placed as a decorative item in villages as well as making it useful to spread information around the village or deed. Due to the inclussion of papyrus, we can write messages, thing is, we can really only store them in mailboxes or other containers or leave em on the ground for someone to notice, and calling a large chest "newsboard" seems kinda silly. The newsboard would only be able to store papyrus in it and you could write notices and messages that way and leave em for people to read or take, it could as well be used as a information or task hub for the whole village. That way we would give papyrus another use.
  9. Greetings there. I would like to suggest a idea for a quickswap item as to make swapping between melee weapons and ranged weapons easier. The problem is most fighters and pvpers have is switching beween their bow and melee equipment fast in hectic combat. Instead of making it a interface feature, why not make it a item, like the toolbelt, that is a addition to your interface? I was thinking of three items that can be used for such a occasion and can be crafted and would give another addition to leatherworking and tailoring: a.) A sword scabard that can be equipped on the legs to sheathe in your sword, have it as a container to store in either a longsword or a short sword. b.) A sash made either out of cloth or leather where you can place in your shield or bow and interchange them. The sash could as well be used to store a 2h sword. c.) A bandolier which stores all weapons for interchanging, shield+sword and a bow, or a 2h and bow. It is made with a mixture of cloth tailoring and leatherworking, like the toolbelt, it would be improved by leatherworking or cloth tailoring. There can be a keybind that can be used to quick change between weapons/bow or the item can be put on the toolbelt and used. Quality of the item would depend how fast it switches between your weapons, low ql being almost as fast as how a player would interchange manualy, higher quality of these items would make switching faster. Rare or superiour items of that quality would improve weapon switching even more. This can as well have visual representations if the graphics team is willing. A shield and 2h on the back or shield on back and sword sheathed in the scabard or the bow over someone's torso. Uploaded with Here is as well a fast scetch to visualy represent how that would look like.
  10. Here is a better version of it people, enjoy: [media]