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  1. Hello all, I am looking for the owner of the Norfolkpine account. I bought a large magical chest and it seems that the ownership did not change, I will most likely need to summon them and have them attach a lock. I only realized this when i got home,and they were offline, and they don't seem to have a forum account, and have been offline when I have tried to contact them. They live around G-12 Xanadu I believe. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Great guy with very fair prices. Quick too! I will return for more orders.
  3. Very trust worthy. I sent an addy sickle to get skinned and received it back with the skin. You can trust this seller, great person.
  4. I plan to attend this with a friend. Anyone else coming?
  5. Currently there are not but we would accept one. I have a 100 faith Lib that I can bring to help out if you can get more.
  6. I can summon if need be just /tell Taji in game and ask
  7. /tell Taji in game or hit me up on forums
  8. hit me up here or in game at Taji to discuss price
  9. [Closed]

    Nice guy, fair prices. Has my business
  10. Xanudu Contacts List

    Im a returning player after a few years break, I was in an alliance with the Town of Boppington back on Exo. I Now have a new toon on Xanudu and I think that one very important thing about this game is growing your lists of contacts of people who provide different services. So I though I would make a post where you leave your ign and the service you provide. This way players can grow there businesses and others can find out some new people who might offer there services around them. Edit: Im at Maes Knoll