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  1. Updates log: Added NPC Fisherman "Pablo" he gives you a fine fishing rod after you give him 5 string of cotton have fun ! screenshot taken at the crazy maze event
  2. Hello comunity ! im looking for a mod that can start #alerts after server restarts . cuz its not working automaticly again and you need to type it again . its very important for my server so ppl can get the needed info about the server online map and its forums . thank you for reading and i hope someone can help me with such mod .
  3. Server updated to v up and running !
  4. Special offer !!! Ends at 17/08/16 Invite 2 friends to play on our server and you will get a special healer NPC to your village *You and your friends have to be online so gm can check that is not your alts* Have fun
  5. is that a mod that you use ? how you make this invasions work ?
  6. Devlog 06/08/16: Creatures ammount changed to 30,000 Aggr changed to 60% Skill gain rate changed to x10 Some bugs fixed Have fun , Everland awaits !
  7. i ran couple servers , was thinking about making a hub with 2 servers but , the pvp server is totaly closed cuz was way too buged , this is a new PvE map after it was tested for over a month , now it is stable and everything works perfect . this server will not be closed or wiped any time soon all who looking for a long time gameplay , this is what it is . you can join us , hope you will have alot of fun !
  8. Everland is hosted by citadelservers and runs 24/7 No lagg Skill gain: 10x Characteristics gain is super moded , up to 31 - 20x , After 31 - 2x (instead of 0.2 you get 0.01 , the real 10x) Action Timer 5x Breeding timer 3x Ada \ Glimmer 30k Creatures 60% agressive 24/7 No wipe Back up Server Mods Installed: Announcer - Shows log when some one logs in Bag of Holding - Making objects hold more items Boat mod - Very fast boats Bounty mod - You get coins for every creature you kill Bulk mod - Can place hot items into bsb Bulk storage trasfer limits - You can type in a number above 1000 to move more items Creature age mod - Horses getting older slower Creatures on water - You can lead creatures on water , all of them ! Crop mod - You get additional 3 crops when harvest (can make smaller farms now) Deed mod - Deeds limited to 50x50 size or 2500 tiles total Dig like mining mod - Dirt drops outsize of inventory to ground Harvest helper - Show current stage of crops Inbreed warning - Shows a warning when you try breed family relatives Mailmod - Free mail Moon metal mining mod - You have a chance to get random ores from mining (ada, glimmer, seryl) No Decay - Roads and bridges dont decay Sacrifice mod - When sacrifice rare items you have a chance 1\4 to get a bone Skillgain control - Fix your skill gain to exact x10 Spell mod - No priest limitations no need in linking, max favor can be used is 90 per 1 cast) Spell power - enchanted spells , less chance to shatter , higher then 104 cats (up to 250) Stable master - can turn animals into tockens and redeem them later or trade Timer fix - faster leveling \ flattening , pray and more ... Upkeep costs - free deeds making with low upkeep , all deeds start with 4s in thier coffers --- 16 square km highly detailed custom map (4096x4096 Independence size) --- HotA Events !!! Your adventure begins now ! Direct connection: Visit our Forums at: Live map: (Updates everyday after server restart) Server LIVE status: (updates every 5 minutes) --- Special offer !!! Ends at 17/08/16 Invite 2 friends to play on our server and you will get a special healer NPC to your village ---
  9. [WIP] Portals Mod

    i can use mission ruler but its complicated sometimes
  10. can you plz give an example for citadelservers , i also use them , and i do something wrong , the logs shows errors that i write a wrong path or something ., thanx
  11. well its just opened , you can try it in 5 minutes , im curently running a daily database clean from all the hate and griefing from "our server fans" , will be up in 5 minutes