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  1. A couple of days ago, it was suggested that natural disasters be brought into the game. Is this such an event?
  2. I made a trowel, imped it to ql 23.70. Started using it to build pottery iron fences and gates, it was taking no damage. Using archaeology on a grass tile caused damage to the trowel. Are pottery iron fences magical?
  3. More villager accommodations completed. Plenty of food available.
  4. Completed construction of the village commons, which includes a large crafting area, kitchen, and villager accommodations. Security is provided by three guards from the on-site guard tower, and a spirit templar.
  5. Are you new, and just need someplace to catch your breath and get your bearings? Are you a veteran player who just doesn't want to deal with the hassle of maintaining your own deed? Schadenfreude Estate provides basic amenities with no strings attached. Food, clothing, and shelter, a nearby market, good roads, and plenty of opportunities to develop whatever skills you see fit. Some paid work opportunities are available at standard rates (1 iron/action). Initial permissions are limited. Located on the west coast of Q12, Xanadu. Member of the Black Forest Alliance. Transportation to village may be available. PM Gangle for details.
  6. Jasiek had what I wanted, and sent it right away. Thanks
  7. Xanadu Map

    Schadenfreude Estate Q12. Please add. Thanks.