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  1. Exactly what I brought up in the third paragraph of my first post. I myself found the transition from the 'crude' to 'decent' stage way too quick for my taste. I say, a few hours and you already got yourself means to play with iron. Like there are no more fun materials to exploit. Take bone, for example. There are so many bones one can find in a skeleton, other than these of a skull and collarbones, They were also put to many uses other than being hung as trophies or kept for good luck. I don't see why wouldn't a bone make for a nice spear tip or a needle (even if not as well as their iron counterparts). As for armor, at a primitive stage you could make some from wood (like [url=]that one[/url], for example). The first type that came to my mind was hide, though. I even thought of its specifics: weaker, heftier than leather armor and more prone to decay, but its creation would not require the hide used to be particularly prepared. As such, it could be made more easily and with limited access to tools. Weapons? Well, as I said before, Wurm offers quite a selection of stuff that could be swung at stuff, but for some reason forbids us from doing so. And there are so many wooden weapons other than staff and clubs, the latter of which seem to be too complex for a human to craft - only Trolls, having conducted lenghty and rigorous scientific experiments, came to a conclusion that giving a hefty piece of wood shape and swinging it, like, very hard at a target is a viable combat technique. If Humans find their clubs too heavy or taking too much wood to craft, they could make lighter clubs of their own, right? Maybe strap a stone or bone as well, for that extra "oomph" factor! Well, there's always a crude axe: Too bad it performs poorly on local wildlife, though.
  2. Trying to fit the cool guys with a landscape photo of mine: Some celestial body up there would help, but apart from that, I'm fairly satisfied.
  3. As in the title. I enjoy the game a lot despite not having played it for long enough to find myself regularly indulging myself in the game's more advanced activities. And despite that, I found myself particularly enjoying ditching my starter gear and starting off as the blankest of blank slates (not trying to be a special snowflake of any sort, bet there's at least a few more people who share my sentiments). Although I have taken note of the game's robust crafting system (it would be dumb of me not to), I think it falls a bit short in the "primitive" stage. There could be some more things to craft, and some more mechanics to be implemented, such as wielding a hefty branch actually allowing me to hit something with it. As opposed to, you know, holding it with one hand, and beating up stuff with the other, as I understood its actual use in combat by Wurm's mechanics. I was quite surprised to see it being the case of crude tools, especially the axe. While some of you would understandably bash the idea of adding a number of crude additions (such as weapons, armor, perhaps some substitutes for construction materials) as unneccesary clogfest, as we can already get to crafting iron stuff quite quickly, I think it could really aid an RP aspect of the game, which I also find important. If you guys find it interesting, though, let me know, so I can find myself welcome to elaborate. You are welcome to pop your own ideas, too! And yeah, a few lines of text in, I realised that was quite rude of me to pop my cries and demands in without even introducing myself. I shall do so soon.