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  1. It's of course possible to take a heightmap and generate a WU world from it (that's the entire basis of this). I am curious if the opposite is possible - to take an existing WU world including all its terraformations (just on the land, nothing like structures etc), and generate a heightmap from it?
  2. Now that development and updates for Wurm Unlimited are officially a thing of the past and new versions will not be released, can we get a proper repository of *.java files for the server, client, and common JARs? The best reasons I was ever given for this modloader garbage was to greatly reduce the chances of issues when the official devs modify the code. Which I understood pretty well. But now the official devs won't be modifying the code. Turns out even Rolf himself said an API would be made... But that never happened. So, if updates are finished for Wurm Unlimited, the code won't change anyway, isn't it the least you could do, to do right by the modding community and make it accessible?
  3. Even if you feel the widespread panic is blown way out of proportion, the expectation that they'll prioritize further development of anyone's gaming pleasure over pretty much any of the above is assinine. We can wait. Deadlines won't matter whatsoever if an actual death occurs.
  4. @CreZIf you're truly concerned about the "watering down" of Wurm, perhaps you should take that to your own suggestion thread and present some good evidence of that. I think the only reason you said anything was because I'm the one that said it. You love to argue with me. I'm fine with that. I fail to see how a feature that some would consider useful is a watering-down move. I'd also like to point out that chat messages appearing above the heads of the players who spoke them isn't exactly a ground-breaking innovation. Is Wurm somehow "special" for not implementing things like this? I'll refer you here for pretty much every point you've made about this so far. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affirmative_conclusion_from_a_negative_premise I felt the need to quote you line-by-line so you wouldn't pull another lovely "focus on only one point I made" bit, and I felt the need to point out I did so so you wouldn't mock me for it, because you're a belligerent, pessimistic elitist. I await your response.
  5. You're seriously calling out the destruction of the Wurm community... over chat bubbles? I can't tell if you're joking anymore.
  6. Getting off-topic with performance discussions. Make another topic, please.
  7. If it comes with a toggle, I don't see how anyone could possibly be against it.
  8. +1. This is just a pointless restriction. For the "mayors can't remove them" problem, there are a number of solutions... 1. Change the starter tents (specifically the starter ones) to continue to decay on deed. 2. Tie them to permissions as previously suggested. 3. Accelerate the decay rate of the tent if the owner is offline beyond a certain threshold number of days. None of these would be difficult to code/implement.
  9. +1 from me. In a specific personal context for myself, I've been planning to/toying with the idea of building a museum for a long time now. This would make it more presentable. Beyond that I can think of many fun uses for this. It just makes sense.
  10. +1 from me for this. I'd like to also point out that once the tile you're standing on has 100 dirt (or other items) on it, you can't keep dropping dirt to the pile anyway.
  11. I'm pretty sure you see this for both wild and crafted hives, but yes, you get something to the tune of "You hear bees, you are probably getting close to a hive"
  12. @CreZYour point is that not everyone will be happy with new options so best to just not have any at all? This is something that wouldn't be difficult to add and would give players' characters additional variety. If you end up not liking the ones they add, then from the sounds of it you're no better or worse off than you were before.
  13. Pay attention to the starting server/deed you pick from the tutorial area. From there, use your compass to figure out which way you're going, and use the community maps ( http://wurmonlinemaps.info for instance ) to track your movement. Use landmarks, paved areas and roads, waystones (which integrate to the highway system), and types of biomes like steppe, forest, desert, etc. to spot yourself on the map. I get that as a new player it's tough, but if you're not the kind of player who appreciates the rewards of hard work, the grindyness of Wurm alone is going to deter you, let alone how easy or tough it is to figure out where you are. I do like the sound of the tower guard "Where am I?" idea with a generic quadrant from the in-game map. Maybe put a minimum QL on the tower to be able to make that happen, or just make it so lower QL means they could be completely mistaken. That'd be a nice compromise in my eyes.
  14. +1, it doesn't bother me personally but I agree it doesn't need to be in the center of the screen, at least not anymore.
  15. https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/174192-improved-character-appearance-options/
  16. The choices we have for the appearances of our characters are extremely limited at this time. Long hair essentially doesn't exist (for either sex), darker skin is pretty laughable in that the range is basically from sour cream to mildly sunburnt and nothing darker... One of my favorite aspects of Wurm is how beautiful the landscapes are, and the wide ranges of options we have in the things we create, yet the faces of our characters (not even to mention there are actually *no* options for their body) have been what they are, unchanged for at least the 4 years I've been playing WU/WO. I saw in the Steam discussion thread that a list of suggestions for QoL and such improvements would be nice; I feel doubt that any single player would call this a horrible idea? Like I said, Wurm's such a beautiful environment to immerse yourself in, it would be nice to feel a better personalization of our characters themselves. I'm not saying to put The Sims 4 levels of customization into the characters, but just a wider range of appealing options would be wonderful. And especially if the move to Steam hopes to bring in new players, I must admit here that I've referred dozens of people over the years to at least check this game out, and regardless of whether they end up enjoying the game and/or sticking around, one of their first "what do you think" observations they've all given me is "Wow, the options for your character's face are very limited."
  17. Granted I haven't been on the server for very long and I've barely explored 1/10 of the land, but holy crap I've passed ONE wild horse. The other I bought. Is penning/hoarding of these animals on Indy truly this bad, or have I just been unlucky and only touched lands that don't have them? PS I've passed like 80 unicorns lol
  18. Any chance you could provide it?
  19. Love the concept. Nice work. One thing I thought of, pretty random: https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Grape_bush For grape bushes, when grape season comes around, the type of grape you harvest from the bush depends on whether you're in the north or south half of the map. If grape bushes are mostly confined to the south then green grapes would be hard to find if not cease to exist.
  20. Downtime, not the end of days. Use this time to fortify your bunker for real-life armageddon.
  21. Yup (Also Independence)