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  1. Water World Map 4096x4096

    I like it as well. More than enough land to build on, yet plenty of waterways and open ocean to explore too. This could make a very decent single-map kingdom warfare setup if divided well. As CountZero hinted at though, exposed rock looks rare. Though, I could imagine this would make any initial "land rush" more exciting as players truly put in work (and perhaps get lucky) in locating prime settlement territory. Will you be releasing this map for use by servers? Nice work!
  2. Server-side enforcement of client-side mods

    The idea would be to let a server choose what mods they want and don't want clients to have... To require clients to have certain mods, but equally as important to require that clients *not* have certain mods. Some examples-- Require your players to have the No Tree Collision mod when connecting to your server. Prohibit your players from using the LiveHudMap and ESP mods when connecting to your server. Not *per se* to prevent cheating (the scope of cheating is a topic for another day anyway), only to prevent players from breaking rules you'd like to enforce regarding the usage of mods. The usage scenarios for this capability are tremendous - mods are so powerful, yet the separation of client and server in the WU code is so shotty, where so many things that you'd want to confirm/permit server-side are possible to circumvent by changing the client. The best example I can give is the sort of hackish bypass that the Improved Compass or Toolbelt mods are able to perform to fool your client into thinking it's 99 QL and grant you the maximum benefit possible for those items. (Not to say that the mod isn't useful for a great many players - I mean only to point out that this kind of thing is possible without any changes to the server, which ideally would be the entity to enforce the QLs of your items.) I did figure it would be relatively easy to circumvent, but there is no good way to get the list of mods that a client has installed/doesn't have installed (let alone verify that the mods their client reports is an accurate, authentic list), and thus you'd essentially be "trusting" your players to follow your rules and hopefully catch them if they do such a thing.
  3. Xanadu Community Map

    New settlement: Everglow Coords: 1806, -4436 Mayor: Ignacius Thank you very much!
  4. Devblog: Movement & Desync

    -snip- IMO, I guess I expected it to be something like that. It's a perfectly ironic system, that Wurm itself relied on an error to function.
  5. Map Generator 2.9 [supports Wurm 1.4]

    For the last week I've been trying everything I can think of. I tried separating the actions file into individual files each with a single action in them. No luck. I tried running them one at a time in the editor to see what happens with it, no luck either. I tried generating it on two other PCs and a third Dell PowerEdge server with 64 GB RAM installed, and no luck. Short of trying to make a whole different 8k map with none of the same things I did for this one, I cannot think of anything else to try. This issue seems completely senseless. I was planning a concept map with random spawn points and some custom modding. Travelling isn't an issue. Is WGenerator 2.9 just not capable of generating 8k maps?
  6. I've been tooling around with ways that servers could prevent players from using certain mods client-side, or even require them to have certain mods to be able to connect. The best I've come up with is a mod that client-side would send a list of all mods the client is currently using to the server, and the server parses that list and rejects the connection if a violation is detected, with a message to remove blocked mods and/or install required ones. That part I believe would be simpler to implement than the following topic Id like to get feedback on, and that's the issue of spoofing: if a player wanted to circumvent this enforcement and had even basic knowledge of Java, it wouldn't be difficult to make the server think that they don't have a mod installed - refactor the package/class name, for a simple example. I'm no hacker or even cybersecurity expert but I'm certain it wouldn't be difficult for someone who is. I looked to RSA's private/public key system for inspiration on how to ensure the mod itself is transmitting the information on installed mods authentically, but how to ensure the mods themselves are authentically identified? e.g. if this system just transmitted the list of .jar filenames detected in the mods directory, it's not difficult to rename a jar file. Perhaps an SHA hash of the jar file might work, though different versions of the same mod might raise an issue there (especially without update notifications). If a server provided a list of exact download link for mods required to connect though that might suffice for players to comply. Anyone have input/ideas/suggestions for this? I'm open to any, positive or negative.
  7. Devblog: Server Issues Postmortem & Future

    As many here have said, the informative updates are much appreciated. Thank you! Looking forward to it.
  8. Map Generator 2.9 [supports Wurm 1.4]

    It's the same size as Xanadu.
  9. Map Generator 2.9 [supports Wurm 1.4]

    I went through the actions file line by line and split every line into a separate file. At the end, I tried starting a server using its map files, with no mods installed (pure vanilla) and attempted to launch it, same issue. So I tried to keep things as incrementally simple as possible. I stopped using the actions file completely, and ran the first few steps manually. - Set the map size to 8192 and imported the heightmap (heightmap.png) - Eroded the heightmap using the following settings: 60 iterations, 30 min slope, 300 max slope, 175 sediment per tile - Dropped dirt with the following settings: Biome seed 1549503392560, dirt per tile 40, max dirt slope 40, max diagonal slope 56, max dirt height 3600, water height 500, cliff ratio 2.5, no landslide, random seed unchecked - Once the drop dirt finished, performed absolutely no other actions. Went straight to Actions / Export and clicked Save Map Files - Opened the directory they saved to, copied all those files and installed them onto a server --- (which I'll outline how I did too for the heck of it) Made a copy of "Creative" (vanilla setup), pasted the .map files over it, went into the sqlite directory and executed rebuild-dbs.bat - Attempted to launch the server Sat there for roughly 30 minutes, on a modless server (no ago1024 loader installed/patched at all) it seemed to stop at "Loading servers" and never did anything else. I'm attaching the heightmap.png (warning, it's huge, about 110 MB) file for the hell of it. Maybe someone can spot something I just don't know to look for because I can't figure this out.
  10. Map Generator 2.9 [supports Wurm 1.4]

    Thanks for the suggestions Muffinman. I'm separating the action files now; I will try starting a server with the bare minimum heightmap/dirt, and step-by-step observation of the action files and see how it goes. If that fails I'll upload the file and see if you/anyone can help.
  11. Map Generator 2.9 [supports Wurm 1.4]

    I'm trying to generate a 8k map with this tool using a .act file, but every time I try to, after it's done running all the steps in the .act file, the .map files don't work. - Launch the .jar (with -Xmx4G) and go to Actions/Export - Load Actions file, browse to and select the .act file - Wait an hour or two for it to run all the steps - Click Save Map Files The map files *seem* to be generated: But then trying to view them in MapViewer, it's just a blank black image: And if I try to run a server using the map files it generates, it gets hung on "Generating Wurm IDs" and never actually finishes loading. (According to https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/132832-unable-to-start-server-with-custom-maps/&tab=comments#comment-1364813 it's due to the map files being corrupt/not being generated.) I even went so far as to let the generator run for an extra 36 hours after clicking Save Map Files, just to be sure I gave it enough time and didn't jump the gun. I can say I've thus far generated two other 4k maps that have not had this issue. I'm stumped and have no idea what to try next.
  12. [RELEASE] Disband Mod, Disable Deeds Mod

    DisbandMod Update to v1.1: - Added exception/error checking. - The mod will now exclude permanent settlements from its checks. I recommend anyone using this mod update it immediately, as permanent settlements may be at risk of inadvertently and unexpectedly disbanding with its use. (My apologies for the oversight!)
  13. The Epic Mission Hints mod is causing errors and/or crashing my server... I can't say what version the errors/crashes started on, but it's definitely happening at the current version ( and I believe it was happening on the previous version of the WU Server too, though not 100% certain. It's my test/dev server, no other mods (with the exception of the ones that come bundled/packaged with ago1024's modloader) are installed.