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  1. Uber happy for the mirrors! I'm kind of wondering about the price, but I guess you all are still deciding.
  2. I would hope that the elusive silver mirror is not so elusive. Making gold not so easy to find makes more sense. Or maybe the intention is that the gold will change appearance and gender... If that's the case, good luck to everyone trying to figure it out.
  3. This sounds fine to me, as a paid service +1... It would also be nice if I could just change my appearance.
  4. Gosh golly gee wilikers helm, that's an oddly specific description of what may have happened. Well on the off chance that this event occurred, I would be more than happy to allow this player to keep Baxtergolden. In hindsight, I neglected this horse like my neopet. Already bought a new one anyhow.
  5. Lol Helm. As for the horseshoes, I have no idea. All I know is that they made my horse faster. My friend crafted and enchanted them. I think immediately losing the horse will be an avoided topic if he ever plays wurm again. Only rode the the horse on three occasions. The sentimental value came from him paying for the horse and going through the work of getting the gear. Edit: They had wind of ages on them.
  6. I did take a look at all the pens, some more than once. It is possible I still could have missed him and being more persistent couldn't hurt. I was under the impression that maybe the last owner of that plot just took the horses saddle off and let him walk away, but that idea does not make much sense.
  7. Well... If the horse really is that old... I might as well let him be free. I did see the horse's name from the /caringfor command. He was not venerable before, it showed that detail in the managing animals option. Thank you for the help, I will probably be getting a new horse instead.
  8. Hi there! My horse, who is so lovely, has gone missing. His name is Baxtergolden and some would describe him as venerable and fat with brown hair. Unfortunately, I was a noob when he was gifted to me and did not brand him. I logged off of wurm for a long time and came to see my house was built over by someone else. Over that time my horse became untamed and there is a chance he was simply released. The horse was last seen near Plot 38 on the Amish Estates. He was wearing a saddle and enchanted horseshoes that made him move more quickly. There is a sleep powder award for anyone who returns him. Amish Estates Map: Amish Estates Location: