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  1. Done

    You can cod it to Taranisss
  2. I would like to buy a barrel for body strength if that's possible?
  3. Would like to order some more dye for the same reason as Kierkegaard, black (19 - 19 - 19) colour. The sails use up 18.77kg if I'm not mistaken.
  4. Cista you are killing me... Now I have 6 days to make that corbita Cya at the race, because.. well.. they are a lot of fun!
  5. It's been a very long time since I played Unlimited, but this I'm going to try out edit: Didn't think about those problems for creating transmutation liquid. And waiting for the right collapse of a tile (times 2) seems a bit weird to me.. You could always put veins in your server, but very very very few
  6. I'd buy the whole lot of checker boards and fireworks if you would let them go for 50c each?
  7. Didn't had time or forgot (read: stress) to take pictures.. but man... That was a lot of fun!! You did an amazing job Cista!!!
  8. 2nd time I did business with Oversix and like the 1ste time, a perfect service!!
  9. Hi, I would like to buy a 90ql horseshoe set. Could you cod it to Taranisss?