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  1. +1 for the Defiance mapdump (with or without delay)
  2. Seems the message has been received. No more bumps then
  3. As in title.. When can we get a mapdump from Defiance?
  4. You mean for people like me
  5. For new people, we still need: Trees: linden, pine, walnut, chestnut and lemon Bushes: camellia, lavender, oleander, rose, grape, lingonberry
  6. After buying a couple of pizzas before, I went straight for the Feed-my-deed package this time. Even an order like that came in very fast and that excel file, that is ready made for all the characters you want, is awesome! 10/10 would recommend!
  7. I can. Ql is in the 60ties, timer is 24hours from 1 drink action (0.2l) But it's been a long time since Aetheria has been seen.
  8. South west Harmony to south east Cadence? Something similar happened to me also a couple of days a go (when the slayings took part) and there is still some gear on the bottom of that ocean. A med rug with nice CoC that costed me 2s, my steel plate armour that was my first bought armour at 7 or 9 silverish.. People of Cadence were very kind to help me, and after a 3 or 4 hour search Thruin finally was able to find me... tears in my eyes when I saw his ship popping up! Initially I was getting a little mad at the CM/GM for, what was in my opinion/assumption, not helping me out. That was a wrong opinion or assumption.. CM Almostsolitude came to check on me through pm in the beginning but couldn't really do too much. Still, he told me he would keep the ticket open and I had to let him know when everything was ok again. Eventually he did contacted a GM and this one reached out to me also. GM Skade took it upon him to help us roam the bottom of the ocean.. but we did not succeed in finding my stuff. So eventually I told them we have been on it long enough already and call it days.. So in the first place I want to thank the people in Cadence, with in particular Thruin. So much hours spend in just looking for me.. Amazing person! A thank you to Almostsolitude for not ignoring it, but eventually contacting the GM's in trying to help me out! And a very special thank you to Skade because, even me being a little upset, he still took it upon him to come help us looking manually for quite some time!!!
  9. Is this still correct? Someone told me that after the last changes skill gain on higher faith is actually better. Or is it that skill gain at higher levels is indeed a little better after the changes, but for the best possible skill gain 1 faith is still the way to go? Have to skill up 2 alts
  10. G 7c K 3c L 4c M 7c AF 21c AW 51c AX 61c When the auction is over, everything I won can be send to Taranisss
  11. Well, you never know 1c for each (From A to AX)