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  1. Never got notified of replies to this :\ Sorry. Still available. 30USD
  2. No prem time left Path of Love, 7 Can include weapons and armor if that's preferable
  3. My hard drive has started to fail on me, so before it completely dies I've uploaded my PSD file for the map to the same dropbox folder as the maps. Photoshop is one of the programs that's giving me trouble and causing it to lock up so until I get it sorted, someone else can feel free to update things. I apologize for taking so long to respond, and thank you to anyone that wants to update things.
  4. Actually, I'm not exactly sure where this one should go there. Is it just beside the marker for Cobalt Quay? Or is it in the water? I've updated the map with everything else tho. To the two who did the road sections, thank you very very much.
  5. UPDATING THESE RIGHT NOW! xD I feel so bad for having taken so long... I went from a stomach virus to an upper respiratory infection and my mouth tastes like... like disgusting, if it makes anyone feel better! I'll have the updated map uploaded as soon as I'm done, maybe the next hour... likely less tho. Thank you everyone, and I apologize for my absence.
  6. Sorry everyone, I've been ill for awhile. Don't think I've stopped updating the map just yet, and sorry for the late message. Hopefully I'll be feeling better in the next day or two.
  7. I'll get these all updated later today. Thank you again, everyone.
  8. Updated. Thank you. Again, so sorry for the delay...
  9. I like giraffes because they're tall and awkward. Just like me.

  10. Yes, because that's the mature and courteous thing to do. What are you, 8? If someone doesn't support an idea, then they don't have to help. It's as simple as that. Bullying someone because they don't share your mindset about how to play a game sounds like griefing to me.
  11. :argh: lol Thanks!! Summer has been busy so far this year so I've been away from my computer a bit more than I would like I greatly appreciate you all keeping me posted on disbands, I know you don't have to, so it really means a lot that you do it anyway. You're all awesome