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  1. Of Course Gimble will be there Praise Fo \o/
  2. I am a breeder and just a few comments to say on this topic: If you go through 20-30 horses in one battle your not playing tactfully enough. I realize this and I'm not a pvper The fowl stage is there to keep from thousands of horses being bred which will slow down any server.And since you have the stage to wait this, SHOULD, cause you to think tactfully when you should or shouldn't use horses in battle. Wurm is not an instant pvp game. (Sure you could take your sword and go attack people from the start but that's just stupid) You need to get your skills and abilities up to a decent level. This time is also a good time to start creating alliances and making friends. Yes you can make friends in Pvp. Its not just a Pve experience. If you wanna pvp so fast than I suggest you play games like WoW. Their pretty decent and instant pvp is their main goal. In summation fowls are there for a reason. Use it to your advantage. If need be make Alliances who have good Breeders and are willing to trade. -1 Keep the fowl stage as it is
  3. I play on a Wurm Unlimited Server. i am having fun in their pve area but i know i will want to move out into their pvp area. So i was going to go two short swords and studded leather for mobility but than i noticed a weaponless fighting skill. Has this ever been done effectively in pvp? And how would i do it? Please all tips and tricks are appreciated i am a pvp newbie so id like to not die as often as i can. Thanks for the help.
  4. I have just started playing Wurm Online and I am enjoying every minute of it. My long term goal is to have tamed my very own dragon. And i am having trouble finding information on this. Can anyone tell me what skills i need. I've noticed there is some debate between having the taming skill at 100% or becoming a priest and using the spell Dominate. I am hoping it is taming at 100% because i saw that dominating only lasts for 3 days. I am also on Freedom Isles so i dont know if that helps or not. Any other information on taming would be helpful. And i apologize if this is in the wrong thred or if a thred exists taht covers this. Thanks.