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  1. Winning isn't everything,but wanting to win is
  2. Sir or madam,I don't think you understand. Let me help you with that Syrann
  3. [14:25:19] After you will Stop Whining,you will Start Winning. The winner----->me
  4. CLOSE

    Buying these: 75 QL stone chisel ,iron 97 botd- 3silver 73QL file,iron 78botd- 80copper 90QL mallet,oak 91botd-2,5silver 71 QL scissors 81 coc- 1 silver 79QL pickaxe,iron 91botd-2,5silver Please Cod to Goldgretel and thank you.
  5. What kind of a stubborn person(or maybe more then one idk about that) keeps an update like this, after all the people wrote here? It took me months to breed hell horses,wait for them to be born,brand,hitch and all of that.Do you have any idea how many I own and what it means to me to have to kill them all cause you decide to make them worthless!!!This makes me feel very embittered. All because you decided something that wasn't a problem for years for anyone,all of a sudden become one that must be solved immediately. All my work flashed down the toilet by someone who woke up in the morning in a bad mood and thinking: oh wait, let me fix (ruin) something that actually help players to have a decent speed while going around hunting,exploring and so on. You don't care at all about players suggestions,ideas,feelings,work,time invested.Important is to keep this aweful update at any cost,that probably make a lot of players unhappy,but oh well who cares right? Let's keep this sad update anyway,as long as you are delighted with it. Congratulations,I will think twice now before buying premium again.
  6. While showing around my deed to a friend today,he got attacked by one of my hell horses hitched to my cart,and my friend unintentionally was able to harm the horse even though both hell horses are branded and hitched,and on a pve server.Now, normally another player it is not able to attack back a branded and hitched horse,but what i found after getting some info is that if the hell horse is making a bad move can be attacked back, in this specific situation,due to an error in the way it was coded. [13:15:32] The adolescent Eaglehunting kicks R... pretty hard in the chest and irritates it. [13:21:38] R...cuts the adolescent Eaglehunting very hard in the stomach and harms it. Hopefully this issue can be solved. Thanks to DrSatan for trying to help.
  7. Thanks a lot Toe:)Beautiful colors:) Great service.
  8. Glad to helpGood luck with the new deed.
  9. Great video:) You really did a lot there,keep up the great work.