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  1. On 13/1/2013 at 11:39 PM, Docterchese said:

    It's the screenshots thread! Post your best screenshots for everyone to enjoy, whether it's a stunning landscape, awesome house or a horse with questionable intentions...





    To get an image to display directly on the forums, enclose a direct link to the image in [img.] tags. You can also use [spoiler.]





    tags to hide the pictures until shown making the thread a little cleaner. (Note: remove the dots)











  2. I'm sure the devs team are doing the best they can to enhance the game for us,but we need to give them a chance and ...a bit of patience.

    Good luck to all of them and looking forward to the new changes.

    As a game creator, you cannot fully leave the game,but the fact of being away from what concerns crucial transitions can't be seen as a positive result after all those years imo.



  3. 9 minutes ago, Goldgretel said:

    Thank you for many hours of awesome gaming and best of luck on your next projects!

    Somehow though this sound like the end of Wurm,I hope I am mistaken.


    Last night I lost the world ,and gained the universe.