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  1. Hos Farms Arr! Piraci Village Arr! Piraci Village HOS Tower
  2. Nope, it doesnt have boots or gloves unfortunatly.
  3. Yeah ,whatever^,meantime I will try and win. Btw what do I win?
  4. I'm sure the devs team are doing the best they can to enhance the game for us,but we need to give them a chance and ...a bit of patience. Good luck to all of them and looking forward to the new changes. As a game creator, you cannot fully leave the game,but the fact of being away from what concerns crucial transitions can't be seen as a positive result after all those years imo.
  5. Last night I lost the world ,and gained the universe.
  6. Thank you for many hours of awesome gaming and best of luck on your next projects! Somehow though this sound like the end of Wurm,I hope I am mistaken.
  7. Nah, you didn't win nice try