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  1. You should really google "im paying customer mmo" and see the results ok, I have something to improve with that one
  2. No. I don't want or need it to work seamlessly. That was not my point. I just wanted to know is there any hope to play this game without lag. If the lag would have been always around, I wouldn't spend more MONEY on it. That was the point (should I spend more money on wurm or not). Same words to @Cornchips Also, treating customers well is not a bad thing They will bring you the money... (Even if they are stubborn jackasses)
  3. well done (all of you) lol, I thought my english sucks. We are learning english at school very early on. I can't speak it very well, but I can write, because I have more time to find the words
  4. Yup you can lock this, but why hide - did this reveal something unwanted?
  5. I live in Finland But the connection should not have several minutes roundtrip even if I live at the other side of the globe. I've played some other mmo (thousands of players simultaneously) games which are hosted across the sea without any lag issues. It's the architecture setup which matters the most. I'm still a little pissed off about the way wurm servers work, but I'm not gonna leave the game. I'll move to smaller server. I'm sorry if I ruined anyones (dev/staff/players) mood
  6. Data of animals are stored to the master db. Cell servers would only know/handle animal movement+actions in that server, but the animal data is loaded/stored to master server. Same thing with any "global" object. Animals/players "don't know" they are splitted to multiple servers, their locations are not restricted only to one cell server area. Anyways, you could stop making further questions about this. As Ostentatio said, no one has time to implement this kind of approach...
  7. You got that right. I have my stuff and home in Xanadu, it's not so simple to move a whole deed to another server. And if enough players moves to "my" server, it might eventually have same kind of lag issues. Launching 2-3 new small sized servers wouldn't hurt anyone
  8. ^ is something I do everyday at my RL job Don't know, maybe because I wouldn't like to give up on wurm. It's a great game tho
  9. I didn't mean the compiled byte code
  10. My cell servers would work transparently. Player wouldn't notice one switched to another server Cell servers would not work like current separate servers...
  11. I might take a look at the code for free, but if I ever manage to create a solution, it wouldnt be free. Btw, do you know where the code is available for browsing? And is there a guide to setup dev environment?
  12. Sounds like you assume I should work for free? A subscription wouldnt fill the expenses. I charge more money / hour than a month sub, so I'd like to work for real money...
  13. Yeah, it requires a lot of work, but it would have some positive effect with this lag issue. There is another way too. If a player loses his stuff or dies because of the lag, then wurm should have a way (and will) to compensate player losses before they quit the game
  14. I think you missed my first description of the example. Local "cell" servers doesn't have event or any global data stored, only the map (+all local data, if any). Cell servers would handle player connections and talk to adjacent cells to provide continuous map to players. Of course they would need to communicate with the master server. Master server would have to have an in memory cache, because db queries are rather slow, even with quick SSD disks. Anyways I believe there is a solution without rewriting the code from scratch. (This kind of solution would split network resource usage (connection read/write/encrypt/decrypt/eg) by player location and map queries/modifications wouldn't load the master server...)
  15. Why would all the servers need to communicate with each others, only adjacent ones needs to do that And it was just an example, you could divide xanadu to 4x4 blocks if you want. And if it's a problem with terraforming, would the separate (cell-)servers for map data and modifications help the issue?