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  1. I would love if this was possible. Just make it so its possible on the PVE servers and if anything make the times 20sec or whatnot. You can level Peat, Clay, Dirt, Sand, and Tar so why not being able to level Rock Tiles. I think it would be great to beable to do this honestly. I do alot of mining and helping others with deed surface mining so it would help alot if this was an option.
  2. I really hope they do not merger the two clients together anytime soon. If they do then what the hell was the point of a Steam release besides letting other know about it. If you can't have more then 1 toon open in steam then let that be the same in the old client. You can have both steam and old client at the same time. If you need an alt then do this.
  3. Ok I honestly think that having alts ruins the economy and the game community as a whole. I think you should only be limited to having 1 character on a client at a time and not multiple ones at the same time. I mean if you have 7 alts doing stuff why make friends or interact with the community? I think we should make it so all clients can only have 1 character logged in at once. If you do that then that means 1 character for old client and 1 character for Steam client and that is all. I think this would be acceptable if you really wanted an alt.
  4. It would be great but would need to be worked out some how. So this would work like the transmutation liquid does for dirt to clay then right?
  5. Hi I know this sounds weird but it would be great if there where some different types and size cat statues for people to make since there are troll, Horse, Dog, People and other types of statues already. Can you please see about adding Feline Statues. Thank you and if anyone else has a suggestion on this just add it. Also if you like this thread bump it up ok. Thanks again.
  6. There is a canal that is done that is not marked on the community map. I wanted to let someone know. You can take a knar, horses and carts through it. It is at x15 & y19 to x22 & y19. The canal is from Green Bay to Shrieking Eel Lagoon. I hope this get updated on the map soon. thank you.
  7. I sacrificed a Valrie Item but it did not add any seconds to my rarity window and I own the deed. Can you please help me out with this. I am on the new clients as well.
  8. +5 .... WE WANT THIS PLEASE .... This would be great. I want it would help a lot with cleaning up deeds. I mean we have it for the crates, planters, large storage racks so why not make some for bulk storage bens and food storage bens.
  9. I am interested in the small rare anvil (58ql). Also I hope you friend get better. My stepfather fought cancer for 10yrs before it finally took him. I will keep you friend in my preys.
  10. Hi I need a rune attached to my mailbox. Please contact me (Bastet) or Yumie in-game. Live in J14 area on Xan. I already have the rune. Thank you.
  11. I have an alt who is a Fo priest and I would play her more if she was more practical on a PVE server. I hate the thorn bush priest ability, to me its useless. If she could imp and continue then she would be way more practical and I would premium her more honestly. That is the one ability that made no since to me since they already have a spell for it. I think it could be a great modification, even if that was the only thing changed. That is just me though.