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  1. WTS Master Blacksmith

    Sold please close
  2. WTS Master Blacksmith

  3. Albia Roads Map Of Indy

    Can you add Camp Irwin 52x/53x 12 Y Thank you.
  4. also cant plan walls, or build floors or roofs
  5. 5% increased size, 5% vehicle speed (any item), zinc 12,53ql - 9c 15,16ql - 12c 17,22ql - 14c 17,43ql - 14c 17,46ql - 14c 18,03ql - 15c 18,95ql - 15c 19,16ql - 15c 19,88ql - 15c 20,95ql - 17c COD to Chemiq

    70 QL plate set cod to dorf please
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    Bump, Edited
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  12. 1 problem I see, you can still make your alts hots, jk and mr , you would have to only have pmk's on chaos for it to work. only real way to do it is to raise the fs to lose affinities
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  15. Massive Firesale for tools

    Pickaxe Iron 5 94 COD to Elva Please
  16. 2x QL~5 Steel Pickaxe c 86 (63c) COD both to Elva please Thanks
  17. Converting to HoTS

    Libila can only be hots or hots template PMK
  18. Expelling players

    did you kick them from village also? that happened to me was kicked from a pmk but not from the village, when I went to chaos it put me back in the pmk I was freedom on chaos before I crossed server had to leave village then I could convert to another kingdom
  19. Valrei International. 043

    New: Creature movement overhaul has now been introduced to all servers. Sorry I don't complain on forums but I left Cele because of the new creature movement. Now its on every server its a game killer for me it really drives my bonkers having my horses in fences and walls