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  1. please add "Fort Givens" 1800 x 920 Thanks
  2. Can anyone tell me the spell casting success formula?
  3. Shovel, Iron, 61coc - 1s Cod to Doozledorf please
  4. Axe, Silver 50ql 48LT - 1.4S #79 - 1QL - 53CoC - 0.70S COD to DoozleDorf please
  5. what kingdom are you in? Since anyone going to Defiance would have to join it.
  6. QL 67 Mallet, oak c59 (1.2s) QL 9 Grooming Brush, Oak c44 (38c) Cod to DoozleDorf please
  7. 10 oak sprouts please cod to doozledorf
  8. being able to make 80QL gear is feasable at this point . I could have by now if I hadnt picked a huge terreforming project
  9. QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c57 (1.5s cod to Doozledorf please good to see you guys made it up North
  10. Sermons

    I got a priest I can drop off
  11. Rivandale 3384, 1282
  12. 2 thick ropes and 1 30 QL saddle to DoozleDorf
  13. good move, for me I like a half wild server to go explore, having the whole server covered in deeds takes a lot away from the game for me
  14. -1 But once you do this the deed member no longer has any privacy, the player needs to not have looged in for x amount of time for it to kick in.