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  1. only way to priest on epic is at the white and black altars
  2. Looking for 2 villagers to live in the castle I am building. What deed has : Plenty of room for animals Large Mine Clay,Tar, & Peat On Deed Fields for Farming What is expected of you: Live Rent free in one of the wings of the castle that I am building. Nothing is expected from you to live here. There will be deed projects for those that like that. Just respect the deed and don't Trash it. Deed is on Deli D - 20 Pm me here or Elva in game for Questions
  3. want account for strongwalling
  4. can you add Kal Durim at 1427, 255 and Port Durim 1407 , 191 Thanks
  5. Wtb all recipes needed to make pizza
  6. Bought bricks and Mortar from him and had him do several projects for me, good honest worker.
  7. did you allready buy your toon?
  8. Can you add Camp Irwin 52x/53x 12 Y Thank you.