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  1. Brandy Cerber's Triple Hops Ginger Beer Stout Whiskey CoD to me please Thanks
  2. CoD 8 Slot toolbelt to Azmorlum Thanks
  3. 34. Pickaxe, steel (coc 83) price 20c please send to Rhaege Thanks
  4. 31. Pickaxe, steel (coc 85) price 20c 203.grooming brushes ql 20 coc 82 price 20c 107.rake,iron (coc 89)ql 1 price 20c Send to me please.
  5. Very quick and friendly service Thanks
  6. Had to get back to my deed tonight but just wanted to give this sermon group a bump spent the last week out here very good group of people very generous and helpful if you have the time and need I recommend you join them you wont regret it. Thanks again Jimbean
  7. Don't need to get a Flat tire to know I don't want one. Besides its just a poll not like the Devs even have to listen or do anything about it .Democracy at it's finest.
  8. My Paaweelr Priest hit 70 Faith last night here at the sermon group still have a few spots hurry to get your free faith [09:46:01] Faith increased by 0.2200 to 71.8330
  9. Just want to let people know that Jimbean has been very Friendly and accommodating even providing Mats to make saccables so if your interested in a sermon group I recommend you join us.
  10. I will be brining my Paaweelr Priest over, Vile is the character name I will be keeping her on 24/7 to help with gains.
  11. Could you please CoD a Vynora statuette to Muhyul .
  12. Can you CoD the 2 Mag to Muhyul in game please.
  13. Wow that's kinda shady
  14. Good Group of people got some good faith gains and made some new friends if your looking to get some Faith gains this is the place to be. Thanks for everything Qdlaty.
  15. Yikes Sorry to hear that we will keep group running. Thanks for letting us know.