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  1. Selling 60 Silver

    For 60 EURO via paypal, obo. Contact me here, thanks!
  2. Starter Account

    I just bought this toon. Have my eyes on a stronger one, so going to see if I can get some money for him. It's a good starter account, PM me for info/details. Price is 75 Euro. Or 80s.
  3. Please Close

    paypal sent for 80s
  4. yo I need 85 silver for 80euro? can you do this?

  5. I've been playing eve since 2006, I really don't find it fun anymore. I rarely login. I have 13 accounts, so if you play both EVE and WURM. I'm willing to offer a few of my characters for trade. I'm looking for decent mid/top tier statted WURM accounts on Freedom. My eve toons for trade range from 60-200m SP. Most of them have specific roles. Some of them are sitting in marauders. We can arrange a middleman if necessary. I'll pay the character transfer fee. PM me here for more details. I'll be more than willing to negociate. I'll also provide all API keys.