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  1. From PM and back to skilling again in less than 10 minutes! And it didn't break the bank either. Thank you, thank you!
  2. BOTD Tools and Custom Libila/Fo Enchants

    hammer, BOTD82: 42c pelt, QL100 BOTD80: 30c whetstone, QL100 BOTD80: 30c to Richaun, thank you Asheram!
  3. Macoofer- Jellyfish - Wurm Online Wallmart!

    Hi Mac, please cod Richaun. Thank you! c92 cheese drill oak skiller (or if sold, lowest cost high coc cheese drill oak skiller you have)
  4. Thanks very much, Kurois! I'm glad you're back and all is well again. I appreciate the generosity to make up for the wait. It was unexpected and welcome. You're a good wurmian! Take care!
  5. [Resolved] Running Wurm on windows 10

    I don't know if this is the same issue as I once experienced, but since it sounded familiar I looked up this older post. Maybe it'll help?
  6. Sold

    Hi, I'll take the ropetool, knife, and iron lump off your hands. Please cod to Richaun, thank you!
  7. Macoofer- Jellyfish - Wurm Online Wallmart!

    2 skiller pickaxes to Richaun please The c93 and c92 would be great. If not available, 2 c91s would be fine too. Thank you!
  8. Close plz

    Bump, and thanks Allisya!
  9. 90ql Rare Sickle, silver N93LT92C96MS96 7s 90ql rare butchering knife, iron woa94 coc98 3,8s to Richaun, thank you!
  10. I'll take the 2 coc steel pickaxes under 15c - to Richaun thank you!

    Thanks for filling that order so quick! But the mallet I'm after is the 88ql one, with botd82. I'd still like it if you still have it. I returned the c85 one you sent.
  12. Please Close

    Wild Cat Pelt 100QL, CoC86 - 40 Copper Wild Cat Pelt 100QL, CoC80, WoA85 - 60 Copper to Richaun, thx AJB

    okay, i'm interested in a few more - to Richaun hammer c96 file b771 mallet b82 thank you!

    I'd like to offer 30c for that small bucket, to Richaun
  15. Macoofer- Jellyfish - Wurm Online Wallmart!

    Carving knife C89 - 50-69 1s 5c 40% 0s 63c to Richaun Thanks again Mac!