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  1. Great doing business with you again! Please cod the following to Hoodoo: 37 coc hammer 41 coc rake 43 coc iron lump I'd also be interested in a whetstone and pelt around 60 or better ql, but each around the ~3s coc price if you should happen to make one in the near future. Thanks!!
  2. This new video is AWESOME! Thanks doesn't seem enough... but, for sure, thank you Malena and team! A video only requires to be seen. But this one makes me feel. And what I feel most from it is passion, love, and pride. And as I think back on my interactions with players, what can be gleaned from chat perhaps daily, and many, many forum posts, perhaps these are what embody what it is to be a Wurmian. Feels good; feels real good. And grats on 20,000 views thus far!
  3. +1 I've seen this suggestion before as well, and thought it would be great soooo many times, usually as I'm trying to soften those unsightly and unnatural slopes whenever I have time. It's silly to me that absolutely everything a past player created on a deed eventually vanishes while those 300 dirt slopes remain. Of course there needs to be a way to maintain a steep slope where you want it - I'm all for it and I don't care the details. Perhaps there should be requirements for making such slopes stay steep - concrete, paving, specific vegetation, walls, etc, whatever - that would add to the realism. That could even make the question of on deed or off (and even how long ago a human was near) irrelevant. That might be too radical for some. But at a minimum, let the land heal/erode/smooth to something more natural after humans have abandoned it. It doesn't have to go back to the way it was originally, just windswept/rained on/eroded/realistic. As far as the how, perhaps it could be a simple dig dirt and drop dirt at whatever interval and when whatever conditions are chosen. Let that dirt slide down just as if a player had performed those actions. I'm sure that's not a complete answer and there are all kinds of conditions to plan and program for, and maybe it's just too hard to do. I'm not smart enough to figure out the how. But I totally support the goal!
  4. Hi, I'd like to use your rune service for 2 more +10% gather ql (bronze lib I think it is). I'll name and mail the items now, from/to Richaun. Thanks!!
  5. Awesome! Got everything I wanted. And the rune service is amazing - quick and affordable. I can never seem to make time to acquire mats and work the necessary skills. If anyone else is in the same boat, Mac has your back! Thanks again Mac!
  6. Heya!! Please cod Richaun: Iron Lump C93 Random 0s 84c 40% 0s 50c Many thanks, fine sir!
  7. Hi OR, would you take 5s total for the 68ql longsword with 80s/90s chants and the 3 iron pickaxes? cod Richaun if yes, thanks!
  8. I'd like to offer 6s for this lot. Please cod Richaun if you like, and thanks for your consideration! needle c99 90ql awl c100 90ql leather knife c96 90ql steel hatchet c94 8ql pickaxe w90 76ql shovel c91w90 85ql pine mallet c98 52ql
  9. Returned for an imp on a 2nd rare and my expectations were exceeded again. Many thanks!
  10. Thanks for a speedy imp on my rare maul! Trustworthy, fast, and fair priced... what more could a guy ask for?!
  11. From PM and back to skilling again in less than 10 minutes! And it didn't break the bank either. Thank you, thank you!
  12. hammer, BOTD82: 42c pelt, QL100 BOTD80: 30c whetstone, QL100 BOTD80: 30c to Richaun, thank you Asheram!
  13. Hi Mac, please cod Richaun. Thank you! c92 cheese drill oak skiller (or if sold, lowest cost high coc cheese drill oak skiller you have)
  14. Thanks very much, Kurois! I'm glad you're back and all is well again. I appreciate the generosity to make up for the wait. It was unexpected and welcome. You're a good wurmian! Take care!