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  1. elevation is pretty safe nobody plays there anymore
  2. From what I hear it went rather well considering more or less the whole server is MR. A few 'almost PvP' incidents, and I mean that in itself made the event worthwhile.
  3. This. Seryll is (10%?) base reduction over plate, rare is 3% plus the half damage.
  4. Klaa alt confirmed
  5. You could always join one of the Chaos kingdoms. They're pretty good about helping new players get started via hooking them up with enchanted tools ( nearly double skill gain for CoC ) for a favour to favour basis. Much more generous and welcoming than PvE folk, since helping someone better their skills opens opportunities for you to repay the favour. I'm part of JK Chaos and can guarantee everything you need in a safe environment. You should checkout our recruitment thread, we'll probably even be able to pick you up and take you over to one of our villages if you need to be picked up. I'm sure the other kingdom would be just as welcoming, but from my experience people sorta get swept under the rug on a team so big. PvP is encouraged but we need crafter folk just as well.
  6. I asked last week if we could get a little more feedback in suggestion threads. Was more or less told get ######. thanks. ps I linked an example I already brought up to a dev and he said he'd look into, but was told by the staff member that what I was suggesting was unimportant. Flew over his head I think even after a member of the other kingdom started saying it was ###### up
  7. Might ruin PvP please keep away from chaos +1 for PvE though