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  1. Done. When you say doughnut-shaped structures, you're talking about symmetrical ones in particular, right? Because at least for materials, it's correct, but the carpentry is wrong. I'm working on an idea that might make it calculate the skill requirement correctly.
  2. Inspired by the web application posted on the Build Houses guide made by Toni here, I decided to make an application that would also include the floor and roof material calculations, as well as making it multi-level capable. It also does the calculations per selection, and has fancy colors per level. You can find the application here, and the source code here for anyone interested seeing it or making any contributions. Any suggestions? Are there any materials that I am missing? Are there anymore bugs that are not listed in Issues?
  3. Based on the wiki page of the Armchair, it states: This is no longer the case for the armchair to what I have discovered. There is an option to sit in one now, with this being evidence. However, it must be 10 QL to be used, otherwise it would throw the message of "The armchair is in too poor shape to be used."