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  1. Hello, I need the 30 sleep powders 1s ea all of them if I can get them delivered to ind. d25
  2. Message Vectrius or Respond to this Post I need a Wrapped Pizza , I need a Keg of Coffee I need Rune to increase mailbox weight / size of item to receive and send. I need Source up to 1kg for 1silver
  3. Now found on the island of E-25 on in game map!
  4. closed

    Very Colorful Bump
  5. Rare studded Jacket needs to be vectrius 'es how about 2s


  6. 12s spear to Vectrius please.
  7. Both Exc. Med Rugs w/coc, and the 66c grooming brush to Vectrius please. Have a nice day.
  8. One six silver butcher knife to Vectrius please!
  9. hammer x1 and butcher knife to vectrius
  10. Buying Libram of the Night, closed
  11. 2x 87c pickaxes, 86c and 87c steel shovels, the saw and 93c rake. to etta plz
  12. wtb 2 chain armor sets for 2silver each close