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  1. Love for Weaponless Fighting.

    ya one of the abilitys can be like suplex or uppercut
  2. close

  3. WTB PVP Account

    Looking for something in the 300 dollar range. Maybe more...
  4. Recruit me on chaos.

    Good suggestion, thanks. But now that I think about it... Everything has changed. I don't know even the kingdom names. Let alone numbers and locations.
  5. Recruit me on chaos.

    Hi, Snoo. What is new?
  6. Returning player wondering if there is any wars on chaos(after the ban is lifted) that I can help with. Please know I have played there before and do have acquaintances. Hope someone gives me a shout. Pwnin Also looking for a village to duck down on freedom. Not Xanado
  7. sorry sold, close plz

    where to?
  8. All the above.
  9. troll king slapalong

    Cool, add me to the slapalong please. Looking forward to it.
  10. closed

  11. close

  12. close

  13. Rift for 22 Sep

    I am here doing a little settling
  14. Kyklops slaying

    totally going its my destiny and personal goal