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  1. I'm still working on getting a computer but once I do I'm more than going to play when I saw the activity and other recruitment posts I got eager I am still having issues picking a cluster rather north or south freedom isles. But I sure not letting that get in my way. Can't wait Pwnin
  2. I'm back.  I have your writ to sheer.   Jail was sad. 

  3. Good to be back what should I do with etta


  4. When I come back I'm going to want to know you all, so get ready to make room for a returning player. I might be seen on your deed.
  5. ya one of the abilitys can be like suplex or uppercut
  6. Good suggestion, thanks. But now that I think about it... Everything has changed. I don't know even the kingdom names. Let alone numbers and locations.
  7. Returning player wondering if there is any wars on chaos(after the ban is lifted) that I can help with. Please know I have played there before and do have acquaintances. Hope someone gives me a shout. Pwnin Also looking for a village to duck down on freedom. Not Xanado
  8. Cool, add me to the slapalong please. Looking forward to it.