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  1. [03:58:16] <Vectrius> (Rel) wts drake set green jacket cap aosp 95/91, rest of set in white Wa 91+ 78ql-95ql all runed to rare on imp chance 10%+ looking for 1g80s!
  2. 12s spear to Vectrius please.
  3. Both Exc. Med Rugs w/coc, and the 66c grooming brush to Vectrius please. Have a nice day.
  4. One six silver butcher knife to Vectrius please!
  5. hammer x1 and butcher knife to vectrius
  6. close

  7. Buying Libram of the Night, closed
  8. 2x 87c pickaxes, 86c and 87c steel shovels, the saw and 93c rake. to etta plz
  9. wtb 2 chain armor sets for 2silver each close
  10. Good to be back what should I do with etta


  11. ya one of the abilitys can be like suplex or uppercut