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  1. 2x 87c pickaxes, 86c and 87c steel shovels, the saw and 93c rake. to etta plz
  2. wtb 2 chain armor sets for 2silver each pm etta or vectrius
  3. pickaxe shovel rake to vectrius plz
  4. best med rug and best grooming brush to etta plz
  5. I'm still working on getting a computer but once I do I'm more than going to play when I saw the activity and other recruitment posts I got eager I am still having issues picking a cluster rather north or south freedom isles. But I sure not letting that get in my way. Can't wait Pwnin
  6. I'm back.  I have your writ to sheer.   Jail was sad. 

  7. Good to be back what should I do with etta


  8. When I come back I'm going to want to know you all, so get ready to make room for a returning player. I might be seen on your deed.
  9. ya one of the abilitys can be like suplex or uppercut
  10. Good suggestion, thanks. But now that I think about it... Everything has changed. I don't know even the kingdom names. Let alone numbers and locations.
  11. Returning player wondering if there is any wars on chaos(after the ban is lifted) that I can help with. Please know I have played there before and do have acquaintances. Hope someone gives me a shout. Pwnin Also looking for a village to duck down on freedom. Not Xanado