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  1. Hello, How do I make the color Gold?
  2. I like Wurm but I would like to play Single player, Is their any other games like Wurm? No matter what console.. Process....So I Found Life is Feudal: Anyone have any feed back on this game? Thank you
  3. Just a wee bit question, How come it takes time to chop wood and create a item? I have 5 hrs of free time to me self but it takes some time to build something in Wurm. Why? What is the point of taking a lot longer to make something? Don't get me wrong, I really like this game because to me its the only one that I can farm, harvest and bake cakes..I love baking!! Specially cakes.
  4. Starter pack that has the essentials to start playing the games. Cost real money so we have more funds going into Wurm! *cotton or healing covers *Few Instruments: Hoe, sickle, Butchering knife, ( I knew, crafting does it too but this item, gives more items when butchering), pelt. animal fat.. ETC *Food: Seeds, meat, fish, beard ETC *Clothes: Shoe, shirt and pants (skirt) * O_o...Better shield and sword..or have a choice between, Swords, Hammer and bows. + for me '_'
  5. How to you become a villager of the village?
  6. How about Medusa?!!? Why? Because she would be awesome creature to have in wurm. Maybe as a pet and Why not? I see spiders and dogs, even trolls ( I think it was a troll) Doesn't have to come from a different era of time. And and and please... ;-;
  7. Which is better? That is Non-PVP but is PVE..
  8. New Things? :o

    Hello, I stopped playing wurm for a few months and I think my character got deleted but still made a new one. when I was at the beginning, I saw a character that look soo different from what i was use too! They had different hair color and skin, Is that new? Do we no longer look like clones? Is there a place to go and see what else has change? Maybe added new veggies or animals or or new things to bake? ( i wuve baking) Sorry, if this doesn't belong here, Did not know where to put this.
  9. I think I have, I didn't find anything to what I have but I may have not looked in the right place. I am kinda new so I am trying, I don't know who is Rolf.
  10. Has been happening for a while now, I am not sure what to do or what to post here since that is all I get every time I was to start wurm
  11. Deeds

    Can non-prem players buy deeds and use them?
  12. I made another character and I wanted to change the name and game card because its a different computer. I sign up with the character and downloaded the program again but it doesn't let me chose the game card, its still in the other one.. I tried delete all files from the computer but nothing and its in 0 Iron and 0 Hrs. How can I fix this?
  13. I was thinking about toilets and baths. I know, its not really needed but I thought it would be kinda funny just to have it there
  14. , I got it started but now it says" problems with communication Coinlab" something like that then it goes normal then to that. Off and on, is that ok?