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  1. also im assuming its NFI not SFI as you are on Harmony.
  2. This needs to be moved to Auctions.
  3. It worked this time, thank you and my apologies for the unnecessary forum post, ive been playing for years and never had this issue logging in when the servers were all reporting online.
  4. I will try again. Thank you
  5. Anyone else getting the "network error: Connection refused"? Ive tried several times in the last 20 mins and keep getting this message. My internet is working fine.
  6. First and foremost I just want to say that I think in general the Dev's and PR team as well as all the CA's and Gm's and literally everyone behind the scenes at WO have done an outstanding job with all of the recent updates and game changes that have been made to bring in a new crowd via Steam. That being said and I know how much of a sore topic this is for alot of older players, but I think that it may be time to bring back the idea of a Challenge type server again. I firmly believe and always have that the idea was a great one. I think sadly the timing was incorrect and the delivery was maybe not quite what alot of players had hoped for. With WU not receiving updates any more and to be honest I'd prefer players remain in the WO universe anyway I believe that we are missing out on a large portion of players who find an extremely grindy game to be not their cup of tea. I have spoken to several players including older players and the general consensus is one of agreement, it would be a wonderful addition to the game as it stands now in order to allow those players who liked the game initially but found it to difficult or time consuming to progress to late game type content. One of the great things about Challenge originally was the inspiration to grind on your normal freedom accounts as you would be able to play through the higher tiers with little to no consequence and on a temporary basis. I would suggest that you not allow the formation of PMK's and that you also include an optional ( ability one time to toggle off the option) buff that allows players to remain immune to player attacks for the first 8/12/24 hours of play after the original spawn time. I think that this is a way to include certain types of currently unobtainable items (Hota Statues, Moon metals, etc.) via the northern cluster and at the same time prevent players from looting and running so as to speak for profit only reasons on the new cluster (continuing to keep Defiance separate from its freedom counterparts.). I also believe that it would be a way to introduce new players to the pvp side of Wurm without them having to commit to a lengthy pvp grind, while also allowing the full force of the WO experience to be realized within a short time frame ie: Getting to face demons, Drake spirits, and pvp only mob spawns. I think that the original idea of a 30 day reset on the server(s)(as I believe it may need more than one server at least initially) and even a reset to they type and shape, water amounts, desert size and hota areas being constantly changed every month is a phenomenal idea. Either way it goes I think this should be seriously considered. Thank you so very much for your time, and happy Wurming........
  7. I might be looking to come back to the game after 2 &1/2 years of not playing, you have any pc's on that toon?
  8. Hey guys, due to irl im having to sell literally everything in my life that is not nailed down lol. so i need a solid offer on everything here im not interested in parting out anything just need to sell and get it done. Toon is named Arallyn Female and has Prem till [22:09:42] You have premium time until 2 Apr 2018 22:23:04 GMT here is the link to skills. deed is Named Veritas and is located at J11 on the water by the fogshore canal on Xanadu. The size of Veritas is 38 by 28. The upkeep will last approximately 54 days, 22 hours and 29 minutes more. Has great mine with at least one Utmost Iron vein also has silver tin lead copper sandstone and lord knows what else lol. Has two mailboxes, 1 is runed casts are 94 and 96 bundle comes with a midnight blue sailboat, 90ql knarr with windspeed rune, large carts and runed wagon for bsb fsb pickup. tons of animals including a large number of 5speed horses and tons of breeding pairs. there are also tons of mass quantity raw mats on the deed like 9k 99ql wemp tons of high ql meats and veggies so consider this when you make offers. account will come with all of the items in the pictures below. value of said items is around 40-50s maybe more here are pictures of the items and the deed I am open to all offers IN EURO I am not interested in selling for silvers just so i can turn around and have to sell the silvers too. Thanks guys I have truly loved playing with you all and hope that this bundle helps someone to really get started.
  9. I might be completely off on my guess but going off of what I've seen similar accounts go for I'd wager around 80-100E.
  10. Rare Butcher knife 88 ql to Arallyn for 3.5s If you agree.
  11. Rare chisel to Arallyn please.