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  1. In game name is Zario. Tools (price is per tool) 60ql = free 70ql = 15c 75ql = 30c If I am not online, you can mail me your item and I will work on it as soon as I log in. Just rename it with your name and desired quality. For improvements, price is TargetQuality - CurrentQuality. For example, you want your 70ql rake improved to 75ql, the price will be 35c -25c = 10c. Horse shoes sets (price is for 4) 60ql = free 70ql = 50c 75ql = 95c Refer to tools prices for individual horse shoe price. For improvement to a set of 4, same rule as tools apply for pricing. Bulk smithing (prices are for 100 units) Large chain links = 50c Ribbons = 1.25s Nails = 30c Fence bars = 2.75s Frying pans (20ql) = 95c For higher quality frying pans, price is per unit and according to the tools prices. (No, I won't make you 100 x 60ql frying pans for free. Don't try.) Lamps (price is per unit) 20ql = 5c 30ql = 10c 40ql = 20c 50ql = 40c 60ql = 50c 70ql = 60c You need something smithed thats not on the list? Message me in game and I will fix that for you. For everything on the list, deals can be made for high volume.
  2. Hi ! I would like to join for the cast. The priest name is Zario.
  3. Sermon circle

    Looking for a sermon circle. In game name is Zario.
  4. Price is 1c per ql above 10ql and 1.5c per ql below 10ql /t Zario in game to buy Rubies Ql 6.24 => 9c 36i Ql 23.15 => 23c 15i Emeralds Ql 1 => 1i 50c Ql 24.99 => 24c 99i Ql 36.45 => 36c 45i Sapphires Ql 4.85 => 7c 27i Ql 19.11 => 19c 11i Ql 24.73 => 24c 73i Ql 26 => 26c Ql 41 => 41c Diamonds Ql 24 => 24c Ql 26 => 26c Ql 48.85 => 48c 85i Ql 51.53 => 51c 53i Ql 55.62 => 55c 62i
  5. Hi ! I am looking for a sermon group on pristine for prayer resets. If anyone knows of a sermon group or if anyone would like to start one, let me know !
  6. While trying to plan many of the inner walls inside my underground house, I got the following message: "[12:03:12] There is a fence or wall there. Action not allowed.". However, I can guarantee there are no fence or wall where I am trying to plan. The bug is easy to reproduce, you activate a hammer and you try to plan a inner wall inside my underground house, you should see the message appear. The Game Master named "Astarte" came to investigate the problem. He came to the conclusion that a building above ground above my house was interfering with my planning, he then asked me to post here. Here is a list of names to make it easier for you to investigate. My in game name = Zariodan Game Master that investigated = Astarte Underground bugged building = Zariodan's bugged mansion Above ground building that is interfering = Village trader Settlement = Sanctuary Server = Pristine If you need more info, feel free to contact me on the forums or in game. Have a nice day and thank you for a great game!
  7. I am currently building an underground house. When I try to build some inner walls, the following message appears: "[18:01:16] There is a fence or wall there. Action not allowed.". However, I can guarantee there is no fence nor wall where I am trying to build. All exteriors walls are complete. What am I missing? Thanks for your help.