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  1. Normal price would be 47.5s, but since its a huge order, ill do it for 45s. Thats around 250 free pans. Let me know if its ok with you and ill start working on the order. Dont worry about the iron.
  2. In game name is Zario. Tools 60ql = free 70ql = 25c 80ql = 45c 85ql = 80c Horse shoes sets (4) 40ql = free 50ql = 45c 60ql = 70c 70ql = 75c 80ql = 1.4s 85ql = 2.4s Bulk smithing (for 100 units) Large chain links = 50c Ribbons = 1.4s Nails = 35c Fence bars = 2.8s Frying pans (20ql) = 95c For higher quality frying pans, price is per unit and according to the tools prices. Notes For improvements, price is TargetQuality - CurrentQuality. For example, you want your 70ql rake improved to 80ql, the price will be 45c -25c = 20c. If I am not online, you can mail me the items you want improved. Just name them with your desired quality. You can reply here or send me a private message to make an order. You want something smithed that is not on the list? Message me in game or reply here. For everything on the list, deals can be made for high volume.
  3. Hi ! I would like to join for the cast. The priest name is Zario.
  4. Sermon circle

    Looking for a sermon circle. In game name is Zario.
  5. Price is 1c per ql above 10ql and 1.5c per ql below 10ql /t Zario in game to buy Rubies Ql 6.24 => 9c 36i Ql 23.15 => 23c 15i Emeralds Ql 1 => 1i 50c Ql 24.99 => 24c 99i Ql 36.45 => 36c 45i Sapphires Ql 4.85 => 7c 27i Ql 19.11 => 19c 11i Ql 24.73 => 24c 73i Ql 26 => 26c Ql 41 => 41c Diamonds Ql 24 => 24c Ql 26 => 26c Ql 48.85 => 48c 85i Ql 51.53 => 51c 53i Ql 55.62 => 55c 62i
  6. Hi ! I am looking for a sermon group on pristine for prayer resets. If anyone knows of a sermon group or if anyone would like to start one, let me know !
  7. While trying to plan many of the inner walls inside my underground house, I got the following message: "[12:03:12] There is a fence or wall there. Action not allowed.". However, I can guarantee there are no fence or wall where I am trying to plan. The bug is easy to reproduce, you activate a hammer and you try to plan a inner wall inside my underground house, you should see the message appear. The Game Master named "Astarte" came to investigate the problem. He came to the conclusion that a building above ground above my house was interfering with my planning, he then asked me to post here. Here is a list of names to make it easier for you to investigate. My in game name = Zariodan Game Master that investigated = Astarte Underground bugged building = Zariodan's bugged mansion Above ground building that is interfering = Village trader Settlement = Sanctuary Server = Pristine If you need more info, feel free to contact me on the forums or in game. Have a nice day and thank you for a great game!
  8. I am currently building an underground house. When I try to build some inner walls, the following message appears: "[18:01:16] There is a fence or wall there. Action not allowed.". However, I can guarantee there is no fence nor wall where I am trying to build. All exteriors walls are complete. What am I missing? Thanks for your help.