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  1. new deed on north exodus recruiting new villagers! plenty of places to build and make your wurm experience worth while! PM on forums or in game if your interested!
  2. new coastal village on exodus! plenty of room for plots,already have 90% land flat,have a on site cook,and a experienced player for new people to learn from. or veterans looking for a nice place to settle down! looking for a new place to call home ,PM or message me on forums!
  3. 88ql tin saw 92 woa 4s or best offer
  4. looking to start a village ,most likely on exodus, would love to have some help and a deedmate/co mayor. if your interested message me on forums or ingame!
  5. small deli deed,taking on new members and returning members! want to play with other players?level your skills? or just enjoy the company of other people while doing your own thing.....we have a small deed on deli ,located at r10,about 30 seconds from the coast. wonderful people,and plenty of room to build on! PM tallowyn in game or on forums!
  6. 2 sleeping powder 1s each
  7. selling returners mask and adamantine lump 10s or best offer..also open to tradeing!