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  1. Tim's Tannery, Vrock Landing, Xanadu

    Archaeology Journals 90QL to kingdrew
  2. Enchanted Rare 2H Sword

  3. WTA Rare 90ql Corbita (Runed)

    @Cluiraution ended 3 days ago
  4. ps 10s was to kingdrew not drewlar
  5. [SOLD] WTA 90ql rare longsword

    if winning bid at 3.5 please put animal demise on and send to kingdrew
  6. WTA - 90ql Steel Plate Suit with 907 AoSP

    10s to kingdrew
  7. [SOLD] WTA 90ql rare longsword

    3.5 to kingdrew
  8. SOLD TO BUYOUT ! please delete !

  9. Halloween & Rift Items *Lower Prices*

    cod 2x Pumpkin shoulders
  10. SOLD

    bump price lowered to 15s
  11. Wurm Assistant - Enrich Your Wurm Experience

    hey i've been having a slight problem with the timers for path question. also custom timers. they seem to keep resetting and dont continue after i close and reopen the program (after i shutdown my pc.) any tips on how to fix this?
  12. WTS black opal 59QL

    2 silver post you name below and i'll COD
  13. SOLD

    Clean at 5QL creation level ! 20s or best offer ! place your name and i'll cod !