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  1. I don't know where exactly you live, but if you travel along the coast line of the lake next to G-18 all the way up to E-20 and keep following that highway you'll see plenty of monsters to be killed by. Thorin
  2. -1 It's a bloody pain to close a rift when only 4-5 people showing up. Being able to sac hearts while monsters are still alive is the only solution to avoid having 12+ hour rifts at a PvE server. And yes, I'm speaking out of experience here. Thorin
  3. I don't know how you got to that, but every cent not spend in the game, but actually leaving it, killed it. As mentioned by Elentari before, the money used to buy premium and silvers is actually flowing to Code Club and thus the devellopers; who in turn can come up and implement new stuff and fix bugs. If however that money flows OUT of the game towards players, the dev's can't use it to make this game even better as it already is. Or perhaps look at it like this: You go to a supermarket to buy things and pay for it with money. The cashier then takes the money and uses it to buy things for him- / herself, instead of handing it over to the supermaket manager, who could use it to buy that new refridgerator or add other goods to his stock. I doubt the supermarket would last long, or that the cashier would be walk free. Yet when it happens in Wurm it's considered as a normal thing and removing it would actually be considered a bad move? That's imho a worse joke as I've seen in some Adam Sandler movies. As for my personal stance: I've never sold items to have them being turned into real money and I never intended to do so. I've always thought that using a game like Wurm to make money isn't the right thing to do. If you want to make money with a game, go play poker or something like that. Instead, every time I bought something, I paid with silvers in game as that was the only and "official" currency and I will do that after the change too, as in a way it won't affect me. As for all those comments about banning RMT will be killing the bulk trade: that's complete ######. Bulk items always will be needed, no matter if they're paid for with silvers or euro's or dollars. Perhaps we will see a large influx of bulk items the moment all the RMT players leave the game and their deeds will be looted; but over time the market will become stable again and with the new influx of players most likely having enough sales to even improve. A large part of that influx may actually be low ql materials, "us veteran" players can't use, but it would be perfect for the newer players having low skills. And if not..... Well, if a new player wants to use 70ql sandstone bricks to build a 15ql wall, who am I to stop him / her for it. Fact is that the silvers paid for those bricks will flow back into the game when I use them to pay for the upkeep of my deed; as it was intended to be done. And frankly speaking I'm glad that change finally happens, as I've seen with the RM-auction house in Diablo III what greed can do to players. For those who don't know; that one didn't last long after it was found out players were selling the very first unique anyone could find for 90-100 USD. Thorin
  4. Door locks for Mag priest(e)s aren't easy either. First you need to find a high ql vein; which you can only mine with a high skill or a low skill and a rare plus imbued pickaxe to get the highest ql ore. After that you need to deal with the Sadistic Number Generator who's turning a 99ql lump into anything between a 1ql lock to a 99ql lock. And since lock ql sets the amount of favour you get from it, you're basically even more screwed as getting half the favour from veggies. Thorin
  5. None, as I've always gone against the flow and was smart enough to have a Mag and Fo priest. Thorin
  6. Youi mean 3 Retrograde's? I'm not sure many can handle that, as some already have problems handling one....................... Thorin
  7. Been through there twice, although the 2nd time RL circumstances had a major part in it as well. What I learned is: 1) Don't do big project in one go. Building 4 (now 5) Colossi in one go may look nice, but the preparations and building takes lots of time. Instead, cut up big projects in smaller ones (like doing only the Vyn colossus); then put your attention at some other things instead (being it projects to dig out a canal, a community project or whatever) until you at one point log in and think: "You know what.... Let's build that Fo Colossus this month!" 2) Don't focus at the grind or the skill ticks. I noticed that the more you focus at your skill ticks and the increase you (don't) get is only going to be frustrating at some point when you do need a certain level of skill to build things. Instead, just do what you like and more important enjoy! what you like and eventually you get the skill you need. If it isn't today, then it'll be next week or next month. 3) Don't make Wurm your favorite game you play 24/7. Instead, leave it for a few days once in a while and play another game. And make sure that other game isn't a sandbox game. In case you're already burned out, just make sure the most important animals are taken care off, all important goodies are stored in your wagon, L-cart and / or ships and the deed got a few months of upkeep and leave the game be. Things will be a small mess when you come back - and especially the fields - but at the same time that may also provide a nice challenge to be done while you continue at a large project or whatever. It sounds rude, but Wurm survived the years before you joined; it'll survive the months you aren't there too. Instead, go outside to enjoy the weather, spend some more time with your family, play other games, go to the movies or a restaurant; but do whatever you want to do as long as it doesn't concern wurm. Oh that also means that you won't build that outside shack to store your tools in you've been postponing for the past few years. Most important thing: don't play the game to get from 1 - 100 weapon smithing in 3 weeks; instead just enjoy it. Grinding is a part of it, big projects are a part of it and showing off is a part of it; but that doesn't mean you have to do that all the time. While enjoying the game may make a grind longer, it's eventually far mor effective as just grinding and trying to get the best skill ticks out of that tool. Simply because there's no grinding at all if you leave the game; while you still grind your skills the moment you are enjoying it. And, enjoying the game can be done by simply talking in alliance, freedom or GL-freedom chat all night and having noting done at all too. Thorin
  8. 2 things 1) About the loyalty system; is that rewarded according to the amount of months - or less than a month - a player purchases premium or is it based upon the amount of money spend to purchase premium? I'm asking coz there are a bunch of loyal players - I'm one of those fo.... them - who're purchasing an enscription for a year and thus paying 80 euro's (well in my case) instead of 12 times 10 euro's. Therefore, if the loyalty system is based upon the amount of money spend, we'd get 80 euro's times 4.5K points, while if it's based upon the months purchased, it'll be a far more honest 12x4.5K loyalty points. 2) About the priest changes: For the past FOUR!! years I've seen posts and entire booklets about how Nachooooo (*sniffs* sorry, I'm allergic to that name) was overpowered; something that was ALWAYS denied by those following that god. Yet with both the change of veggies being saccable items for all priests and the first big chance in priest abilities we had last year, it was that specific part of the community that was upset about the changes. Now with the 2nd change it's again that part of the community that's upset. It only proofs that Nachooooo *sniffs* was indeed overpowered; even now after the first big change. I know I'm gonna step at some toes here, but do you now understand how those following the old gods felt when an overpowered deity was added? And as for the comment that Libila is useless at PvE; Libila does have some good spells including BotD; which is basically WoA and CoC combined. I doubt that deity and its priests are useless at all. They may not be as useful as a Nachoooooo *sniffs* priest, but neither are Vyn, Fo and Mag. Still, all three of them have their uses. Thorin
  9. The first time, yes. But after the reset? Would you still see that many players entering Jackal to get their skills up from nothing to something so they could eventually conquer the stronghold? Just to do it again 6 months later. and 6 months after that. I'm playing WO to have fun. Grinding my char up at Jackal to the point it's now at a freedom server isn't my idea of "fun". Perhaps it's for others, but after it gets repeative, I doubt they'll visit Jackal this time of the year in 2022. Rifts are a partial failure too, but somehow the staff doesn't - or won't? - realize that. At first rifts it was a community event. Players got together, set up a save zone with at least a Fo altar and occasionally more things, including forges. Only disadvantage; out of the 40 "particiapents" there were 15 alts to loot the wood and crystals as soon as the last heart was sacced. So it got changed to the point that players get rewards, based upon level of participation. Good idea, except; thàt one failed too. Nowadays ppl arrive at the rift zone 5 minutes before it opens, fight the creatures, ignore the warmaster because it's harder to kill as a Dragon with a grumpy mood and wait for 1-2 players to sac the last batch of hearts; while the rest already stands with pickaxe or hatchet near the trees and rocks to harvest resources as fast as possible. Meaning the ones doing the saccing have to have an alt nearby, otherwise they miss out on the stuff as parts are even gone before they're able to return from the saccing altar. The only other reason players are doing rifts: the Journal goal. So they check the various servers - or niarja - wait for a rift to open, fight the monsters until it's closed and leave again. I'm curious, Retrograde; is that what you call "fun"? What I call "fun" is exploring a server, entering an old mine and encountering all kinds of monsters in there; while hoping I'm able to find some nice loot - being it items or a nice vein - in there. It's already possible as I and many others have done such things at old mines from abandoned deeds. I'm aware staff members are able to spawn monsters. So why not simply create some sort of dungeon, have a GM spawn the monsters in there and have players kill those to get to a chest or something else with a nice item or items in it. Make sure the items are defended by a boss monster; i.e. Champ goblin for low FS players, Kyklops, drake or dragon for high FS players. Players would love the exploring, would love to find the items and would love to gain some skills in both FS as their used weapons. You don't even have to have such events every day; just set a skill limit at certain days and you can use the same dungeon for the different levels. And in case it's too much presure at GM's; create the role of Dungeon Master; who're running the show. I'm pretty sure that it won't turn Wurm into a themepark, but it sure as hell would make the game a bit more attractive to players who've grown up with Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Elderscrolls online and those kind of games. Thorin
  10. This link - that Wulfmaer posted too - gives you all info needed: General rule: a rift spawns 7 days after it's closed. A rift opens 48 hours after it has spawned. So it's on a 9-day cycle. Thorin
  11. Guess that's one tunnel I can remove from my to-do list. Are you ppl ever planning to turn it into a deepwater tunnel? With a nice highway tunnel next to it? Thorin
  12. Voted! Wurm Online (32%, 197 Votes) So still in the lead. What surprises me, is that Life is Feudal isn't in that list. Although the houses are pre-set in that game, you still need to haul a shipload of resources to the construction site to build one; something I don't see in some of the other games listed. Oh well, at least we got some nice advertisement and hopefully also a new influx of players. And @Retrograde: do everyone a favour and don't show your 1x1 wooden shack with 60 decay on the walls when you're asked to show some nice pictures of the Wurm housing.............. Thorin
  13. Agreed. I'll keep quiet for the rest of the month now. Thorin
  14. One thing that's wrong with Wurm that hasn't been mentioned is the behaviour of the community. Yes, that's right, it's OUR behaviour in Wurm that's wrong and that's one of the reasons people are leaving. Because they're fed up with how some players treat certain events, how some players were protected by (former) staff members and that certain players still try to monopolize some things. I'll post a list of examples, some just related to my homeserver, Xanadu, some are most likely happening at all servers. 1) Rifts: When rifts were introduced, they were consider as player events where a large group of players at a server gathered, build a protective area, including one or more altars dedicated to several Deity's (but Fo was always one of those), occasional imping and when the rift opened a group of 50+ players tried to shut it down. It didn't take long before some players realized that they could benefit from this by having alts nearby, making it a lot easier to harvest the resources the moment the last heart was sacced. As a counter reaction, it was decided to have players get a reward straight into their inventory, as well as some rift materials to avoid that kind of abuse. Nowadays we have players gathering near the rift area ample minutes before it opens, kill enough monsters to get the hearts for saccing and while one fool player still sacs the last hearts, the rest is already waiting with their axes and pickaxes raised to loot for rift mats as fast as they can, before everyone rushes off to their deed with their earned treasures. Gone are the days of having a player event; nowadays it has become a treasure hunt to gather as many mats as fast as you can, while also trying to get as many Rift points as possible. 2) Markets: At Xan we got a certain group of players who had the idea to set up markets near every starter towns the server has. Personally, I think the idea was quite a good one. Having one market near a starter town would give new players an opportunity to buy better equipment. However, where things went wrong is that one player owning many of those deeds, decided to drop 3-4 of his own merchants at the markets; making it quite hard for other players to compete. So what we got now is one merchant of player A selling tools, one merchant of player A selling weapons, one merchant of player A selling armour and one merchant of player A selling enchanted items and one merchant of player B selling a bit of everything. Eventually resulting at player B removing his merchant, because he won't make a profit at all. While all of that happened, one of the players of that specific group decided to drop a market deed basically at the doorstep of another player. When being asked about moving the deed, the comment "deed it or loose it" was used, that specific player got some protection of a (at the time) staff member, resulting in the player having access to the deed being lost, leaving the game. Taking quite some players from her alliance wit her. At the same time, a highway was messed up near another starter town - without informing or asking the builders about it - road signs were placed INSIDE! startertown borders; something you can't do as a regular player; meaning a staff member - my guess; the same former one that protected the player in the previous mentioned case - has given a regular player rights that player never should have gotten in the first place. And to conclude things, not that long ago, the same player decided to change a piece of highway at Newspring; without asking ANYONE!! living at that island if they would mind if he did that. And once again, using the same phrase: "deed it or loose it". 3) Prices of goods: With the amount of more skilled players increasing over time, the market slowly got flooded with higher ql items. Since it's always a matter of offer and demand when it comes to selling things, prices began to drop to make sure a player was able to sell what he made. The result is known; items costing 2-3 silver three years ago are being sold for 0.75 - 1 silver nowadays. When I began playing, a 70ql Knarr would cost a player 8S; an 80ql Knar would sell for 9S and a 90ql Knarr would sell for 10-11S. Not long ago, I saw a 90ql Knarr with either volume or speed rune and 43 Large crates being offered for the same 8S that would get you a 70ql ship four years ago. The reason is what I mentioned before, more and more players getting higher skills and the only way to compete with that is to offer better items. However, better items also have less decay, making it less useful to imp them or to sell new ones. Which results in more items flooding the market, resulting in a drop of prices to sell some, which results in higher items being sold etc. 4) Uniques and private hunting groups: Just like rifts, uniques are meant to be hunted down and killed as a community event. However, ever since I began playing this game four years ago, there have been private hunting groups who've been looking for, penning and killing uniques, after which they sold the blood / bones / hides / scale if they liked or used parts to either create armoud or potions which were sold. The "excuse" I heard for doing that is that the ones being part of a hunting group have to make enough money to cover the cost of the alts and the deeds used to find and pen the uniques. However, when it comes to deeding for a certain purpose, those building highway tunnels are having costs too. And unlike deeds set up for an unique slaying which often are only "active" for a few weeks, a tunnel project may take months; meaning the deed costs are significant more. Yet, the moment a player building a highway tunnel would set up something like a toll-booth over the highway, charging everyone who wants to us the tunnel 25c to cover the 6S that player spend to maintain a deed, quite some players wouldn't like that. But at the same time it's tolerated when a private hunting group is doing that and selling the items they got at high prizes, as their only competition is another private hunting group. 5) Impalongs: 5a) I won't spend much time at this, but has anyone noticed that we've had impalongs organized by the same persons for the past years now? When something like that happens, at some point no-one will organize an impalong, as we all know there's going to be one at "X specific date at Y specific deed / server". 5b) On top of that, the focus has changed from imping items for free with some games as minor entertainment, to major entertainment and arena fights and imping only done by those who aren't interested in fun and games; or those not being able to be online when the fun and games are happening. The result of that is that players are beginning to be left out and eventually decide they may as well leave the game completely. After all, why stick around in a game where you're considered a lesser part of the community, simply because you're living at another continent? Bottom line, While Wurm was a community driven game when some of us - and myself included - began playing, it's more and more becomming a game for a bunch of egocentric players who don't give a damn about others, as long as they're having a good time. Resulting in those who are willing to do things for the community either feel neglected, ignored or simply deciding to leave the game. And those players who're still prepared to do community things, are more and more keeping quiet about it and / or deciding it's not worth their time, money and effort anymore. Usually resulting in partially finished projects which are no good to anyone. Thorin
  15. If you can't make that out of the text you either need to get a dictionary about slang used in other countries or use this: Very Obsolete Doucebag And in case ppl wonder why NOTHING! ever happens over here, it's because too many forum members keep derailing threads. @Retrograde: Better fix all of the points Jadegeier brought up fast, as I've been hearing her complains about it for several months now. And it's slowly driving me nuts. Thorin
  16. Four weeks later and still nothing? Does that mean we're have to start worrying or does it mean we've got to cheer? Thorin PS: Yes I know self-quoting is sooooooooooooooooo 1968.
  17. Your answer is quite simple to find out: Rifts appear 7 days after the previous one was closed; Rifts open 2 days after is has spawned. And in case you can't do that math - I know some ppl can't, don't ask me why - there's always this: Thorin
  18. Call it whatever you like, but if you don't have the balls to contact someone in a PM, then also don't create the topics to let others solve your problems. It doesn't matter how long someone is playing this game to get things solved. All you had to do was check the profile to see how long someone has been off line. If you'd done that, you'd seen that it hasn't been long and that thus there was an option to contact through a PM. What I don't like is people yelling from a side line that things aren't done right; either here or ingame; but at the same time won't lift a finger to improve things. If you don't have the balls to contact someone in PM, you might as well not create a topic to let others solve the problem for you. Because that kind of behaviour gives me a very bad taste in my mouth. And it's the kind of behaviour I've seen of you a few times now. Thx for picking this up, Dale. Keep in mind you can also check the ingame Area history to see which deeds are disbanded. Also, daily updates won't be needed (anymore), imho. It's not that we're having dozens of new or disbanding deeds each day nowadays. So a weekly update may be sufficient enough. But that's imho. Thorin
  19. And thus: PM 1: (mine) PM 2: (Crazydad's reply) See how easy it is? Thorin PS [/sarcasm]
  20. Nope. I'm playing this game to have fun, to interact with people and to get things done. Starting from scratch after working 4 years to get most of my skills high enough to do the things I like is one thing. Doing it at a couple of alts so I got the priests needed for the plans I have is a second. Starting over from scratch for just a few months isn't my idea of fun. I may as well start an Alt in Freedom and sell the bugger the moment the most important skills are high enough to make it useful. And frankly speaking, I'm not in the mood for that. Nor do I have the time for it. Thorin
  21. Really? you got the answer in your own post in the map topic: Anyway, since no-one bothered to look beyond the tip of their nose, I've decided to check if / when Crazydad was online, noticed it wasn't very recently and send him a PM. It's easy if you do some research. Thorin
  22. Can be very short about it as I haven't played that server and won't do it: It's a waste of time. I'm not in the mood to start from scratch on a server which gets whiped every 6 months for some louzy Jackals points and new weapon skins. Thorin
  23. We know who's responsible for the map-updates. Anyone ever thought about sending that person a PM to ask what's going on and / or is going to happen? As that might shine some light at the situation, considering posting replies in the map topic or creating a new topic obviously don't help. Thorin
  24. May do that after you posted your screenshot. I think it's a bit weird to ask for this kind of info, but not providing it yourself. Thorin