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  1. @Ekcin, @Ceccicould you handle this kind of stuff in a PM please? It has nothing to do with the topic at all and it's only fuel to more flaming reactions like the ones you two already posted. @DaletheGoodCould you please re-add Metallic Wonders back at the map? Re-add as it was there, until I had asked to remove it. So not a mistake made by you. Location is at 4822 - 2264 Thanks, Thorin
  2. FYI, I can't access the images. Perhaps because they're posted at a private Facebook page? I assume you decided not to use Imgur - or any similar prorgam? Thorin
  3. More info here: 2021 Lunalong Thorin
  4. What should work is having the cart active in the quick select bar. Park the cart under the ladder, move up to the floor you need to work at, open the cart with the quick select bar and open the crates to take the items out of it. After dropping the first items, you can open the pile and drag the items in the pile. Works the same way to remove any left over items back into the crates. Just keep in mind you need to stand next to or even up the opening of the ladder. Thorin
  5. Ever heard of Imgur? Works like a charm and it even provides you with the link to upload the screenshots. Thorin
  6. I'll most likely be there, but just as imper; nothing else. Thorin
  7. Ajala, what are you doing with a picture of me? As for those beasts, I doubt they're from a rift. However, there's this rift scout event that fires randomly and would spawn certain rift monsters. I can't remember how the full event was, but I think that over time the more dangerous rift beings may spawn if the first party isn't destroyed in time. So it may be you encountered that. Thorin
  8. Keep in mind that you need to be a follower of the religion a colossus resembles if you want to build those. Only the "Soldier" or "Guardian" one can be build by anyone. Also keep in mind that depending at which one you will build, you will need metal sheets made of silver or gold. And since metal sheets can't be improved, you will need someone with high JS using high ql resources to create them. Thorin
  9. In case you can't connect, there's always this page to see if a server is up or not: Thorin
  10. Just got word today that the tunnel is accessable for traffic again. Therefore status of the canal can be changed to open. If all goes well - and knowing Qd, it will - it will be accessable for all boats after the weekend. Thanks for the update, Qd and thanks for all the work done in there. This also means this topic can be closed. Thorin
  11. Is that salted or sweeted popcorn, Ajala? If it's salted, can I have some please? Thorin
  12. QD has been away from the game due to a very busy RL. It's something that happens to all of us from time to time and is nothing to worry about; as knowing him I'm quite certain he will complete the project. All it takes is a little patience from the community; which I think isn't that hard to do, isn't it? I mean, considering he did all done so far by himself, with no help of the community at all and only some minor help from some of his alliance members - and not even me - in about 8-12 months; what are a few more weeks extra or being forced to sail through either Fogshore Canal or Darq Canal and the T&T and sail a few hours longer as usual? Knowing from personal experience how tiring it can be to do such a huge project all alone, I think a bit more respect for Qd and some more patience because of his absence should be the least one can have. As for the rest: You're the one making drama out of this. It was mentioned it may take some time, it took a bit longer as expected because people have a personal live next to WO, so a bit more patience would have been apreciated. As for your suggestion that a GM would be able to name someone to conclude a project: That's not the job of a GM, nor any staff member. The only one who's got a right to do is is the project leader. So my suggestion is you wait until Qd's back and talk to him in game about being an assistant; or you wait for him to return to finish the project. Or you simply wait for the deed to drop and finish it yourself. Thorin
  13. Since everything is moved to the new map now; see this thread; this one may as well be closed to avoid any confusion. Thorin
  14. This may open up some opportunities for my future zoo. *Makes notes about adding 1 male troll named Shrek, 1 female troll named Fabiola, 1 donkey named....... ...... Donkey and one female dragon to be bred with the donkey* Thorin
  15. For the record, I'm not participating in this reconstruction. The owner of the Maes Knoll deed is, so if anyone wants to help, or has questions contact him ingame. Thorin