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  1. All this whining about the praying update and had none of you whiners actually noticed that the one proposing this is playing a priest, most likely has benediction and has been proposing countless of improvements to Wurm for over the years? So perhaps that player actually knew what he was talking about and decided it could be done better. Which eventually the Dev's decided to do. I do sometimes wonder if we have players here who's only goal is to get up to top of having the most skills list; or they are actually enjoying this game. Looking at some comments here, I think there are at least two people replying who are aiming for just that and when things are made easier, think they got the right to complain about it. IMHO Wurm Online is a game you should enjoy and while for some that enjoyment comes from grinding one skill after another, for others grinding skills is something they don't like at all. For the dev's this means they always have to find a middle ground; making it impossible to please all kinds of players in this game. In the past there have been tweaks to this game I didn't like at all; yet I'm still playing it. The reason: I'm enjoying more aspects of this game as just getting skills for doing something. if for some reason the way of gaining skill is tweaked and it would affect my skill - i.e. I've got my WS around 55 with much effort - I may not like it, but I won't complain about it, as in the end the new method may actually benefit this game and all players. Perhaps that's something those whining about the current - and some past - changes should keep in mind. If it benefits the game, it will benefit the players as well. And when the community is happy, it'll benefit the game again. As for the mentioned upcoming changes; I'm really looking forward for the new combat system. Thorin
  2. So this is the first rift out of 21? What happens if the 21st rift is done? Thorin
  3. Issue is stil here after several patches since first time being reported. Please look into it, as disabling it over and over again with multiple characters becomes quite annoying now. Thorin
  4. Regarding the mistake made with the rifts at the new servers: That was the first comment asking why things didn't go as planned. And here's Retro's reply: Meaning, something went wrong, the Dev's were aware of it and have fixed it. Problem solved, let's move on to the next. Regarding the spreading out of their starting times: And I copy / pasted the table for those to laz... unable to check the link right now. Times are in CET, btw, but it's more to give an impression. The link provides the time according your time zone. As people can see there, all rifts at the old servers are starting at different dates and times. And that's despite they have been starting at the same time twice!! since the mechanics were introduced. Last time was last year, iirc. Which means that within a period of 40-41 rifts times are so different, players can easily visit multiple rifts within a few days. EVEN at the new servers where only 3 servers are available. Seeing the ones at Cadence and Melody open in the night of Monday to Tuesday; it's very likely few players will attent and thus it'll take longer for the rift to close. Which also means the next time these rifts will open, it's likely Thursday late in the morning or early afternoon. I rest my case. Thorin
  5. Yes, you missed something. It seems that when Harmony - and Decadence too, if that had a rift - was coded, the usual rift sequence was added to it as those were the two first servers to open. However, somehow when setting up the other two servers, things got wrong or were forgotten, resulting in both servers having to open their rifts right away, instead of having the two day beacon. I'm aware it's an inconvinience, but rifts do spread out over time, so there's nothing to worry about. As for spreading them out, it's simply going to happen due to the amount of players. Which is going to be depending at the time zone the players live in. Since all Wurm servers are global servers and not every player can be online 24/7, the amount of players participating in closing a rift will vary. And the less people there are - I've been at a Xan rift where only 5 people were present - the longer it'll take to close a rift. The one at Xan took us close to or even over 12 hours. Which also means that the next rift did appear 7 days and 12 hours after the previous one appeared. No it isn't. Bad game design would be to have a rift spawn, open it up 2 days after and then setting a time lock at it to close; no matter if there are people fighting there or not. Imagine what will happen if you were fighting the last wave, close to kill the last monster so you got enough hearts to sac and the automated rift closing gets activated, leaving you with some nice stats, but no goodies. I'm quite certain the forums both hear and at steam would explode. Or imagine that a rift will auto-close and spawn the goodies. Barely no-one would bother to fight the monsters, given the "why risk my hide if I can get the stuff for free after 'X' time?" That means players would just camp near a rift, wait for it to auto-close, harvest the crystals and wood and return to their deeds. Rifts are community events, in which it is the task of the community to deal with whatever is thrown at them. If the participation of the community is taken away, the entire idea of the rift has become worthless and could as well been taken away. Being a community event, also means that it depend at the community how long the event last. And like I said before, given this game uses global servers and we can divide the Wurm population into 3 groups (Europeans, Asian / Australia / New Zealand and North- / South-Americans), as well as they will open at weekdays, there will different numbers players present to close a rift. That too is the joy of a rift. Sometimes you will fight it with 50 players and sometimes with 5. But eventually a rift can be closed; you just need to adjust your tactics. That isn't bad game design, that's how community events are supposed to work. Like it or not. Thorin
  6. It's a herritage site, so yes, GM permission is required. What's also needed is a deed above that specific spot, with the perms to remove any kind of reinforcements to those who want to mine. And finally, since the road got that turn as well, it could be considered to strongwall / collapse some tiles there, redirect the highway making the road a nice long stretch too. But if it could be done, I'm in. As soon as I'm home, that is. Thorin
  7. The easiest solution: Apply a non-deedable, non-buildable 15x15 area around the source spring. That way they're accessable to everyone. - Disadvantage, they won't spanw on or near deeds. Solution #2: Let them spawn at deeds only. That way, each and every player owning a deed got it's own private source spring. - Disadvantage: deeds with multiple villagers will need to share and I doubt that's going to work out well if someone isn't online for a while. Solution #3: Spawn source springs in a starter town only. Or perhaps have a source merchant in a starter town; with a cooldown timer when consuming the source. - Disadvantage: not everyone is willing to travel long distances to starter towns for "some" source. Thorin
  8. Regarding source springs: Perhaps people shouldn't point at the Dev's about this, but to those players who build 1x1 houses with 99ql walls and a locked door around any source spring in a public place they could find. I know there's a player at Xanadu who "owns" at least 6 source springs that way and even regretted that at some point a team I was part off managed to protect a source spring by making a highway run over it. It's unfortunate that those of us who do have a source spring at deed are the victims of the greedyness of others; but in a way this is something we could've seen coming a long time, as the greedy behaviour of some players has been mentioned often enough in both Freedom and GL-Freedom. It's not the first time in the 5+ years I'm playing that I've seen how the greed of a small group of players destroyed the enjoyment of a much larger group of players in this game and I doubt it'll be the last time. Unless some players change their behaviour, but I doubt that'll happen. So I'll expect more nerfs coming up in the next couple of years. And most likely much to the dismay of some players. Thorin
  9. My comment wasn't meant about the things being said to the Dev's about the changes, my comment was directed to certain players who were copy / pasting things others had said as a reply to a quote, who were accusing others of not doing "this" or "that" and who were in general convinced that they were the only ones right. I do understand why players are upset; even though I've never used imbues or ql enhancing runes. Main reason for that is that when I do need the better ql, I prefer to do it by my skill, not because of some technical tric that sooner or later may be nerfed. Something that happened right now. Another reason is because I'm aware that a saying about certain emails also applies to games: "If it's too good to be true, it can't be true." I also do understand that players write things in the heat of the moment they may regret later. What I don't understand is why someone writes a post containing "You wouldn't know, because you never used an imbue at anything"; which is half an hour later quoted and replied by: "You wouldn't know either, because you never grinded XXXX skill up to 99." At that point a topic turns into a battle between two groups of players, which in the end is pushing everyone away from what was s'posed to be the important part of the thread: News and good wishes for everyone. So when I wrote my comment, it was my hope that members here would understand that some things could better be solved by PM, or that it would be better to cool down a while and leaving this topic be. Unfortunately that wasn't and - looking at some later comments - isn't understood at all. Pandalet had to remove several comments after that - I never said it, but thanks for that @Pandalet- and I really hope things won't come to that point again. So please people, just stay nice to eachother, ok? A lot of us are in the same boat, that that doesn't mean we have to beat eachothers skull in, simply because the ones adjusting the sails are doing things in ways we don't always agree in. Thorin
  10. Just checked and it does fit at a large dining table. So it looks like it's indeed the small table only. Has anyone already checked the marble table? Thorin
  11. @EkcinI understand the bitterness, even if I'm not one of those players who use rare or better items with 100+ cast, a rune and 100 imbue, just to get the highest ql possible. I just stick to a common or rare item with CoC or BotD at it. Perhaps because I've always seen this coming, perhaps because I got the feeling that the old fashioned way may be slow and sometimes offer less reward, but it's how this game can be played too. I dunno and frankly speaking, it doesn't matter that much to me as well. However, my point was that this entire thread turned into a "I said, you said" derailing topic, instead of it being focussed of the patchnotes itself. At some point people should either take a deep breath, realize they've said all that's needed to be said and leave things, or continue in PM. Over the past few months I've seen too much of the first happening. Perhaps the 2nd thing increased as well, I dunno. And no, this wasn't just adressed to you. @CipacadrinhoI'm not forcing any religious thing upon you. If you don't like Christmas, it's fine with me. But don't use my wishes to the other members of this forum as an excuse to derail this thread again by starting another discussion. Thorin
  12. Well, the title of this thread is "Merry Christmas". And what do I see? The usual accusations, mud slinging and insults. Really Christmas like. Well done, community! For those of you who think that we should be nice to eachother at least this time of the year Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year! Thorin
  13. If it disables that that bloody Non-English CA-Help is activated after each and every update or maintenance restart I'm happy. Sooooooooooooooo tired of disableing it over and over again on my 4 characters each and every time I log in after one of those things. Thorin
  14. Have you tried to use the name plate from the mark shop? Iirc those overwrite the old names of items - haven't used them myself - meaning you can "remove" that name and give it a name you like yourself. Seems like the easiest solution to me, in case the GM-team won't change that name. Thorin