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  1. Call it whatever you like, but if you don't have the balls to contact someone in a PM, then also don't create the topics to let others solve your problems. It doesn't matter how long someone is playing this game to get things solved. All you had to do was check the profile to see how long someone has been off line. If you'd done that, you'd seen that it hasn't been long and that thus there was an option to contact through a PM. What I don't like is people yelling from a side line that things aren't done right; either here or ingame; but at the same time won't lift a finger to improve things. If you don't have the balls to contact someone in PM, you might as well not create a topic to let others solve the problem for you. Because that kind of behaviour gives me a very bad taste in my mouth. And it's the kind of behaviour I've seen of you a few times now. Thx for picking this up, Dale. Keep in mind you can also check the ingame Area history to see which deeds are disbanded. Also, daily updates won't be needed (anymore), imho. It's not that we're having dozens of new or disbanding deeds each day nowadays. So a weekly update may be sufficient enough. But that's imho. Thorin
  2. And thus: PM 1: (mine) PM 2: (Crazydad's reply) See how easy it is? Thorin PS [/sarcasm]
  3. Nope. I'm playing this game to have fun, to interact with people and to get things done. Starting from scratch after working 4 years to get most of my skills high enough to do the things I like is one thing. Doing it at a couple of alts so I got the priests needed for the plans I have is a second. Starting over from scratch for just a few months isn't my idea of fun. I may as well start an Alt in Freedom and sell the bugger the moment the most important skills are high enough to make it useful. And frankly speaking, I'm not in the mood for that. Nor do I have the time for it. Thorin
  4. Really? you got the answer in your own post in the map topic: Anyway, since no-one bothered to look beyond the tip of their nose, I've decided to check if / when Crazydad was online, noticed it wasn't very recently and send him a PM. It's easy if you do some research. Thorin
  5. Can be very short about it as I haven't played that server and won't do it: It's a waste of time. I'm not in the mood to start from scratch on a server which gets whiped every 6 months for some louzy Jackals points and new weapon skins. Thorin
  6. We know who's responsible for the map-updates. Anyone ever thought about sending that person a PM to ask what's going on and / or is going to happen? As that might shine some light at the situation, considering posting replies in the map topic or creating a new topic obviously don't help. Thorin
  7. May do that after you posted your screenshot. I think it's a bit weird to ask for this kind of info, but not providing it yourself. Thorin
  8. So only because in the short time you sailed at a server, you conclude there aren't many players living at it and severs need to be removed? That's similar to saying: "I visited New York and although people claim there are millions of people living there, I have seen about 1,000, so tear the city down and build a proper one." Deleting servers isn't a solution to keep this game alive. In fact, it's most likely a very good method to kill the game as the players living at the servers which got deleted won't return, considering all the time, money and effort they've put into the game is gone. I'm pretty certain I won't play this game again if Xanadu got deleted, as I have no intention at all to move to another sever and start over from scratch. And I'm quite certain players from any of the other servers think the same. We've seen in the past months what happens when a server gets a restart. I think the most flattering name for it would be the "Epic server catastrophy". We've seen what happens if we get a new server where players have to start from scratch. So this idea is just a big no no. Thorin
  9. Last update done: July 23rd of this year. That's over 3 months without map updates or any notes of the one doing so. Making me wondering if CrazyDad is even looking at this. Especially since he's been online at October 26th. Thorin
  10. Not to mention the fact this was mentioned in CA-Help before and after the OP posted here. The OP got replied to that in both occasions, was told in both occasions it's just a temporary effect and in both occasions reacted in a way that made me - and most likely others as well - it was accepted that way. So seeing this post, surely gives me the impression the OP wants Wurm to be played according to her rules and standards. As for the change, I'm not fond of games involving zombies as I find them way too much alike. I also don't like the commercializing of certain festivities and the shoving the American way of celebrating them down my throat. HOWEVER: I do appreciate all the work the dev's are doing here to improve the game; I do appreciate the work the Dev's are doing to give attention to some festivities or activities by adding them to the game as a temporary event. Perhaps the OP should consider that there are people spending countless hours to give us a pleasant Wurming experience with events like these, but that her whining about ONE!! change basically is a slap in the face. But then as I've said before and most likely will mention again in the future: No matter what the dev's do, whiners gonna whine. And as for myself, Thx for the effort you've put into this, Dev-team. It's appreciated. Thorin
  11. With about 4 weeks past since last update, I'm wondering how things are going? Is there any progress to report? Thorin
  12. When it comes to population, Indy and Xan are the two most populated servers. Out of those two, Xan still got the most unexplored land. Then there's Jackal, a temporairy server which resets every 6 months and where you really start with nothing. To get there you'll need to find a lodestone and use that to teleport to Jackal. More information on server status found here. As for major changes, We got a player event called Rifts and with the mats collected there you can create lodestones; which are needed to travel to Jackal. So, Jackal is one of the changes as well We also got a new cooking system We got a new Highway system We got wagoners now, making bulk deliveries on land easier if the receiving party is connected to the highway And we got a new fishing system, which was meant to make fishing a less AFK grind and somewhat more active. On top of that we got lots of minor changes in the rendering, we got woodcolours back, got new woodcolours which you can only get through archaeology, plus you need a journal for that. Then there are almanacs to write down your study of trees and bushes, so you know if / when to harvest those. And finally, the personal goals are removed from the game, instead of that we got a journal, showing us multiple goals we can / must / should (depending at your take at it) achieve and while doing so, are rewarded when having all of them done. So all in all, plenty of chances, but I'm sure you're getting used to them pretty fast, as the base game hasn't changed a bit. Thorin
  13. Adding to all of the above, keys and locks won't smelt in a smelter, no matter how hot they are. Thorin
  14. I may show up here, depending at my working hours . Most likely will there longer at the first weekend. If I do so, I'll bring in the main (same name as here) who's able to do CAS (76), Carpentry (88) and Black smithing (80) and to a lower level Fine Carp (56), Shipbuilding(58) and WS (50). I'll also bring in my alt, Frodobaggins, who's able to do LW (84) and cloth tailoring (60) Thorin
  15. Location is quite easy to access as it's close to a highway. Boats can dock at Fogshore after that it's just a short ride by horse, cart or wagon to get to the area. Save zone isn't set up, but the area close to the highway is the best suited for it. As for opening times, check for your local rift opening times. Thorin