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  1. Valrei International. 086

    Not sure if this was adressed to me or to another post, but you think the current system is fair? I'm not a suporter of a private hunting group, because imho Uniques are out there to be slain by the players who want to do that; not by a small group of people. However, I'm most certainly not a fan of current system, in which a small group of people have all the expenses and do the fighting, and a large group of people getting a reward for just standing in local. It's because that, lots of Unique hunts are done in private groups, not because of "the community being ungrateful". Imagine all the nice roads, tunnels and bridges we got at our servers are being locked up with Toll booth's, simply because one or two players build them, spend money on resources, and deeds and now want to get paid for their labour by other players. I'm pretty certain it won't take long before flame wars will start at both the Kingdom chat and forum about that. Yet, for some people that same idea is completely valid as an excuse for penning an unique? Well in that case a lot of Xan players should start paying me for the work I've done at highways, tunnels and bridges at that server. Considering all that work has cost me at least 30 silver or more and I've never seen a penny of it in return. Just some posts of grateful players...... And I'm pretty certain that goes as well for several other Xan players who've been doing great community work too. As for people whining; there are always people whining. If one of the Dev's decides we're going to have frozen lakes during winter, people are whining that they can't sail. But when it's removed, people whine that having frozen lakes was fun, since we could ride our cart across the lakes for a change, instead around it. Even right now, we got ppl whining about winters being too short, too long, too bright and whatever. So whatever happens, whiners are gonna whine. So question remains: are we keeping the current system in which everyone in local gets a prize, no matter if (s)he has been fighting or not and thus more or less keeping the private hunting groups system up; or are rewards from slaying Uniques - and rift monsters - given to those who're actually fighting the damn thing(s)? I know what I prefer. How 'bout you? @Nestangol: If a player is prepared to risk the death of his main and 2 alts, simply because (s)he has them fighting at a slaying, I'd say, let them keep the rewards. It may not be fair to the other slayers, but at least that player has been fighting with all 3 chars, risking them to die if (s)he didn't pay attention; which imho deserves more of a reward, as just fighting with one char and having 2 others standing in local to "harvest" the reward. My point is, give the rewards to those who're willing to take the risk to fight the Unique. And if that's a player using more fighting alts, well, so be it. At least that player took the risk. Thorin
  2. Valrei International. 086

    What you described here is the problem. Not the way to locate the uniques, not the way to pen then, but the greedyness of the player community when it comes to slaying uniques. Right now, everyone who's in local of the slain unique gets blood and something else (like hide or scales) as a reward, when they are in local the moment the unique is killed. You don't have to fight it, you just have to stand there and watch it geting killed. That's it. Like you said, it's because of that private hunting teams have formed and although I don't like that idea, I do understand the motives. After all, if just a small group risks their char's life - so to speak - while a group twice or trice the fighter's size just stands there waiting for the final blow, so they can have the drops in their inventory. It's not something you see at unique slayings, it's something that happens at Rifts as well; where you got 10-15 fighters and as soon as the last heart is sacced, 25 "players" harvesting the items. It's like being at the Superbowl finals, where everyone in the stadium - including the players - gets a 1,000 dollar reward, and the player scoring the winning touchdown gets the ball as reward as well. I'm pretty sure not a single sportsclub would even consider to participate in the superbowl anymore, as they would loose a lot of money because of it. [edit] While typing this, the two post above mine were posted. As a result, I sorta brought up a solution to what Nestangol posted: [/edit] The best solution - imho - would be to give the loot only to those who do the actual fighting. And I know a lot of people don't like this idea, but at least keep in mind it's a lot more fair as current system is. Rifts got a tracker about who's hitting the Rift spawn the most; that list of names would also be the persons who're "allowed" to harvest the materials. For uniques it would be a lot more fair if those who do the fighting get rewarded. Perhaps tie the rewards to those who have been targeting the Unique - meaning, if you want loot at that non-prem alt, you need to risk its life - or perhaps handing out the rewards to those who actually hit it, or are being hit by it - as I've seen people fighting a dragon, getting hit but never managed to hit it themselves. It may not be the solution of getting rid of private hunting groups, but at least it would prevent the use of Alt-abuse when it comes to slaying uniques. Which in turn would make it a lot more beneficial and fun to have public slayings, instead of private ones. Thorin
  3. How to kill your own game tutorial

    You forgot to address this: Step 9: The arrogance of the settled players resulting in chasing away the new players. Example: - A new player messes up a part of a highway, unaware you can't dig down at the side of the road, causing one of the tile borders to slope down 10 dirt. Reason why the new player digged down there, they were told they needed sand to create mortar and that particular highway had sand at its outlining. Result: in freedom chat the messed up road is reported, the entire community of that server is in anger about it because: "You are not allowed to mess with highways!! (ad 32 exclamation marks there)" and "It's always the n00bs messing things up, which we need to repair." The new player sees this, feels attacked and leaves the game. - At the same time, a known and settled player is interupting a highway to change the pavement to his / her liking, turning it into a 4 tile wide road with different pavement and eventually setting up a market without informing the residents of that area. And all of this is done with a deed that's basically blocking off the deed of another member, as well as having both perimeters hitting one another. When the player with the blocked off deed mention something about it, tells (s)he doesn't like it and considers it grieving, the answer (s)he got is : "if you don't like it, you should've deeded that area." Eventually that settled player decides that living with an unwanted market right next door isn't his / her cup of tea and decides to leave the game. Example 2: A player wants to ride a horse but can't and asks in CA-HELP why he can't ride that horse. Turns out the player in question is new and doesn't have the required 21 BC yet. At that point, all kind of more experienced players start to give "advice", telling the new one he had to do archery or archaeology, using tools with CoC, BotD, between 1 AM and 4 AM PST after sacrificing his virgin sister to Smeagain using a blunt kitchen knife. At some point, another more settled player joins in, saying that the new player should just enjoy the game, learn how to work with the skills and eventually that player will have the required BC to ride a horse. Which in turn resulted in other settled players reacting that this game isn't about enjoying, but about grinding until you got sick of it and then grinding some more. Result, said new player never shows up in CA-HELP again and most likely left the game. Example 3: - A player managed to get a crafting skill over 70 at an impalong. Because that player had in mind to set up a shop with his friends, he does a PC in trade chat about the items in said skill. The answer he got was: "10c because you're selling items others imped over 70ql at an impalong", done by a player who wasn't even present at said impalong. As a result, more players attack the first player who did the PC; even in PM, unaware that someone using a false claim started this riot. After two more of these "incidents" two of the friends of said player decided that enough is enough and leave the game. - Example 4: A new player settles down at steppes close to a starter's town. A settled player doesn't like that and starts harrasing her in PM and chat, eventually leading to that new player leaving that area, and settling at another spot in a forrest, just to find out players didn't like that and started harrasing her. Eventually, she decides enough is enough, as every attempt she or a few of her friends are doing to calm thing down and she leaves the game. I could go on with this, but I think the message is obvious enough. It's not the staff that kills the game, although they too are making decissions that make players leave the game. It's us, the more experienced players who're killing it by patronizing the new players, blaming them for things they weren't even aware of they shouldn't do, even blaming them when they haven't done those things; but at the same time ignoring the similar actions of the settled players. I've seen settled players messing up perfectly good tunnels / canals because they were "improving" those, only to leave the project after realizing they bit off a lot more as they could chew. I've seen settled players rant about n00bs messing up roads, but remaining very quiet the moment another settled player said (s)he did that because (s)he is / was improving the road by flattening it out by removing dirt at one spot and using it to fill up a downward slope at another spot. I've seen settled players having a public argument about which village was better to attrackt a new player. I'm still surprised that the pissing contest and the comparising of certain body parts hasn't happened at some point. Needless to say the new player didn't join either village in the end. I've seen settled players freaking out about a new player cutting down a birch 20 tiles from that settled player's deed. Only to find out two days later the settled player moved to the other side of the lake he lived at and went cutting down four mapgrids of forest, ignoring the 6 deeds in that region because "I had to grind my WC up". Like I said, I could go on and on with this, but I won't. It's us, the "veteran" and "settled" players who're arrogant enough to believe we own this game; simply because we're playing it longer and therefore have better skills and thus are able to create the better items. As well as having been able to pick the better spots and form them the way we like to. In our arrogance, we start a new character, equip it with the best ql items we can create and then tell a new player that starting isn't as bad is they think it is. In our arrogance we think that having a 50ql longsword, a 30ql armor and a 30ql shield makes a new player invunerable; because "when I started all I had was a 10ql short sword"; ignoring that the items are only half of what's needed to survive, as it doesn't matter what ql armor, weapons and skill level you got. A monster trail still kills you, even if you wear 99ql rare drake and wielding a 99ql rare glimmer steel huge axe. Maybe it's time we, the settled players, start looking at our own behaviour and realize it's us who're chasing away the players; despite the dev's trying their best to make this game better. I'm not saying I agree with everything the dev's and staff does, because I don't. I've seen certain players been protected by certain staff members, resulting in players being leaving this game or getting a perma ban because they freaked out to some staff members after being pissed off by a certain player for some time. But if I have to compare the actions of the dev's and staff versus those of the community, I'm sad to say that it's the community that looses. Big time. And I can only conclude, that if there's a need for a change, it's the community that has to start to change first. But I doubt that'll happen. Thorin
  4. Darq Canal Project

    Just out of curiousity, how's this project going after I decided to leave? When I checked the progress of the canal a couple of days ago, I found that from the east side up most of the veins blocking passage are gone. 97% of those were removed by Qdlaty (bows in respect); the rest by me, Ajala and Shamflam. At the west side, however, things are a mess. Part of the floor is removed to maximum depth; even in area's were veins were still present. Following that, the veins that were there weren't removed; although that's something that would've been a lot easier if the floor was there. But I won't go there anymore. Near the eastern entrance is another entrace, 2-3 tiles wide, but that entrance floor is low enough to have water on it. So not sure if this is planned to be a boat entrance or a road entrance. One of the veins in the area with the mined out floor is having a crate rack with a few crates near it. Both rack and crate have some damage, meaning the owner hasn't been there to pick both up for quite some time. All and all it's giving me the impression the entire project is abandonned, leaving a perfectly traversable (for low draft ships and all road travel) canal / tunnel into something that can be used by low draft ships only now. Thorin
  5. Public White Dragon Hatchling

    You checked area history to see if it hasn't been slain yet? Thorin
  6. Public White Dragon Hatchling

    I had in mind to type another reason for this, but decided to turn it into a PM to Nestangol instead. I hope y'all got a good time. Unfortunately I'm facing a constant 5-10s lag with about everything I'll do, so I'll have to pass. First priority for me is to figure out if the problem is into the recent updates, my ISP having problems or my computer having problems. Thorin
  7. Why was PvP abandoned?

    All this talk about a new map, but what seems to be forgotten is that most of the PvP community actually lives safely at a PvE server and only gathers for "PvP" for a raid. The reason: they're shitting their armour for loosing all the fancy stuff they collected over the years when they're living on Chaos and their deeds getting raided while they're not there. The result? They talk at discord or teamspeak to gather 'round at 8PM May, 31st, sail to Chaos to raid a deed of an enemy kingdom at 9.30PM and sail back at 10.15 PM to their PvE deeds to make sure all they captured would be safe. That's similar to plaingy Battlefield or CoD, remaining at the spawn because spawnkilling is forbidden and only come out when you know you're going to win because the other team is down to one person. It's not PvP, I won't even call it semi-PvP. It's PvE with the occasional hunt. Then there's the global server issue, meaning that some players aren't on-line when other are, resulting in deeds being raided when their owners aren't there. And don't tell me, that doesn't happen, cos it does. No-one passes an opportunity like that. I'm pretty sure there are PMK's who're contacting their "enemies" to negotiate a time and place of a battle. I'm also pretty sure there are players who don't care about that and just gather a team to raid a deed while the owner is off life. Eventually resulting in that particular owner either quitting the game or moving to a PvE server to make sure his / her stuff is safe. Resulting in what I said before, "PvP" players moving to PvE servers to keep all their shiney stuff safe. Also meaning that doing a raid is almost a waste of time, because all you can loot are some resources and some "normal" weapons / armor. Not really something to get exited about. So, one reason PvP is dead? Because the PvP community committed suicide by deciding to do some things that made PvP boring, resulting in players leaving. Thorin
  8. Want to hire Builder 94 Carp & About 85 Masonry

    I don't know if you're planning to use wooden or stone floors; but in case it's the latter the builder will also need 83+ paving skill. Thorin
  9. Devblog: Dev & Update Cycle

    In all fairness, but I think posting a roadmap won't be a good idea at all. It kinda forces the dev-team to complete certain upgrades at a certain time and when they aren't able to because of running into multiple bugs, players posting things like: "You folks said we had round corner and diagonal walls in April, it's December now and we still don't have them!"(ad 25 exclamation marks there). Which usually ends up with cross references to other topics where things were said to be introduced and postponed; eventually ending up with some commenting about how long it took before bridges were implemented. However, leaving us with no information at all won't work either as that would even be a step back compared to the current situation. So what might work, you wonder? How about just informing us about the major changes the dev-team has in mind; but without posting a time frame? For instance: "This year we're trying to implement diagonal walls, boats rocking at the waves and some new trees for certain landscapes in this game. If all goes well with the diagonal walls, we will try to add round corner walls as well." By doing so the playerbase knows what to expect, the dev-team knows what they're working at and after each major update we all know we will get some bug fixes. There's always a risk that things won't be finished by the end of the year - for whatever reason - and I'm pretty sure there will be players complaining about having "only" three out of four major updates a year. But then, as I often have said when being in-game: "No matter what the dev-team does, whiners gonna whine." Hmmm, makes me wonder if the first major update for the game should be adding a bowl of nuts...... Anyway, I think that by telling us what the plans for a year are, without adding when those plans will be finished in that year, combined with the already mentioned monthly updates and bugfixes may work well. Thorin
  10. My beef with Chaos and a tip on PvP player retention

    Although I'm not a PvP player, I'm wondering, why bring it up NOW if it happened a few years ago? Thorin
  11. Were the sails on boats lowered?

    As long as I've been playing this game, I've always had the sail of a sailboat partially blocking my view. So if it's that, it's "normal". I do wonder about which boats / ships you're talking about, as for the ships (Knarr and larger), I've never had that problem. Thorin
  12. The Active Market Poll

    You know perfectly well what I meant, Meldichoir, so stop using quotes to show you're "right". This poll was setup by Farmboy to find out which market would suits his needs best. He didn't set it up so you and ChampagneDragon could use it to advertise about who's selling bulk goods and who isn't. None of us knows if Farmboy intends to sell single items or bulk items, so it isn't relavant to the topic. End of discussion! As for locations, @Farmboy102, you may consider checking Nexa-market near Summerholt. From what I've seen there are quite some merchants over there, so while you may have some competition, competition also means there's a lot active merchants. Thorin
  13. The Active Market Poll

    As I expected, a poll turns into a market advertising topic. Can we at least keep on track here? Thorin
  14. The Active Market Poll

    Thank Vynora, Magranon, Fo and Libila there are. Gives independent players like myself the chance to buy our items without having to browse through 2-3 merchants belonging to the same person. @ Farmboy: The most active market just depends at where the most new players start the game. When I began, New Spring and Summerholt were quite attractive to new players, so they got lots of sales at their market. That got chanced not long after that because of something you may see a bit more up in this topic. I won't go there, as it would simply derail this poll. So all I can do is advise you to do what's been suggested before: drop a merchant near Haven's Landing, as that's the place where most new players will be after they did the tutorial. Thorin
  15. please close

    Glad to see you've decided to stay here after all. Sorry for the person who won't get your priests, although I do hope (s)he understands the how and why. Nothing wrong with laying back a bit more. Just take your time to get all sorted out and I'm sure over time we'll be able to hook up again. Thorin