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  1. If it's an already existing highway, you might consider dropping a waystone at one end of the deed, pass the deed, drop another waystone and continue to drop catseyes to finish upgrading the highway. By doing so, you may not get a "complete" connection, but at least it won't stop your project, simply because someone hasn't shown up for over a year. And while doing so, you can still continue your search for someone giving you the permits. Thorin
  2. If you're able to get to the token, check that one. it'll show the name of the mayor at it. Also, you need the dropping rights, not the planting rights for catseyes. Thorin
  3. Bridge looks nice, but that might be because I like the sandstone texture. Glad to see this project moving on slowly again. Just out of curiousity, are you planning to improve the tunnel as well? I got two chars able to mine the veins and floor if needed and I am prepared to donate smelter and the peat for the vein removal. One of those chars is a Mag priestes, meaning some of the walls that haven't been strongwalled can be taken care of by her as well. Perhaps it's a good idea to turn this into a public project?? Thorin
  4. It certainly looks wonderful and it really saddens me to say this, but................... ................................................... you folks need to redo the catseyes. You only need 1 (ONE) row of catseyes to even cover a 3 tile highway. Having two rows would seriously mess up the wagoner system. Unless of course that was the intention? But as said, it looks wonderful and I bow for those who've been working at it for so long. *bows* Thorin
  5. +1
  6. Answers it all Thorin
  7. 4345, -3862 Would that do? Thorin
  8. New rift is located south of Pumpkin Fields, about 10 tiles from the East - West highway. This gives those who want to participate in closing it great access by highway. As both shown cities got access to the grid. The nearby bay provides good anchoring spots for those coming by ship. Location: For your local opening time; check Thorin
  9. You can check when it opens over here: Thorin
  10. Similar issue. Out of the 100 snowballs I collected yesterday afternoon (CET), only 5 are without damage. Everthing else got damage ranging from 1.01 to 31.61 dmg. Thorin
  11. Or because you can have only one gift perhaps? Thorin
  12. [16:05:43] You plant the catseye. [16:28:39] You drop a heap of sand. And with that the upgrading of the highway has been completed. For now. A full connection is made, giving players the opportunity to choose from two routes to travel between those starter towns. Wherever possible, sand has been dropped at the sides to prevent trees growing near the highway and blocking vision with their branches. Where using sand was too hard to do due to slopes - meaning 40+ slopes over multiple tiles - , I've paved the sides next to the road. Considering those sides were all over 100 dirt, the pavement can't be used as road anyway. The only thing that needs to be done at some point is flattening some parts of the highway to get better looking ramps and a more flat road in general. I might do that some time in the future, but for now it's other projects I'd like to focus at. I don't think ppl would blame me for doing so, wouldn't they? So what's left the list of those I'd like to thank; To start with: - Caroligan - Miskleur - Mortommes For building this highway in the first place. I've been using it in the past and I hope I'm able to keep using it in the future. - Ajala: For helping removing trees and dropping sand - Angusrufhide - Petrius Both for donating a load of eyes so I can create more catseyes - Dredbanger: For donating finished catseyes. And of course all players who gave me their support in Freedom Chat. Thorin
  13. The following deeds can be removed from the player maps due to disbands: - Mount Fuji's Pass: 5103, -3223 - Bella Vista: 5409, -3212 - Tindremic Order: 5544, -3208 - Logs Cove: 4743, - 2211 Thorin
  14. From the "Highway doc": In other words, the moment a bridge is part of a highway and protected by catseyes, it barely gets decay. Thorin