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  1. From the e-mail send to us: So we're considered to be animals now?? I demand a compensation in Sleep powders for that insult! Thorin
  2. Nexa market is still active for as far as I know. There are also some local markets near starter towns. May be worth it to check the online map. Thorin
  3. Time to hit the top spot again. There you go! Thorin
  4. Back to where you belong; At the top! Thorin
  5. Nowadays players always show up last minute, fight the monsters, kill them, close the rift and disappear with the rewards. The way it used to be; a community event where all participants worked together to get a safe zone, Fo - and sometimes other god's - altars and a clear cut area is no more. And I doubt it'll come back. I hope you had fun with this kind of "commmunity event", as I certainly didn't and because of that doubtfully will attent to rifts in the future. Thorin
  6. No, that's the rift of 24th of September. I'm afraid that one is closed a very long time ago. Thorin
  7. Wimp. Looks like you just tried to get to 100 Bull shitting instead. But challenge accepted, so what about 100 Weapon Smithing? Thorin
  8. I can only speak of my own experience, but I'd say, don't leave. Just play the game at your own leisure, don't focus at grinding, but instead enjoy the things you do. There's absolutely no need to grind skills to a certain point, just because it means you can build or imp a certain thing after that. The reason: no matter what you do, you will gain skill and characteristics anyway. So instead of grinding masonry because you want to build that Colossus, just cut the bricks and the moment you feel like you're not in the mood for it, don't cut bricks, but instead take your boat and go hunting. If you feel like doing some ship building, do so, but if you don't, no biggie. That ship will be done sooner or later anyway. The biggest difference between playing casual or at your own leisure and focusing at a grinding is that with the latter you'll get frustrated if you spend 4 hours to get a skill to a certain point, just to find out you still need 0.000001 tick to get there; while when playing casual you'll be like: "Huh? I made 70 mining and I didn't even grind it!" And believe me, the latter is more fun as the former. (once again, from own experience ) Also; play this game if you feel like it; not because you have to. The moment you think you have to play Wurm, it isn't a game anymore, but a job. And one you don't get paid for either. But if you play this game the moment you feel you may like to play a bit; being it an hour, half an hour or half a day; you'll notice you'll enjoy things a lot more too. And that's what gaming in general is all about, to enjoy it by enjoying what you do, what you have done, the environment, the community and so on. Looking at your journal , you have done several of these enjoyments. I'm quite certain you will get the other ones sooner or later as well. Thorin
  9. With all due respect, but that's a bull ###### assumption. I've travelled to quite some countries outside the one I'm living in and not all had the same kind of devellopment as my country does have. Which means that I have experienced a night without light sources, I have experienced darkness inside a cave with just a single flashlight for 10 people and I have experienced a black-out during a foggy night with no more as 15 meters sight in the first place. So don't assume anyone NOT living in Poland hasn't experienced "real" darkness, because I have and I'm pretty certain a large number of players NOT living in Poland have too. And about quoting my "No, it isn't"; I clearly expained why I said that. I also explained why I made the reference about Wurm Winter, which is a discussion point from before I began playing 5 years ago. However, you either decided to ignore it or just don't want to read it,as you too are showing that selfish behaviour. Obviously the nights are too dark for you, but you won't accept that they aren't for others. That's fine with me, but keep in mind that with that kind of behaviour you won't make many friends out here. Thorin
  10. A GLOW rune isn't a lantern. A LANTERN is a device created to shine a light around you and the better the ql, the more it would light up the area around you I can't even play this game at my laptop, so does that mean my subscription price should be cut in half; as I can have only half of my alts online at once? I really wish players would stop begging for some compensation the moment something in this game is bugged or not working. No, it isn't. Some want darker nights, some won't and those two groups will always clash. Same as those two days some players call winter. For some it lasts two long, for others too short, for some it's too bright etc. The time the gaming community thought and acted as a community in this game are already passed. The only time something like a real community shows up, is when we have an impalong; although I've noticed that even those are more focussed at the continent the person organizing is from, as global. But selfishness is something that's more common as exception these days. And I fear it'll only get worse. As for my personal stance on this matter: I'd love to see the darker nights I remeber from when starting this game back in 2015. It was quite fun to see the effect of your lantern or what happened when the lights at your deed went on. Not to mention not being able to see 4 tiles ahead in a tunnel. However, considering things are right now, I also see the benefits of it; most important making it a lot easier NOT to get lost (unless you're Retro, streaming and trying to turn in a tunnel........). Thorin
  11. Since I don't speak any of the used languages, I have disabled Non-English help chat in my profile. However, after upgrading my game with the latest (September 12th) patch, the Non-English help chat appeared on my screen again. When checking it in my profile, I noticed the chat was enabled, while I have been playing it with disabled quite some time. Hence my conclusion that last patch auto-enabled something I - and most likely many others - would like to keep disabled. Thorin
  12. Good thing Thorinoakenshield is living at another server. Otherwise he'd had a hard time terraforming his deed over here. Thorin
  13. Yes, it is, because I've been planting Olive trees the moment it's flat. Thorin Oh crap. I wasn't allowed to mention that yet.