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  1. Xanadu Community Map

    Some deeds may be removed because they were on the list in this topic: Problem was, that players began to use that topic as well as this one to list their deed location, so lots of things got messed up. Including the fact that deeds were on the map, while they have been disbanded a long time ago. Easiest would be to just remove a deed from the map when it drops and then have the owner requesting to add it to the map again, after they re-deeded. I'm aware it's a bit more work, however it would save a lot of people a lot of headaches when they're looking at the map and see a deed that's gone for 2 years at the location they currently are and where examining the ground doesn't show a deed at all. Plus that way the map remains a lot more updated as well. Thorin
  2. Love in Wurm

    Dunno about children, but some companion and getting a bonus when the companion is near would be nice. At least it makes those canopy beds a lot more useful too. Thorin
  3. Xanadu Community Map

    Amish farms (6944, -2246) can be removed from the map, as it disbanded 2 days ago. Thorin
  4. Rift Reported 2019-02-16

    Dead would be good too. Just pile 'em up over there and enjoy the sme........... sight. Thorin
  5. Rift Reported 2019-02-16

    Hmmm, would be nice if all the monsters can be pulled to that market north of Greymead........ Thorin
  6. Fraggle Rock Canal -- Grand Opening!

    It has taken a while; well, in fact, it has taken much longer as expected; but as of today, Fraggle Rock Canal is an offical Herritage Site. Many thanks to Ajala for helping me out on this. And many thanks to the GM's that had to come back every time because things weren't beautiful enough, but never ran out of patience. If I ever make another application, I'll know what to be prepared for. For those of you who consider using the canal in the future; this is how it looks at the East side: And this is how it looks at the west side: I can only conclude now, that this project is completely completed. Thorin
  7. Reworks of Darq Canal

    I'm afraid you misunderstood, Ekcin. This project was set up in coorporation with someone; yet that someone has never shown up after we agreed to work at this together; while at the same time when we made the agreement, that someone was highly enthusiastic about the coorporation. I too got my own projects, however, I still found the time to send one of my alts to Darq canal to work at something I had agree to work at. My whole point is, if you agree to do something together, I expect it to do it together and not alone for a month without hearing a single word. About one third of the tunnel counted from the eastern side. My guess about 100 -150 tiles. Yeah, but when you did, no-one knew about it in the first place. When I found out, I went out there to help you, even without you asking me. But I did tell you I was sending over an alt to help you mining those veins and that's what I did and still do. And it's what I will remain doing, until the veins are gone or until I'm unable to mine them because of deed rights. But tunnel improvements................. no way. Thorin
  8. Reworks of Darq Canal

    About one month in the project and I've decided to step out of it. The main reason: Nothing happens. I do know Ajala has been mining a copper vein and took quite some ores out of it. I do know Shamflam has been working at his deed as well as creating the required amount of large crates. I do know that my mining alt has been removing an iron vein and is close to removing another one. That's it. No updates about what happens at the eastern side of the canal - and in particular the area under the bridge; which needs to be dredged to maximum depth; and the tunnel entrance; will it remain as it is or will it be a 3 wide entrance? In fact, the several times I've been sailing through that part of the canal to work with another char at another tunnel project, there wasn't even anyobody there!! There is no update about Ajala's comment about the ceiling over here as well. Nothing!!! I - as well as some others - got screwed sideways with the Fraggle Rock Canal project when the one coming up with the idea used the ones willing to help, and I have decided it won't happen to me a second time. If a combined effort means one player does all the job, the planning, the contacting etc, then it's not for me. Because that isn't a combined effort, it's a solo project. I will continue removing the veins, but don't expect me to do anything on the floor, ceiling or road tunnel. That's all for Ajblack now. As well as the planning, the gathering of materials, the recruiting etc. As for Ajala's comment about the ceiling; she's right. That entire part is screwed up. (and it shows she has learned a lot from her time at the Fraggle Rock Canal project. ) If the floors and ceilings will remain as they are right now, anyone sailing a ship larger as a knarr will have his / her head clip through the ceiling. Right now the only solution for that, is to ditch all that's mined out by either using concrete or collapsing tiles and remining them. Either way will be a time consuming and costly operation and one I'm not going to join in the first place. I wish anyone who wants to join this project the best of luck, but be warned: the way things are going now, you're on your own. Thorin
  9. W. S. A. Independence lag

    Why is it, that the moment something goes wrong and the Staff works their arses off to solve it, "WE" (the player base) immediately demand compenseation, while you don't hear ANY word about how well all goes when all goes well?? Right now, I think only two things are appropriate to be mentioned: 1) Well done staff for solving this problem with all effort possible; 2) Thx for letting us know what the problem - most likely - was and how long it may have taken to solve it. Thorin
  10. W. S. A. Independence lag

    When all of this is over and done with, I expect to see a "I survived the Indy breakdown shutdown" tabberd for each of my alts in my mailbox. Perhaps a good gift for those of us who log in within the first 12 hours as soon as the servers are back on? Thorin
  11. Rift Reported 2/6/19

    Ofcourse! Just when I happen to be in the neighbourhood, it spawns there at a time I'm a sleep. *sighs* Wogic! Thorn
  12. Sermons at Xanadu

    Don't get me wrong, because a Magranon priest got a great spell list; especially with Web Armour and Strongwall in its package. However, Disintegrate is a Magranon only PvE spell, while all priests got it at PvP. Yet, to avoid abuse, the channeling requirements of it are so high and it's chance to fail is even higher, that it's basically just as useless as Victoria's Secret underwear on a donkey. Despite that, as said, Magranon got a great spell list and I'm quite sure you will enjoy the strongwall cast a lot, once you're able to use it. But no matter what you do, have a good time at QD's place. Thorin
  13. What happened to the Wurm Uni Kingdom Graphics?

    I'm going to reply with 2 posts from another thread dealing with the same issue: At the risk of sounding rude, I am going to reply to your post here, friend. Please don't take it personal, I just have to clarify my initial post which seems to be a little unclear. This shop is not a business. Its a means for us to provide to the player community with PMK items which are often sought after by the PVE community to decorate their deeds while at the same time seeking supplemental funds to help alleviate the expenses of running a kingdom. Its a mutually beneficial transaction between two players. Once that transaction is done with, our business is concluded. The loyalty of the kingdom is to its members, not the PVE community. We are a PVP kingdom on the Wild Cluster, and the decisions relating our kingdom are a matter of internal policy. No kingdom needs to or is expected to discuss decisions with the Freedom population before implementing it, nor is there a need to make any announcement to "appese" the customer base. Why? Because we are not here to make wagons, banners and flags. We are here to pvp. The decision was made after discussing it with members to change the art and it was submitted to Saroman. It was subsequently approved and uploaded into the game. That is that. It is not the first time a pmk changes its artwork, nor will it be the last. There will be no refunds to players for the changes to the art on our pmk items. The reason why is because we have no way to truly track how our pmk items got to to you as a customer. If we started issuing refunds, we'd potentially be paying for kingdom items we never sold, as former and current members can make kingdom items on their own and pass them on without our knowledge. Even if the transaction was recent and could be verified, those funds are likely spent already, used in kingdom matters such as funding deeds and buying materials or gear. The only recourse players that are dissatisfied with the change have is to sell the item to other players as it is their right. We apoligize for any inconvenience the change has caused you, but the members of the kingdom choose their new art. Utimately, their opinon is the one taken into consideration as Wurm University members are the ones who wear the tabard. Hopefully this was clear enough to explain our position in the matter. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any of our leadership. From now on, please stick to the purpose of the thread. Discussions regarding the changes in kingdom art are not the purview of a Merchant thread. Thank you for your patronage and we'll see you in game. And my reply to that: I do hope this is just the stance of ONE person, and not of the whole of WU. Thorin
  14. WTS Wurm University PMK wagons, tents, flags, banners

    Angelklaine, since you don't understand common English, I make it easy for you: 1) I don't give a ###### about refunds. 2) In my post I never asked for a refund; 3) In fact, I even have never mentioned REFUND in my post 4) If you want to change the template of your items, go ahead 5) If you do that without informing your buyers; expect a shitstorm like you got now 6) If the Dev-team PROPOSE a change to how PvP is going to be played, you - and many other PvP players - usually comment at it that changes shouldn't be done without consulting the PvP community, that the current changed would kill the PvP community etc. Yet, as the same time, you're arrogant enough to tell us, YOUR CUSTOMERS!!! to either accept the change to the PMK items or get rid of the items if we don't want them. Tell me, if you as a player got WU PMK items, started the game after the update and saw that during that update the line "Adjusting new WU PMK template" passes your screen; first thing you do is wondering what is going on. Then when you see what the template is like, you head over the forum to see if you perhaps missed any anouncement of WU, telling their buyers the template has changed. However, NON OF THAT happened. NONE!! In fact, the wording you use sounds bloody arrogant to me. You're basically telling your customers to shove off, because the only reason we're here is to support your PMK by buying your items. Has it EVER occured to you there are also players in this game who like to collect the PMK items because they like the design? Has it also occured to you that because of YOUR arrogance, new buyers may reconsider buying WU items, simply because they (WU) change things without informing the public; being the public the potential buyers or the ones who already had items. Has it EVER occured to you there may be players who right now don't want to buy WU items anymore, because, hey, before you know it, they change their template to a shitty-brown colour with a big turd at it and they won't tell us. The WHOLE point of my previous post was to wonder why NO-ONE of WU even bothered to tell their customers about an upcoming change of template. You basically gave me - as well as others - the answer, which is: "Because we give ###### about our customers. As long as you buy our stuff, we can do what we like." And because of that, I expect dropping sales in WU items, as you just lost the trust the players have in WU. Thank you! Thorin
  15. WTS Wurm University PMK wagons, tents, flags, banners

    I wonder - having seen the controverse and discussion in both Freedom and GL-Freedom - if it hadn't been a better idea if the players would have been informed in this thread or another about the (at the time) upcoming change. That way the surprise wouldn't have been that hard for the owners of WU items, no matter if they like the change or not. I got the feeling that most of the harsh comments I have seen in the past hours weren't because of the change, but more because the change was done without a warning and into something not everybody likes. I do understand a PMK got the right to do so, however, I wonder if that PMK also has realized that when doing such a sudden change, they may actually loose a part of their customers?? Because right now most of what I've seen is only negative about the recent change. And I doubt that was the intention. Was it? Thorin