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  1. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Planning to come over with two characters later this weekend. Thorin is able to do CAS, BS and Carp and to a lesser content WS and FC; so he can jump in at several smithing spots when needed. Frodo is able to do LW. Thorin
  2. Valrei International. 073

    I'm wondering if we get the Libila statuette and colossus at PvE servers as well? Thorin
  3. You have a moment of inspiration...

    When I entered this game a bit over 3 years ago after being invited by friends, I was like "Ok, I'll have a look at it and see if I like it." Well, I have to admit, I do like it. Wurm is a game where lots of things come together for me. Or as I often tell players in Freedom or CA-Help: "This is a game where you can use your fantasy and build almost everything you have in mind." And that's more or less I've been playing this game. Having my MoI's like anyone else and using those to build up a deed the way I like it. And I'm pleased with the looks, as well as how others think of it. After all, we do like to showoff a bit to the other players. Yet, there are two MoI that are most valuable to me. The one where I decided to build all four Colossi near or at my deed is the first. Took me quite some effort, but everytime when sailing by and seeing them standing there, makes me proud I managed to complete that project. The other MoI I consider valuable to me, is when a new player tried to get the Halloween items despite not having the FS to face most of the monsters in the first place. At some point I felt sorry for him / her and since I had 2 witches hats already, I decided to give one to him / her. Aparently that was enough to inspire that player to keep going, eventually ending up with a hat dropping and a gain of 38FS. And as a way to thank me for that moment of encouraging I gave another player, (s)he returned the hat that dropped to him / her to me. Thorin
  4. Calling all Xanadu peoples

    I don't see what's the problem here. Someone had some fun and posted some sort of message at a very difficult spot to reach. So what? If that's what they like to do in this game, let them be. After all, it's what this game is created for in the first place; to have some fun. And in case players think that message is offensive; it says more about them as about the one who created it. Especially if people actually are scrutenizing the map for things like that...... Thorin
  5. Xanadu Community Map

    Please remove from the map as they've dropped a while ago: - Kittenhold [5649, -3100] - Nettleschyr [4995, -4815] - Solace-on-the-hill [3326, -2993] By request of the owners, due to personal circumstances: - Weird Wonders [4871, -2335] - Metallic Wonders [4834, -2276] Thx in advance, Thorin
  6. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    Sad day indeed, my condolences to all family and friends of Tich. Thorin
  7. To move into Xanadu -- Comments and Concerns

    There are two spots that come to mind you may like at G-18; except they're close to one of my deeds. The deed itself isn't really active atm and if someone prefers his / her privacy, I will respect that. One spot is having all of your wishes, terraformed coast, clay nearby, a tartile nearby, sand near my deed; but free to dig up if needed, a guard tower and a mine with several resources. As well as a harbour with water deep enough for doing diving expeditions. The other spot is not far from there, a bit further away from my deed, but on an island. If not mistaken it does have clay, but sand and tar are a bit sailing away. The deed at the island dropped not long ago, so there are still some buildings over there, however I do know the previous owner and it could be possible to get the building permissions transferred if he got the time for it. Because of the location the place doesn't have a mine, tar and sand, but those resources are a few minutes sailing away. Both spots are in the same lake, having access to the northern border through a tunnel and to the southern and eastern parts through other tunnels as well. The island used to have highway access until the bridges connecting it dropped; but those can be rebuild if needed. The other spot does have highway access to Whitefay. There are a few other spots at the oposite bank of that lake I haven't been investigating much, so I'm not certain what's there. But some have been deeded before, so several of the resources you look for may be there. As for "dangers"; Xanadu does have its regular lagspikes. And somehow they seem to affect some players more as others. Northern Xanadu also has quite some wildlife, although that got less the moment someone deeds an area. However, that also provides you with great hunting opportunities. Yet, if you rather avoid that, it may be a good idea to move to the southern part of the server. Thorin
  8. Eastern Canal Rework

    Final update of this project: After a slow period, we finished the project today. The last 100 or so ores were mined out the vein: Which looks like this in motion: After which the floor was reinforced and prepared for paving: And eventually paved: What's left now is to turn this piece of work into a nice functioning highway; which is something we left for Zethreal to do. However, a road tunnel is not all. It's also suitable to be used by all ships, from that tiny rowingboat to the huge caravel; making it possible for every player to travel from East-Xanadu to Central Xanadu and beyond. I know several players have tested it after the canal part was done and they were quite content with it. Since it's finished now, I'd like to thank the following players for their help in this: - Ajala: for mining and supplying us with so many materials; - Frederick: for mning and supplying us with food; - Harthim: for mining - Snowtech: for mining and supplying us with great tools - Wulfmaer: For mining, supplying with materials and strongwalling - Zethreal: For mining and supplying with materials And their alts; who proved to be very useful in mining and strongwalling actions from time to time. - Nestangol and Qdlaty: for supplying us with materials and saccing items As for myself, I've done mining, supplying materials and strongwalling with both the main and an alt. And somehow was apointed as PR-dude as well. So for those of you wondering who's who: (fltr: Ironmaiden, Vax, Frederick, Astlyr, Wulfmaer, Thorinoakshield, Ajala) As said before, thanks to those who worked at this project. We've done it, we've done it well and we can do it again. But not now; now it's time we enjoy a nice vacation. Thorin
  9. Looking for slaying group

    Would be nice to that for a change. Question is when, as there's also a rift opening up at Xan this weekend. Thorin
  10. I' ve been recently planting some large signs and ran into the problem that the cooldown for that when off deed isn't a wurm week - as wiki states - but RL 24 hours. Would be useful to change to the right time mentioned. Thorin
  11. Valrei International. 068

    What I'm most curious about is, will PvE finally get its Vynora missions back with this change? After all, if priests following different deities are able to link up, the advantage Vynora once had in PvP will be gone as well. Or am I seeing things wrong here? Thorin
  12. More Grammar Issues Found

    As it's about the bouquet of roses in a vase, shouldn't it be "valentine's" (bouquet)?? Thorin
  13. Eastern Canal Rework

    Just a small update for now; more to follow soon. As of today, the canal can be traversed by Knarrs and smaller boats. Main reason for this is that there are two spots between the lakes and the outside sea that have a very shallow (5 dirt, I think) passage; making it impossible to pass with larger ships for now. We do plan to dredge those two spots deep enough for all ships to pass; however when isn't certain for now. To be continued................ Thorin
  14. Add Kegs or a Barkeep, please!

    +1 Thorin
  15. Eastern Canal Rework

    One week has past and..... .... as Ajala said, things are going faster as we'd expected. We did get some tremendous help from two persons; being Harthim who's been carving the road almost by himself; and Snowtech, who's been creating the Eastern boat and road entrance and sponsored us with some very nice tools. At the Western side, Ajala (& alt), Wulfmaer and I (& alt) have been battling several sandstone veins and two ironveins. Right now, sandstone vein #6 and iron vein #3 are under attack and will give up their resistane sooner or later. Kowing the process we made, I expect it to be sooner. From what I've seen, we need to deal with another 2 sandstones and 8 iron veins of various ql. As a result of what we're doing, we got quite the amount of resources available. To be precise, more as we need and it would be a shame to let it all rot away. Right now we got about 30K of sandstone shards of various ql, 7K iron lumps of 30+QL and 5K iron lumps of 20QL. While part of the iron lumps is used by us to create ribbons for support beams and doorlocks as saccing material for my Mag priestess; a lot of the iron will be left behind; even after those who mined it out took what their share. So, if anyone is interested in the sandstone shards or iron lumps, contact Ajala, Wulfmaer or me when we're ingame and we can give you all you want. As the iron is stored in BSB's, it's advised to bring your own crates for transport. Most of the sandstone shards are stored in crates; but a portion is stored in BSB's as wel, so for this also: bring your own crates. Now, for those of you wondering what we've actually done so far; a short summary. The western entrances have been carved out, the area to line up with the center canal tile has been carved out as well and the construction of the canal itself has begun. Most of the tunnel all the way up to where the diagonal end becomes an east-west line again has reinforced walls and floors. Even some torches have been set up every 5 tiles to light the place up a bit; meaning that part is almost complete. As it looked after a few days: Wulfmaer, Vax and myself fighting another sandstonevein: Finished part, with ony catseyes and new lamps to be planted: Right now, Snowtech has begun working at the Eastern side of the tunnel, finishing both entrances and currently working at the tunnel itself. And from what I've seen it certainly looks good. Ajala has been carving out the center tile after the 2nd corner; as well as reinforcing that, giving us boat access deeper into the tunnel; while her alt has been fighting a sandstone vein. As if there isn't anything else to mine. Wulfmaer has been all over the place and most of the things he's done were done when I was off line. However, I do know he's been carving the canal in the diagonal part, been prospecting veins, been carving out the ceilings of the road part and been battling several sandstone and iron veins. As for myself and my alt; I've been casting strongwall, creating locks to sac for favour, mining sandstone veins obviously, some iron veins as well, mining the ceilings and carving out the canal, as well as reinforcing the floors and creating support beams. All in all I think we've dealt with the most difficult part now. For now most of the work that needs to be done is mining straight ahead, expanding ceilings and reinforcing until we get to a little underground building. Going around that one might be difficult, but with the experience we got now we also know how to deal with that. After that it's just hooking up with the process made from the Eastern side; which will be around 2020, if all goes well. And not X-mas 2022 as Ajala feared. Thorin