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  1. Eastern Canal Rework

    Final update of this project: After a slow period, we finished the project today. The last 100 or so ores were mined out the vein: Which looks like this in motion: After which the floor was reinforced and prepared for paving: And eventually paved: What's left now is to turn this piece of work into a nice functioning highway; which is something we left for Zethreal to do. However, a road tunnel is not all. It's also suitable to be used by all ships, from that tiny rowingboat to the huge caravel; making it possible for every player to travel from East-Xanadu to Central Xanadu and beyond. I know several players have tested it after the canal part was done and they were quite content with it. Since it's finished now, I'd like to thank the following players for their help in this: - Ajala: for mining and supplying us with so many materials; - Frederick: for mning and supplying us with food; - Harthim: for mining - Snowtech: for mining and supplying us with great tools - Wulfmaer: For mining, supplying with materials and strongwalling - Zethreal: For mining and supplying with materials And their alts; who proved to be very useful in mining and strongwalling actions from time to time. - Nestangol and Qdlaty: for supplying us with materials and saccing items As for myself, I've done mining, supplying materials and strongwalling with both the main and an alt. And somehow was apointed as PR-dude as well. So for those of you wondering who's who: (fltr: Ironmaiden, Vax, Frederick, Astlyr, Wulfmaer, Thorinoakshield, Ajala) As said before, thanks to those who worked at this project. We've done it, we've done it well and we can do it again. But not now; now it's time we enjoy a nice vacation. Thorin
  2. Looking for slaying group

    Would be nice to that for a change. Question is when, as there's also a rift opening up at Xan this weekend. Thorin
  3. I' ve been recently planting some large signs and ran into the problem that the cooldown for that when off deed isn't a wurm week - as wiki states - but RL 24 hours. Would be useful to change to the right time mentioned. Thorin
  4. Valrei International. 068

    What I'm most curious about is, will PvE finally get its Vynora missions back with this change? After all, if priests following different deities are able to link up, the advantage Vynora once had in PvP will be gone as well. Or am I seeing things wrong here? Thorin
  5. More Grammar Issues Found

    As it's about the bouquet of roses in a vase, shouldn't it be "valentine's" (bouquet)?? Thorin
  6. Eastern Canal Rework

    Just a small update for now; more to follow soon. As of today, the canal can be traversed by Knarrs and smaller boats. Main reason for this is that there are two spots between the lakes and the outside sea that have a very shallow (5 dirt, I think) passage; making it impossible to pass with larger ships for now. We do plan to dredge those two spots deep enough for all ships to pass; however when isn't certain for now. To be continued................ Thorin
  7. Add Kegs or a Barkeep, please!

    +1 Thorin
  8. Eastern Canal Rework

    One week has past and..... .... as Ajala said, things are going faster as we'd expected. We did get some tremendous help from two persons; being Harthim who's been carving the road almost by himself; and Snowtech, who's been creating the Eastern boat and road entrance and sponsored us with some very nice tools. At the Western side, Ajala (& alt), Wulfmaer and I (& alt) have been battling several sandstone veins and two ironveins. Right now, sandstone vein #6 and iron vein #3 are under attack and will give up their resistane sooner or later. Kowing the process we made, I expect it to be sooner. From what I've seen, we need to deal with another 2 sandstones and 8 iron veins of various ql. As a result of what we're doing, we got quite the amount of resources available. To be precise, more as we need and it would be a shame to let it all rot away. Right now we got about 30K of sandstone shards of various ql, 7K iron lumps of 30+QL and 5K iron lumps of 20QL. While part of the iron lumps is used by us to create ribbons for support beams and doorlocks as saccing material for my Mag priestess; a lot of the iron will be left behind; even after those who mined it out took what their share. So, if anyone is interested in the sandstone shards or iron lumps, contact Ajala, Wulfmaer or me when we're ingame and we can give you all you want. As the iron is stored in BSB's, it's advised to bring your own crates for transport. Most of the sandstone shards are stored in crates; but a portion is stored in BSB's as wel, so for this also: bring your own crates. Now, for those of you wondering what we've actually done so far; a short summary. The western entrances have been carved out, the area to line up with the center canal tile has been carved out as well and the construction of the canal itself has begun. Most of the tunnel all the way up to where the diagonal end becomes an east-west line again has reinforced walls and floors. Even some torches have been set up every 5 tiles to light the place up a bit; meaning that part is almost complete. As it looked after a few days: Wulfmaer, Vax and myself fighting another sandstonevein: Finished part, with ony catseyes and new lamps to be planted: Right now, Snowtech has begun working at the Eastern side of the tunnel, finishing both entrances and currently working at the tunnel itself. And from what I've seen it certainly looks good. Ajala has been carving out the center tile after the 2nd corner; as well as reinforcing that, giving us boat access deeper into the tunnel; while her alt has been fighting a sandstone vein. As if there isn't anything else to mine. Wulfmaer has been all over the place and most of the things he's done were done when I was off line. However, I do know he's been carving the canal in the diagonal part, been prospecting veins, been carving out the ceilings of the road part and been battling several sandstone and iron veins. As for myself and my alt; I've been casting strongwall, creating locks to sac for favour, mining sandstone veins obviously, some iron veins as well, mining the ceilings and carving out the canal, as well as reinforcing the floors and creating support beams. All in all I think we've dealt with the most difficult part now. For now most of the work that needs to be done is mining straight ahead, expanding ceilings and reinforcing until we get to a little underground building. Going around that one might be difficult, but with the experience we got now we also know how to deal with that. After that it's just hooking up with the process made from the Eastern side; which will be around 2020, if all goes well. And not X-mas 2022 as Ajala feared. Thorin
  9. Eastern Canal Rework

    M-20, bottom bay on the left to slightly above Fraggle Rock. Both sides are open, but only the western side is having good access for ships and vehicles. Thorin
  10. Eastern Canal Rework

    Update about what has happened: And yes, this is going to be a long-read, I'm afraid. A while ago, EnlightenedOne scouted this tunnel and came up with the idea to improve it, so boats could use it. Some players volunteered to help; but discovered that after doing the mapping and a bit of the work, EnlightenedOne didn't participate into upgrading the tunnel, but only worked at cutting bricks from shards mined by others. And thus the ones who were actually working in the tunnel felt scammed and decided to bail out. Not long after that, EnlightenedOne disbanded his deed and set up somewhere else. And haven't been heard of since. Was it some sort of scam? It certainly looks like it, especially since the accused doesn't (want to?) defend himself. You draw your own conclusions; I don't want to discuss it anymore. A few days later, Zethreal contacted me, asking if I was prepared to help him continuing the project. He ha a plan ready he had posted here, the plan looked good, we knew what had to be done and to make sure things would run better this time, he'd set up a deed at a former deed location; making it easier for players to enter the tunnel from the Eastern side. So I packed up my things, sailed over, dropped a deed with an alt; examined the area and went back to work. As if nothing has happened. At some point in the PM conversation with Zethreal, I added Ajala and Wulfmaer to let them know we're working at the project again. I never asked them to join us, yet, they showed up and decided to join it. Progress so far: The plan we have in mind is the one Zethreal posted a few pages earlier: As mentioned in previous posts, the entrances at the west side have been opened up to an apropriate level, meaning at full depth, 3 tiles wide and full height for even the largest ships to enter the canal while the road entrance is two tiles wide and high enough to have wagons pass it without clipping. At the inside most, or all of the center boat tile has been brought up to Cathedral level. A small part beyond the entrance is at maximum depth as well and it's been tested with a Corbita or Cog; well, a big ship anyway; showing that it can access the canal without getting stuck. Well, unless you're saling drunk, but that aside. At the inside, I've begun removing the tiles for the road and heigthening the ceiling (flattening this time to get a lower look), while also strongwalling the new southern wall. Progress has been made to about 1/3rd or 1/2 the diagonal side, before I joined Wulfmaer in removing an ironvein further ahead. After that a double sandstone vein blocking the path completele was going to be removed. One of those veins broke down last night and hopefully we'll be able to remove the next one today. What needs to be done: A lot, to be honest. We've done about a quarter of the entire tunnel in length and haven't even begun working at the boatcanal. There are several veins that need to be removed. I've spotted one sandstone and several iron along the way and I'm not even sure what's hidden behind that first layer of rock. That also means all floors that can be reinforced need to be reinforced now. As well as the walls. An on top of that, some parts of the floor need to be risen with concrete again to make sure they're all flat. Something that has to be done before reinforcing them or the tiles near them. When all of that is done, it's just a matter of planting catseyes and waystones at both ends of the tunnel to turn this spot into a highway; which can be connected to the future network if the need for it is there. And some lamps are going to planted along the way, eventually being blessed to make sure the tunnel is lit up all times. It's a helluva job, but I'm certain it can be done. Except, it can't be done by just 3 players, unless it has to last several months. What's needed to finish this: A lot. There's no doubt about that. A lot of materials, a lot of invested time and effort, to be precise. The priest(e)s doing the strongwalling cast will need chopped veggies or doorlocks (mine is a Mag priestes) as saccing material to regain favour fast. Fortunately we're also encountering iron veins in low quality, a small anvil is available, so creating locks isn't a problem. A supply of constant chopped veggies is, however. Futhermore, we're going to need supportbeams. Ajala is creating them right now, however over the full 280 tile long length of the tunnel, somewhere between 1120 and 1400 supportbeams are needed. More if players are using them to reinforce walls. Then there's the need of an unknown amount of concrete. The current path is just above waterlevel and once in a while SNG decides it's a nice idea to drop the surface 1-2 dirt when removing a rocktile. Even at higher mining levels. And those small pits need to be filled up before the floor is going to be reinforced. Food. Afterall we need something to keep that staminabar filling up as fast as we can. But most important: YOU! As Ajala said in one of her previous posts, right now we're with 4 players working at this project, of which two are using alts as well to speed up the process a bit. However, RL has caught up on Zethreal and right now he's out for the time being, leaving only 3 persons working here. So any help of other players to get this thing done is very, very, very much apreciated. I even dare to stay, it's highly apreciated. What we do offer...... ...... is a lot. We got a nice group of people working over there and you'll notice that Wulfmaer is actually able to say more as his usual "Umpf" and "Grumpf" in chat, that Ajala is able to speak as well and that I'm able to keep my mouth shut for over 2 hours when needed. There is the option to imp your own tools - or perhaps have them imped by me, if you prefer that to 70-75QL, depending at the available time, using the iron we've mined ourselves. There's food and water available for those needing it. One of my low lvl cooks could come up with some affinity pizza's if ppl want those. You can be certain you will gain some levels in mining and with some luck even an affinity in mining or the related skills. We've got a wagon at the site, making it easier for players to move along the project and / or to transport crates / items between their ship and the workspot. Ajala has given me and Wulfmaer the option to manage the wagon, meaning there are at least 3 persons available to give you the permits to use the thing. It's also making it possible for anyone to leave their own wagon or cart at home and transport even more with their ship. You'll also get your name mentioned at a road sign as one of the workers at this tunnel project; thus ensuring everlasting fame. Or notoriety, whatever you want. And finally, players can expect a share of the spoils of war (ores), depending at their level of participation. What I mean by that is that the rockshards are free for taking by anyone mining here as there isn't a shortage of those. That includes sandstone, because I'm certain we'll encounter at least one more vein along the way. However, Iron and other metals are split among those who're mining it and we DO NOT RUSH for iron veins. For those of you wondering why? It's simple. I - and I think I'm safe to say that Wulfmaer and Ajala agree with me on this - do not want players to "join" the project, explore the tunnel, mine out an iron vein, keeping the highest ql, leave the crappy ###### for those who come there later; just to leave the project after that; because they got what they wanted. Some of us are in this from the beginning and leaving the crappy iron for them won't be fair. Or even better said; it's plain anti-social to do so. We had that happening to us once already. It won't happen a next time and if it does; the temporairy deed I set up is covering both a boat and road entrance and putting someone on KoS is a piece of cake. So...... ...... what's being done is that we work our way towards the east slowly by removing walls and veins, strongwalling the walls, level up the ceilings, flattening the floor and reinforcing the floors until we encounter a vein. That one will be removed with ores split in 10's of ql; which will be melted down into lumps and split among those who've been mining that vein. At least that way we're able to give all working at that part of the project some sort of reward for what they've been doing. If someone decides he /she doesn't want his / her share, it'll be split among the others. If someone decides to give his / her share to someone else, it's no problem at all. TL; DR: We've done a lot and will have to do a lot more. We need materials and help for that and anyone who's coming over to help us with this community project is welcome and will be rewarded. We've got some on-site services to make life easier for those willing to help. Thorin
  11. Cared-for horses dead [Please close, duplicate thread]

    Even cared for animals can die of old age. Caring for just prolongs their life; but it doesn't make the animals invunerable. Thorin
  12. Hunting Lava Fiends!

    Along Ageless Lake is a highway including a tunnel starting from Windspears where I've encountered the occasional Lavafiend. It might be worth it to look over there. And perhaps it's an option to load up a wagon with a "survival kit" (read, small crate with cotton, tent, frying pan, oven?, crate with basic veggies) and do a roadtrip around Xan? With the current highway system it's a lot easier to get home and you might encounter caves that haven't seen the presence of a player for some time. Which make them nice spawning points for Lavafiends. You can do the same with a boat; travel to a certain point on the map, disembark and head inland for a bit to explore for caves if you don't want to be in a wagon all day. No matter what you do, I'll keep an eye out for them fiends and let you know where to find it. And I'll try not to kill it first. Thorin
  13. Xanadu Community Map

    Ageless Tunnel Lakeside Entrance at 5366, -1483 can be removed from the map, as I have disbanded it. Thorin
  14. Eastern Canal Rework

    Here's the last update about this project, before I'm heading back to my deed. Others might add to this, but as far as I know, this is done by now: 1) Central tile of the ceiling is heightened to maximum all the way to the underground lighthouse. I haven't ventured beyond that, so I've no idea about what happened there. 2) All tunnel entrances at the western side have been reinforced. 3) To give road access to deeds at both sides of the canal, a bridge is build. To give access to all boats, one tile has been lowered to 30 dirt below water level. 4) A start for the road next to the canal is made. 5) 1 Iron vein (20 QL) has been removed. At least one other iron vein in the boat section and several sandstone veins in the road section remains. 6) The road at both sides of the bridge, leading to the tunnel road entrance have been paved. I'd like to thank Ajala (and Vax), Wulfmaer and Zethreal for their assistance in this project by helping planning, mining, bridge building and supplying resources. I hope we'll be able to team up one day and continue this. @ Ajala, I've taken all you dropped off with me. If you'd like them returned, let me know and I'll sail over later this week to drop them off. Thorin
  15. Eastern Canal Rework

    OK, let me get this straight: You asked for help, got ppl coming over to help you, investing time, money and goods to help you, but seeing you barely helping working at the project yourself after you mapped the cave. And now you're telling you're happy about the progress and plan to LEAVE in about a month? I had in mind to disband that temperary deed on monday afternoon, travel back to my deeds because I have to be away for a couple of days. But it also was on my mind to return afterwards and continue helping. You just blew that. Monday I'll disband the deed and leave to do other things; wether or not this project is finished. I won't return to it to do any strongwalling casts in the future, nor to mine. If this is going to be a community project, I'm prepared to help. However, to me it looks more like the dream of someone who very much overestimated what's needed and is too chicken to admit it. Thorin