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  1. New rift is located south of Pumpkin Fields, about 10 tiles from the East - West highway. This gives those who want to participate in closing it great access by highway. The nearby bay provides good anchoring spots for those coming by ship. Location: For your local opening time; check Thorin
  2. You can check when it opens over here: Thorin
  3. Similar issue. Out of the 100 snowballs I collected yesterday afternoon (CET), only 5 are without damage. Everthing else got damage ranging from 1.01 to 31.61 dmg. Thorin
  4. Or because you can have only one gift perhaps? Thorin
  5. [16:05:43] You plant the catseye. [16:28:39] You drop a heap of sand. And with that the upgrading of the highway has been completed. For now. A full connection is made, giving players the opportunity to choose from two routes to travel between those starter towns. Wherever possible, sand has been dropped at the sides to prevent trees growing near the highway and blocking vision with their branches. Where using sand was too hard to do due to slopes - meaning 40+ slopes over multiple tiles - , I've paved the sides next to the road. Considering those sides were all over 100 dirt, the pavement can't be used as road anyway. The only thing that needs to be done at some point is flattening some parts of the highway to get better looking ramps and a more flat road in general. I might do that some time in the future, but for now it's other projects I'd like to focus at. I don't think ppl would blame me for doing so, wouldn't they? So what's left the list of those I'd like to thank; To start with: - Caroligan - Miskleur - Mortommes For building this highway in the first place. I've been using it in the past and I hope I'm able to keep using it in the future. - Ajala: For helping removing trees and dropping sand - Angusrufhide - Petrius Both for donating a load of eyes so I can create more catseyes - Dredbanger: For donating finished catseyes. And of course all players who gave me their support in Freedom Chat. Thorin
  6. The following deeds can be removed from the player maps due to disbands: - Mount Fuji's Pass: 5103, -3223 - Bella Vista: 5409, -3212 - Tindremic Order: 5544, -3208 - Logs Cove: 4743, - 2211 Thorin
  7. From the "Highway doc": In other words, the moment a bridge is part of a highway and protected by catseyes, it barely gets decay. Thorin
  8. Not at all. I've got to deal with some RL issues atm, which limit my time in Wurm a lot. Hence why I wasn't online. I hope to be back soon and continue my "work", but if you feel like helping with it, go ahead. All help is apreciated. Thorin
  9. update

    Sila, with all due respect, but you don't know the situation, I do. You CAN NOT plant catseyes there, because the deeds are bordering the highway and I clearly get the message that the deed doesn't allow me to plant items on or right next to it. I've seen the same message when we were working at the connection between both startertowns at the east side of the lake and that one was solved when dropping rights were given to a player. So I do know what I'm talking about. I you, however, don't believe me, I suggest you get over there and either try yourself or construct the zig-zag route; because I intent to wait for both deeds to drop. Thorin
  10. update

    That won't work as you still need DROPPING permits from the deed to plant catseyes in a deeds perimeter. Only two options are possible atm: - go around it, turning a nice looking highway into a zig-zag highway; - wait for the deeds to drop. I prefer the latter, as both deeds already have 7-8dmg at their buildings. Which mean they will drop within the next 4 weeks, probably even less. The last stage will require 60-70 catseyes, which I do have in stock at the moment, so it's just a matter of patience before there are two connections between Greymead and Whitefay. Thorin
  11. Last night I managed to get all the ramps in the tunnel at a nice 20 slope, after which they were reinforced and paved. Followed by catseyes and lamps being planted and the lamps all being filled, lit and blessed. Today I managed to plant catseyes all the way up to the first deed that's currently blocking me, so I planted a waystone to protect my work from Whitefay up to that point. As a small part of the highway was already having catseyes, I can't take full credit for connecting to Whitefay. However, between the placeholder waystone and the first deed is a total of 1150 tiles covered, or a total of 1196 tiles to Whitefay. As for the distance that seperates me from the eyes I planted from Greymead: 64 tiles. I do have the resources for that, so the moment the deeds are gone the connection will be made. And that leaves me with the - for now anyway - last task to be done: cutting down trees and dropping a single sandtile next to the highway at both sides to make sure travelers don't have to face overhanging branches. The first part of that is done today, more will follow. Lamps, reinforcement, pavement and catseyes; it's done! Still room to worship Magranon in the tunnel. The final stage of the project has begun. Thorin
  12. I continued my work yesterday; starting from Whitefay this time. Thanks to a generous donation of catseyes I was able to plant eyes all the way to the tunnel. And there it stops for the moment, as I discovered I need a lot more concrete as planned to get the eastern ramp at the required 20 slope. While working out how to get the concrete, I have reinforced and paved all the floors of the tunnel that don't need leveling. I've also planted lanterns in the tunnel to make things looking a bit better. One great discovery I did, was that you don't need to pave floors inside tunnels to plant catseyes. Simply reinforcing floors is enough. Reinforced tunnel floor with catseyes Eastern ramp with paved floor Current progress. To be continued. Thorin
  13. update

    Work in the Whitefay - Greymead area is progressing slowly but surely. My biggest problems right now are lacking the concrete to even the slopes of the Eastern ramp in the tunnel and two abandonned deeds that block planting eyes. Until those two deeds are disbanded, the connection can't be made. The biggest relieve was that you don't need to pave tunnel floors to plant catseyes. Having them reinforced is enough. As for the progress I've made so far: Thorin