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  1. Get a horse. Makes it possible to scout Xan in 2.5 years, instead of 5. Edit: get yourself a rowing boat too. Saves you another year. Edit 2: Would be a good idea to equip the toolbelt, having it showing up on screen and put some important items under the numberkeys. Think of water in the waterskin, cotton, farmers salve, your steel and flint. Quick access - especially to healing equipment - to items is important for any toon. Thorin
  2. The irony of the entire situation is that both parties obviously didn't want a public slaying either done with support of or hosted by Stanlee, because "large groups mess up the surroundings". Most likely another thing coming into mind is that the more slayers there are, the less amount of scale the participants in the slaying get. And Dragon Scale armour is still quite expensive, so the more scale you got, the easier it is to get that armour. However - and here comes the ironic part - with Stanlee supporting or organising a slaying, this kind of mess wouldn't have happened in the first place. From what I've seen over the past years when Stanlee organises a slaying, is that the one finding and / or penning the creature usually gets (some of) the more special items a dragon drops. So with that in mind, asking for a more public slaying may have the same benefits. I also know that if a "sudden public slaying" happens because someone runs into an unique, you won't have to deal with "hundreds" of players. The few times I participated in one, there were about a dozen of us. The most. Main reason, those ad-hoc slayings are usually happening within one or two hours after the creature is found. Which is just enough time to get to get some people in; but not an entire server. And certainly not from other servers. Especially not at Xan, where it might take at least an hour in a light breeze to travel from the server border to the center of the island. Summoning might speed the process up; but even then a priest have to be present there. As in regard to this situation; I do see some oddities, but I do keep them to myself. One thing I am willing to share is that it's very likely that both parties have made errors. Which only taught me that in case of uniques it's better to keep the information hidden until the darn thing is penned, or organise an "ad-hoc slaying" to prevent other players killing it before you can. Thorin
  3. Guess next step is changing your name into Olafhairybears?? Thorin
  4. As title says. PM for offers. Thorin
  5. Not long after I started playing this game, a deed neighbouring me dropped. So my friend, who invited me to play Wurm told me we had to wait for at least one of the walls to drop before we could actually access and loot the place, as the only door was locked. Which meant I checked the status of the walls each and every day, tried to figure out when it would actually crumble and giving us access to the contents waiting. So, when that wall eventually broke, I was the only one online, meaning I could enter and loot what I liked. Among most things I found and decided to take with me, was one low ql leather knife with its name written in a light blue-ish letter type. Little did I know by then what it meant; but I did know I didn't need it; while another alliance member living at a neighbouring deed had a leather working character. And since she had build me a knarr, I thought it would be nice to give that knife to her. When I offered her the knife, she asked me a few times if I was certain I'd give it to her, as it was worth a lot more as I thought it was. Eventually - and after I kept incisting, she accepted the knife and not long after that I saw a message pop up in trade chat for an imp and a price check. Two days later, my friend told me that she managed to get both; an imp and a price check. Turned out that low ql - I can't even remember how low, but I think it was in its low 20's - leather knife was worth at least 28 Silver, as it was a supreme item. Which I had given away for free. Over the years I've found countless rares, a few supremes, but that first one I'll never forget. And even if she doesn't play anymore, I still hope that player got it on one of her characters; as I never found it when her deed dropped. Thorin
  6. Will do that. There are at least 2 towers over there that aren't at the map - yet - so expect a small update. I can't recall if Fluffy Wonders had a tower, don't think it had; although I lived at Weird for a few weeks, but I do remember the one at Weird Wonders was a rare one. I also remember there was at least one tower between the Windspears one and Metallic Wonders, perhaps even more; as well as one or two between Windspears and the Ageless Lake Tunnel; the one bearing my name not included. Looks like I got some riding to do the upcoming week. Thorin
  7. The following tower 4525, 2065 Flubb 130 (Windspears Perimeter),2065 is listed at the wrong position at the map. I got a deed nearby, so I will check for the right position in the weekend or next week. Perhaps it's a good idea to remove the tower from the map until then? I will also list the exact name of the tower at Metallic Wonders and the unknown one a bit south of it. IIRC that last one was build by the same person who build the colossus there (if that's even there). Thorin
  8. Dale, seems like one guard tower is added twice at "my" island. Most likely my previous post about the wrong location got mistunderstood. Anyway...... Could you please remove the Galahaelappleblossom 842 at,3018 , please? Thanks, Thorin
  9. I may be there, but for imping only. Considering the last two years were a dissaster when it comes to sermoning, my priestess remain home. yes, I'm still very angry about that! Thorin
  10. Looks like I gave you the wrong coordinates of one tower; most likely from miss clicking. The right ones are: Galahaelappleblossom 842 at,2958 Sorry for that. Thorin
  11. Three towers from "my" island: Galahaelappleblossom 842 at 3357, 2973; Kindrashae 834 at 3335, 3033; Spazzthespazztastical 306 at 3279, 3075 This one is at the deed called Solace. Thorin
  12. For a moment I thought you would put a wagoner in a cage....... I *am* pretty certain there are players who'd love that idea. Thorin
  13. Xan doesn't hate you. Only Fo - as weather god - does. Thorin