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  1. Dale, seems like one guard tower is added twice at "my" island. Most likely my previous post about the wrong location got mistunderstood. Anyway...... Could you please remove the Galahaelappleblossom 842 at,3018 , please? Thanks, Thorin
  2. So what happened to the "no more as 4 recruits maximum" you told me a few months ago? Did you loose count or were you bullshitting Kindra and me? Thorin
  3. I may be there, but for imping only. Considering the last two years were a dissaster when it comes to sermoning, my priestess remain home. yes, I'm still very angry about that! Thorin
  4. Looks like I gave you the wrong coordinates of one tower; most likely from miss clicking. The right ones are: Galahaelappleblossom 842 at,2958 Sorry for that. Thorin
  5. Three towers from "my" island: Galahaelappleblossom 842 at 3357, 2973; Kindrashae 834 at 3335, 3033; Spazzthespazztastical 306 at 3279, 3075 This one is at the deed called Solace. Thorin
  6. For a moment I thought you would put a wagoner in a cage....... I *am* pretty certain there are players who'd love that idea. Thorin
  7. Xan doesn't hate you. Only Fo - as weather god - does. Thorin
  8. Only for you, as you will always end up sailing in a light breeze..... Thorin
  9. The ingame account you are looking for is PaulofDune. Dunno if that one's still active but worth a try. As for restoring that deed, please don't turn it into a new "Laghollow" again. I've seen enough complaints about it in the past 6-7 years to last a lifetime. Thorin
  10. There used to be a time when the owners of the deeds helping out new players were doing recruitment posts or posting the link to their forum recruitment thread at the Freedom channel of their own server. And occasonally at GL as well. That kinda stopped at some point when some of those deed owners at Xan posted about their "better" starter's deed the moment another player brought up their recruitment; sort of starting a "recruitement war". It kinda ended when several new players asked for a trip to other servers, because they could decide where to join a starter's deed in peace. So in general that option is still there, although I don't know how many and which starter's deeds are still present at Xan or SFI in general. But perhaps it's a good time for one of the Forum mods to look into all those old recruitement posts and simply close those which are over 6 months old as it can be assumed those deeds are inactive anyway. (Not that they got nothing to do, but..... ) Thorin
  11. Lake naming

    The lake around EFG-18 / H19 was called Ageless Lake when I started playing around 6 years ago. Hence the "Ageless Tunnel" at E-20. Thorin
  12. Have you checked if any of those dead end paths were actually leading to tunnels? Thorin
  13. I know it's stating the obvious, but have you checked the spam folder or any other folders of that email address besides the "inbox". As said, I know it's the obvious one, but I've noticed that even after receiving mails of a game in the inbox, sometimes they still end up in another folder. So it's always worth to check it. And another obvious thing, have you checked if you haven't made an accidental typo? Thorin
  14. Two things you may actually consider doing: 1) Instead of building the fences at the outer border of your perimeter, build them one tile in. That way, players entering the perimeter may notice that in their event list and realise those fences can be bashed, but better shouldn't. 2) Instead of using fences, use hedges instead. Other as that hedges are available in two sizes, just like fences; it would provide a somewhat more natural look as an outer protection. Another advantage of hedges over fences, is that you can prune hedges to its youngest stage and simply walk over and it will grow back to its full height over time; while a fence needs to be rebuild. Thorin
  15. While I do hope you're staying safe, above all I hope you get out of this mess unscathed. But I also hope your country does, so you and its citizens can enjoy the privileges of freedom and democracy as they have been done before. Know that out there in the west, there's a small country, partially below sea level where you're welcome and will find shelter if needed. Even giving you access to your Wurm account there, though that may be the least of your concerns at that time. Wishing you all the best and hope to see you at some point again. Thorin