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  1. I wish players would stop considering each and every MoI as a guaranteed success giving a guaranteed "something". A MoI is a chance to get something and the fact it IS a chance is the fun of it. Just like bying a lottery ticket is a chance to win a jackpot, not the guarantee. I mean, each time someone buys a lottery ticket, would (s)he write a letter to the lottery organisation, demanding that they give the one who bought the ticket the jackpot?? So what will be next when the MoI will give a guaranteed result? Things like: "Bah. I had a MoI when tending the farm fields and now I only got a rare 5c! I demand at least 1s!" Next step after that is wanting surpeme coins or items and the stage after that is wanting fantastic coins (if they even exist) or items. And what comes after that? The invention of a Galactic item as Fantastic is the best we got now? Personally I think the system is fine as it is now. No matter what we get from a MoI, we can sac it, sell it or just use it as something to show off a bit. And if you don't want to do that, just let the rares rot as it would take a week or so before they're gone anyway. But for the love of Fo, Libila, Magranon and Vynora, stop asking for a change that would eventually lead to so many rares, players would complain about not knowing what to do with them. Thorin
  2. After picking coffee cherries, they weigh 0.05kg each. However, after picking the green coffee beans from the cherries, the beans all the sudden increase in weight to 0.10kg. I'd say if the weights were the other way around (0.1kg for the cherries and 0.05kg for the green coffee beans) it would've made a lot more sense. Thorin
  3. Stone Fo Copper 1x charm animal (eg Taming of a Champ mob) 29.32 0s 29c 25% 0s 21c Stone Fo Copper 1x charm animal (eg Taming of a Champ mob) 32.67 0s 32c 25% 0s 24c Stone Fo Copper 1x charm animal (eg Taming of a Champ mob) 33.13 0s 33c 25% 0s 24c Stone Fo Copper 1x charm animal (eg Taming of a Champ mob) 35.05 0s 35c 25% 0s 26c Could you CoD those to Thorinoakshield, please. Thorin
  4. For the record: This also goes for the pottery based items (like smelters) created before the update. As I just found out. Thorin
  5. We got GL freedom for interaction between both clusters, we got PM's to interact between both clusters, so I don't see any reason to merge both clusters; other as those from the SFI spam the NFI players with high ql, high cast, low priced items. And NFI isn't waiting for that. So a big no from me. Thorin
  6. The "Book of Wisdom" players can open with "O" > Tools > More... > Notifications has multiple topics listed twice in each chapter. See screenshot for example: Thorin
  7. Just a minor update: I had problems running this program at Win 11, but eventually it turned out to be my anti-virus program messing up. After dealing with that, WurmAssistant runs perfectly under Win 11. Which makes me very happy. Thorin
  8. With its location quite close to Kappa, I'd say it's a Lunalong Slaying Event. Thorin
  9. So we'll finally get some use of all the sadstone shards everyone's been hoarding since day one? Would be nice to get rid of my 40K I got stored somewhere. Thorin
  10. Good to see you back here. Hope you'll be able to last a bit longer as you did last time. I also hope that when you die - not if, because in this game death can't be avoided, even if it isn't permadeath - you don't see it as a failure, but more as something you will avoid in the future. In a way the saying: "What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger" does apply to this game, as it won't make your character stronger, but it certainly would make the player wiser and thus stronger. So I hope you will enjoy this new stay and more important, I hope you'll become an important part of this community over time. I'm quite certain you're up to both "tasks". Thorin
  11. First of all, everything that's on a deed can't be taken by other players, unless you've set your deed settings for non-citizens to pick up / load items. So first thing you should do after you've founded your deed is to get to the role settings and change the roles of non-citizens to make sure they won't pick up or load anything. Same goes for your buildings, although iirc the default setting for that is not allowing non-citizens to pick things up / load. Second thing I would adivice you to do is to build a wooden fence around your area, add 1-2 gates there and put a lock at it. After that, set the lock to give access only to those you trust; making it even harder for other players to enter your deed. If you make sure your fence is build at the outer tile of your deed - the one between your deed and your 1st perimeter tile - no-one can even smash those fences to enter. Plus it keeps some nasty creatures out as well. The main reason to do this; there's an unwritten "rule" that says that everything that isn't on deed or deeded is free for graps. Some players take that rule very literal and pick up items next to a wagon, cart or ship belonging to other players; as it's "free to take". Other players have a bit more of a consience - or perhaps more brains, I dunno which one - and consider those items as most likely belonging to the one who owns the wagon / cart / ship and thus can't be taken. Fortunately as already pointed out by others, this is the majority of the players. What's more fortunate for you, is that you've found a spot at Xanadu; which is part of the Freedom Isles. And that means that PvP or looted deeded area's is not allowed or even possible. There are some methods to bypass that, you will find those in the rule book under "griefing". I won't get into that too much, however there's a difference between doing that on purpose or by accident. If you ever encounter someone doing that near you, try to talk to that person first and kindly request (and not "Hey WTF ######! You're cutting down the oak trees I planted! Stop that or I call a GM!!!!!!1!!111) that person to stop what (s)he's doing and kindly explain why. You'll notice a lot of players aren't aware of what they did and are willing to stop. Or even repair the damage, if needed. As for Dain beling slain (untintential rhyme, sorry ) thats an event tab that is shown server wide and could be turned on or off in your personal settings. It only shows the deaths of players having more as 20FS and being premium, so if you don't have that, you can easily get yourself killed multiple times without anyone knowing it. If you are over 20FS and it happens a lot, you'll see that there are always players with higher FS around willing to help you getting your items back. Yes, the community is that friendly. Thorin
  12. Map updates are done by just one person, who's trying to do his best to keep things updated if he gets the required information. Just check the map thread about the frequency the one updating the map replies when new deeds are listed there. Deeds listed at the map while they aren't active anymore happen; just like you will run into deeds not showing up at the map at all. Main thing is that the former usually means the updater has missed the twitter feed; while the latter means the deed owner never posted it at the specific topic. As for why there are so many deed names related to a certain movie franchise; things like that happen. The moment a certain franchise got popular, players will name their main and alts after the main characters of that franchise and often do the same with their deeds. I've seen LotR deed names, GoT deed names and at least one from Tamriel (yours would be the 2nd if it shows up at the map). Regarding your encounter with other players; one of the "problems" this game has, is that it's using global servers. Meaning players from all over the world with different standards and habbits play at the same server, talk in the same channels and occasonally collide with other players. Another problem is that we got - unfortunately - some veteran trol....... Ehrm......... players who love to troll new players. They know exactly how far they can go before a staff member has to step in to mute them, making it very hard for the staff to deal with them (as in temporary or complete ban of said players); but quite often are trolling enough to make new players decide to either avoid certain chat channels or quit the game completely. It has happened to me as well that I've been in a situation like that and the only possible solution is to ignore that or those players. You can ignore them in two ways, being not replying to what they say at all, or using the actuall "ignore" command (ignore <playername> ) to block all conversation that person posts. This applies to all channels but CA-help and village / alliance chat. Disadvantage of the latter is you may miss out part of a conversation that player has with someone else. Fortunately there are more decent and good players as trolls, but as always, it's the vocal minority which gets the most attention. I'd advise you to just see which players are the "good" ones in your book and which aren't, have a good time with the former and simply ignore the latter. If you're able to do that, I'm certain you're going to have a great time in this game; as there's a lot to do, to discover and to enjoy in it. And to give you a hint about how things can be; there's an impalong starting at Xan pretty soon. If you're able to make it, you'll see some very good examples about how friendly, nice and helpful this community can be. Happy wurming! Thorin (No, not a LotR name. It's from The Hobbit. )
  13. Small barrels work like a charm to increase your FC. And if you want to be independent from other players, thus start making wine at some point, storing milk and juices, you're going to need lots of small barrels. Just put them in the barrel rack, select the amount your actions allow you to imp, select the right tools and imp along! Thorin
  14. @Ekcin, @Ceccicould you handle this kind of stuff in a PM please? It has nothing to do with the topic at all and it's only fuel to more flaming reactions like the ones you two already posted. @DaletheGoodCould you please re-add Metallic Wonders back at the map? Re-add as it was there, until I had asked to remove it. So not a mistake made by you. Location is at 4822 - 2264 Thanks, Thorin
  15. FYI, I can't access the images. Perhaps because they're posted at a private Facebook page? I assume you decided not to use Imgur - or any similar prorgam? Thorin