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  1. For the right opening time according to your local time: Check Niarja. Thorin
  2. I'm still wondering if the title shouldn't be: But I may of course be mistaken. Thorin
  3. Welcome back, lassie. 'Tis good to see the bearded lady and friends back ingame. Hope all is well now, as well that all got sorted in game. If you need help, feel free to contact me. Thorin
  4. For those wondering at which time it opens: Check the usual Niarja page. Thorin
  5. You don't need Dev-support, you need this: Guideline to Heritage Sites But that only comes into play after the entire project is finished. So what you would need first is a group of players working at this project, then doing and completing the project and eventually applying for Heritage. However, with all the ongoing public projects, I fear that the first step would be the most difficult. Thorin
  6. As was discussed in Freedom chat yesterday; There should be a tunnel between Darq falls and Darqness, however it's exact starting location is unknown. There are two paths between those deeds leading to the mountain between them, so it's a bit of a guess. Players also may need permission from the deed owner - which is either @AJBlackor @Yldrania; I got mixed messages on that - to mine from the Darq Falls deed to the top of the mountain where the rift is. Given the terrible location, the fact the deed owner of Darq Falls most likely hasn't been online for quite some time and the fact that this proofs that the old approach of being in and preparing the area as fast after the moment a rift has spawned, instead of arriving last minute works a lot better, I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to just keep this one open until it auto-closes. Although I don't know how long that might take. Thorin
  7. Please remove Brasschaat (3086, 2836)-ish from the map as that deed has dropped a while ago. Also.. please change the description of Darq canal from (Canal / Tunnel / Knarrs only) Into (Canal / Knarrs only) as the tunnel aspect of that canal has been ruined for about a year now. Thorin
  8. Only one thing to say - as a non-pvp player - THIS should have been posted BEFORE the patchnotes were posted, not AFTER! Imagine you're walking into your favorite bar, ordering your favorite brand of beer and the bar tender tells you it's no longer being sold, because "someone" considered it having too much hops into it. I'm pretty damn sure you'd be upset, to say the least. Yet, for this game, things like these happen all the time. And I'm asking you, WHY?? Thorin
  9. To clarify; The area beneath the bridge needs to be clear of all obstacles. Being it mine entrances, trees, bushes, another part of the house or even a simple barrel (yes, I had that happening to me); make sure that before you start planning, nothing is obstructing the construction. Rule of thumb when building bridges next to houses to get to the next floor: Bridge slope can be maximum 20 dirt From ground floor to first floor, the height is 33 dirt; meaning 2 tiles are needed for a bridge to connect; Every floor after that is 30 dirt high, also meaning you need 2 tiles to connect to the next floor This even applies when you want to connect two seperate buildings with a bridge; HOWEVER, there's one exeption! When you want to connect two buildlings using a bridge at the same level (floor), you can actually build a one tile bridge. Hope this helps planning your building. Thorin
  10. Does that mean using groups in inventory isn't possible anymore, or is that search function for ppl like you, @Retrograde, who have unsorted inventories and can't find things during streams? Thorin
  11. There's a reason why leather and studded leather are brown coloured. -1 Thorin
  12. No worries; we're used of map updates being a bit late. well, at least before you took over, that is. Hope all goes well with the family (or will do so soon) as no matter how nice a game is, family ALWAYS comes first. Thorin
  13. May as well remove all "Glasshollow by" markets near starter towns, as only the orignal market remains. Thorin
  14. I don't know where exactly you live, but if you travel along the coast line of the lake next to G-18 all the way up to E-20 and keep following that highway you'll see plenty of monsters to be killed by. Thorin
  15. -1 It's a bloody pain to close a rift when only 4-5 people showing up. Being able to sac hearts while monsters are still alive is the only solution to avoid having 12+ hour rifts at a PvE server. And yes, I'm speaking out of experience here. Thorin