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  1. +1 Sure, the piles are eaten from by animals. Some graze. Etc. A feeding trough would still make the whole animal pen thing feel way more complete. Its bothering me more then it should that theres no trough ingame lol. We like making our deeds look good, and a trough in the pens makes it look alot better. Also easier to have order on what food the animals in the pen(s) have.
  2. +1 or the fuel reduction. Lamps are lovely, lighting/snuffing each day, not so much.
  3. Simply what the title suggests. Wearing lambs as headwear, preff. with a pink cloth tie between the 2 forelegs as a chinstrap. Usable until it reaches mature stage? Pink laced Balls of fluff belongs on top of balding mens heads. Chickens might have a spot there aswell. Edit: They arent to be killed for this. I mean live cute balls of fluff on our heads. Not dead stinky corpses. [16:38:09] <Reager> they get to see the world as they grow, before ending up as breeding machines inside a pen when reaching mature
  4. My experiences. Just after the patch introducing the rifts to the servers hit, i was leaving a desert/steppe area to get back to town. Im riding a big cart, pulled by 2 bison. On paved brick road. Leading a horse. -Croc kept up with my cart. Also kept up with me on horse. Could not outrun. -Troll kept up with me on foot, on cart, and on horse. Managed to loose it by falling/jumping off cliff. -Black wolf easily killed me. I considered them easy meat and fur before patch. -Mountain lion ripped me within 20 sec. I found them quite ok to fight before patch aswell. This could sound like a noob whining, but to me it really seemed like something changed. Although most kept saying otherwise. Also, as many here are saying, some mobs hit with odd frequencies. I didnt pay attention before, so i cant say much about it. Though i had a bear strike me 3 times before the timer in the log ticked a single second. EDIT: Seems fixed.