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  1. For sale 50c, you have to pick up at Homestead on Cadence or 1s for delivery. PM Aleasha in chat if interested.
  2. For sale 50c, you have to pick up at Homestead on Cadence or 1s for delivery. PM Aleasha in chat if interested.
  3. Starting bid: 1 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No. Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 5 minutes Private Bids: No
  4. do we have an update on any possible ETA for servers?
  5. +1, I can see donkeys doing it but not sheep really
  6. -1, I think this would be unfair to alot of people honestly. If they don't want to work for it then this was not a game for them.
  7. I need 2 Stonewalls on Cadence on the deed Homestead.
  8. I retrieved 20 iron lamp heads from my forge into my inventory, 4 of them had a little decay on them. After 2 days in my inventory, all 20 had a lot of decay while still in my inventory. I thought stuff like this wasn't suppose to happen when in your inventory.
  9. The lag on Cadence when a rift opens is making it to where it is almost impossible to do anything. Is there a way to fix this as even those at the rifts are feeling the lag alot. It is almost unplayable with the amount of lag spikes going on, please fix before the next rift as this is making them almost impossible to do as well as impacting those on the server not at the rifts.
  10. 1374, 3321 Homestead (we have a Trader not a merchant here as well)
  11. my sister and I will be there. We are Aleasha and Dianno.
  12. My alliance and I have been in the southern part of Cadence and we are not seeing any spawns happening once we kill of the existing spawns. Also been to 3 or 4 of the steeps on Cadence and the horses aren't spawning either. Please fix the spawn points and rates.
  13. how much for a stone strike cast on a level 50+ pickax I have? Please PM me in game at Aleasha with detail.
  14. I wouldn't mine surface mining if it wasn't so RNG with when slopes go down. If they fixed this some or made it not RNG at all, then I think it would be ok without the level option. I hate that I can swing 20 time and then it goes down once or I could swing 1 time and get the same result. It is just to RNG right now and that is what makes it bad. I think if it was like every two swings and it goes down by one would still make it to where people would not flatten whole mountains. It would also make doing canals and highways easier.
  15. I don't think I am the only one who is asking for this, so please for the love of all that is holy, add a level option for surface mining on the Freedom Servers. You can do this in a mine and while digging so please make this option available for surface mining or don't make surface mining RNG and make it as successful as regular mining. I am only asking for this to be done for the Freedom Servers since this could have a bad impact on PvP server, but not one really on a PvE server.
  16. +1 this needs to so be in the game
  17. Please let there be an option to use the "level" ability when surface mining on Freedom servers. The already have this option for dirt, sand, clay and using cement in mines, they need the same option for terraforming rock so people can terraform better.
  18. Ok I am not talking about the alts that are premium nor the priest alts, what gets me going is the alts that are never prim'd and are use for bulk items as slave labor. No one benefits from this honestly, if you want to prim your alt then fine go for it but dont just have them so you can use them to make as much silver as possible and undercut other sellers because you can have 10 alts making bricks and such. In my opinion this is what killed most of the market on the old server.
  19. I am a veteran player and have been playing for 5 yrs, I have seen what an economy made of alts is like and it sucks. That was one main reason I was happy to see it coming out on Steam since they only allow one character on at a time. I was hopping they would fix the old server to do the same but sadly that is not true. Unfortunately the new Steam community is going to go the same way as the old community in that the economy will be over ran with alts and people will leave the game again because they cant keep up to joe smo and his 16 alts.
  20. I agree they need to fix the alt problem, either make it to where you can have only one character on each server so they can help friends on other servers but either way only one character on at a time per client. So if you are on the Steam client you can have a character on at the same time as a character that is on the old client. But only one character on at a time per client.
  21. I am sad to say that you can't have alts on at the same time as your main character if you do Steam. I think to reflect the fairness and what was hoped for when the new servers came out, I think the old client need to not be able to have alts on it at the same time as well. Otherwise this puts new players on the Steam servers at a disadvantage and makes the Steam client less appealing to players. Also I hate to say it but alts do kind of destroy economies as not one want to pay for labor if their computer can just handle more accounts at the same time. I know old time players may think this is a bad idea but please leave constructive comments and suggestion on how do fix this issue or the new servers may end up looking like the old servers do in any a few months.
  22. I went to get a premium reward from my deed token and all I see is the marks I have but I don't see anything I could buy with those marks. What do I do since I need a shaker orb?
  23. I made a lot of campfire so I could do ash and they are not giving ash when they go out. I did check by dropping 4 other items on the same tile to create a pile of stuff to see if it was hiding and it was not in the pile of stuff