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  1. The new servers will be launched on Cloudnet, that much is in the works already. We're not shooting to have all servers migrated before the Steam release. This is a separate time table, with the Steam release taking priority.
  2. Hello all! With the success of Celebration's move, we're marching forward by moving Xanadu to the new hosting provider Cloudnet. This move will take place on July 13th at 3pm server time (9am US Eastern time) and require an extended downtime of all servers of about 1.5 hours. I want to control expectations with this move in that we are not expecting that Xanadu will become "lag-free" with this move. What I do expect is performance to be the same, if not slightly improved. The new server does have newer hardware and better disk I/O speeds which may help, but the sheer size of Xanadu leaves me skeptical that it will make a huge impact. I'm most certainly looking forward to being proven wrong though! Feel free to drop your questions in replies and I'll attempt to answer them or compile them into a larger post. I'd still like to do a bigger post about Cloudnet and our roadmap for this move, but right now the main focus is getting Xanadu moved and monitoring it. Thank you and happy Wurming! (Well, except during that downtime. )
  3. I can't reproduce this. I just reinstalled and everything works. Perhaps a bad install? What OS?
  4. That space is reserved for status text.
  5. Due to the major overhaul needed, it isn't possible to keep the old skin.
  6. Still in the middle of the update to roll it out.
  7. So we believe the issue may be around the London data center for our CDN provider. I've taken that data center out of the list and will continue to monitor the situation. What's a CDN? A CDN or Content Delivery Network is a service that hosts data for a site in data centers or "edge nodes" around the world. This means that when you hit, you're actually first asking the CDN for the nearest location near you. The CDN knows roughly where you are based on something called "geo IP location", or in other words they know roughly where you're coming from based on the address your internet provider is providing. It then returns a host near that location so that you get the fastest download speeds. In our case, we believe that the London data center is having issues, though I couldn't find evidence of this on our provider's website. We have several EU data centers selected though, so removing London shouldn't be too noticeable to folks in the UK. Especially considering the advice in this thread has been to "pin" the Moscow data center in the hosts file, which is pretty far from the UK last I checked! I recommend those who have had issues to revert the changes made to the hosts file and try again (give it a few hours from the time of this post) and continue reporting if you're having issues. What's most helpful is to ping or traceroute the host and give us the IP that you're getting so I can trace it to a data center. It will give me more information if I have to hit up support at the provider. Thanks for the patience as we try to resolve this issue.
  8. I'm really conservative when it comes to talking about lag reduction on Xanadu. We actually understand the problem there, but it *is* possible that there will be an improvement. How significant remains to be seen.
  9. The celebration (no pun intended) comes after all servers are moved.
  10. All is well again. Celebration is alive and talking with the other servers properly!
  11. Rebooting Golden Valley to resolve the Celebration connectivity issues.
  12. We're aware of and working on a connectivity issue with Celebration. Please refrain from travel to that server until we've resolved the issue. You *will* be unable to play if you sail to Celebration at this time.
  13. It's Cloudnet hosting or se and their plans on the page do not reflect the service we're being provided as we're receiving a custom package.
  14. The provider is called Cloudnet and I've worked with their team directly from the start. It's not like Hetzner or OVH where you put money in the vending machine and get a server out. They do monitoring and support as well. Celebration is being selected for this because it's not running as well as we'd like on AWS. Given the benchmarks on the new host, I suspect Celebration will be running quite well post-move.