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  1. scissors c76 50 butchering knife c87 80 pickaxe steel c89 80 sickle iron c80 70 COD to Lennoxx please
  2. Hey - is the Paaweelr Priest still for sale?

    1. Lennoxx


      Do you still have the priest for sale?

  3. I'd like two COD to Lennoxx please
  4. Rare Oaken Fruit Press 2.22 Silver COD Lennoxx please
  5. iron sickle c89 - 1s saddle w89 - 1s iron file BOTD 98 - 2s COD Lennoxx please
  6. clay shaper (oak), BOTD92: 1s 60c spatula (oak), BOTD83: 1s 26c COD to Lennoxx please

    breast plate 84 aosp plate leggings 82 aosp COD to Lennoxx please
  8. File, iron ql 21,78 c83 -73c Hatchet, steel ql 12.64 c85 -75c Pickaxe, steel ql 16.81 c80 -70c Leather knife, steel ql 12.71 c83 -73c COD to Lennoxx please
  9. clay shaper (oak), BOTD86: 1s 34c spatula (oak), BOTD86: 1s 34c COD to Lennoxx please
  10. Rake, iron ql 11.62 c83 -73c Carving knife, steel ql 18.85 c85 -75c Grooming brush, oak ql 19.19 c88 -78c Pickaxe, steel ql 13.62 c82 -72c Stone chisel, iron ql 10.84 c85 -75c Hatchet, steel ql 12.28 c84 - 74c COD to Lennoxx please
  11. COD what I won to Lennoxx please
  12. #8 - 4s #11 - 5.5s #16 - 4s