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  1. Agreed. Larders were such an awesome idea.. now the nerf (if they nerfed it).. if they did, I hope they un nerf it.
  2. All my snowballs were 99QL when I collected them. But now some have 30+ damage.. so their effective QL is less. Still.. 30+ damage to a 99 QL snowball collected 16 Jul, after only 1 month seems a bit much. I usually try to collect a few, then run quickly to the larder to prevent carry decay. But this time I sort of just kept collecting till I had many in inventory. Next time, maybe I'll remember to only collect a few then run to larder. Would be nice if we could 'wrap' snowballs (lol). I really didn't think I held them that much longer, but could have.
  3. Ya, but was a good idea anyways. Just don't break Wurm.
  4. Ok. The pizzas in my larder (rare larder, 91 QL, 100 snowballs in its icebox) are now taking damage faster than usual. The larder is in a completed building (Teeebomb's Tall House - I sleep in here daily), on deed (Cornersville on Indy, with well over 60+ days upkeep in coffers). This larder is secured to the ground (if that matters). This is happening more recently and is really unexpected and is getting my goat over here. Why is my larder suddenly not working like it used to work? Did you guys make some invisible update to nerf larders? … or am I doing something wrong? I more recently decided to imp my larder, I think it was 80 ish QL , I decided to imp it to 91+ QL. Another change I recently did, was I added runes to each of the shelves in this larder. [16:56:03] A silver rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will reduce the decay taken of items inside (10%) - >> added to each of the food shelves as well as to the icebox. So six runes total. Also I have been continually adding pizzas to this, my main larder. In this larder I have over 1100 kg of food. What is going on here. Since other people have mentioned their snowballs seem to be decaying faster than expected, I checked my snowballs in iceboxes. There are snowballs in the four larders I got in this building, I collected them 16 July 2022, and they already have 30+ damage to them. Not all of them, but some of them. One has 33 damage that I collected on 16 July 2022. I would appreciate any conclusive clarification, what is going on here, why my pizzas are decaying faster than normal in my larder over here. One pizza I made it 23 May 2022 - wrapped it and put it right into this larder. It has never been outside of this larder, and it already has 10 damage on it. Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  5. Gratz Nineol !! How do we get this to work? Does it work on old mini tokens, I've got a mini token here.. is it a right click option?
  6. +1 sounds reasonable, so long as it don't break Wurm.
  7. Sort of hoping they get this fixed b4 I get all the pieces for my own chess set.
  8. lol - well since u already did all the hard work, got the code sorted out... maybe we can get some bored developer one day to change that bit of code maybe within the next few years. I'm sort of miffed this has not been addressed since 2018 *shrugs* (my original post), maybe longer of course.
  9. This 'intended' mechanic ate 300 kg of pizza I was transporting. For the love of the god, please fix this.. it has been years. Thanks for your time.
  10. This link recently got posted to GL Freedom tab.. I will support it for sure.
  11. UPDATE: Yesterday - I was transporting a friends larder to an active deed (from Indy to my deed Cornersville, also on Indy). When I moved their 29 full house pizzas to my raft for transport, I had this: When I got home, like maybe 34 minutes later, I had this: WTF!!!! Seventeen full house pizzas got lost? WHAT?!??!? Over 300 kg of food.. WHAT?? So I looked in my event log file found this, … Within two minutes of me removing those pizzas, seventeen of them (previously only minimal damaged) decayed to dust. I had completely forgot about this forum thread form 2018. Just now remembered it. Am posting here to let someone know, this is still going on. Will you guys fix this. Thanks your time.
  12. Same here …. can not get to online shop for Wurm and both of my links to check server status are timing out. Pings to www.wurmonline.com work ok tho. Broke links here -> http://www.wurmonline.com/status-new/widget.php https://jenn001.game.wurmonline.com/battles/stats.html Apparently because of this: So.. just remove that orange problem indicator at the top of forums to fix ? Good luck guys o/
  13. Can not log onto Wurm. Get error at client log on: Update failed! (Error: Error opening connection to path server.) I have no other instances of WurmLauncher on my task manager. Please fix this, or tell me what I'm doing wrong. Thanks, Teeebomb PS - Fixed ! Thanks guys your quick response
  14. +1 Great idea ! I want some mounted lazy tower guard heads on the wall of my den.
  15. I agree +1 When 2 missions w/ the same action occur, the older one should receive all the completion counts. Every time. No matter what. 100% of the time. Unless that's not the way it's supposed to work. In that case, we should change how it's supposed to work Teeebomb
  16. +1 Sure, or maybe u can stand on it, maybe by mounting it, then 'haul up' stuffs.
  17. +1 In case this may still get some consideration at some point. Something to go w/ our awesome palisade look... Don't make me go thru and +1 all the 'please add log cabins to Wurm' threads. (lol) Cause I will do it !! Thanks ur time, Teeebomb
  18. UPDATE: Logged onto Wurm. Everything seems to be working. Thanks your quick response !!
  19. Did Indy just crash? or was it all of wurm? I can not get responses from the two server status links I got: http://wurmonline.com/status-new/widget.php https://jenn001.game.wurmonline.com/battles/stats.html Also, pings to www.wurmonline.com are all timing out, no ping responses. Thanks your time, Teeebomb
  20. +1 Why not?! Also, if I got an extra care for slot, and I want to care for a zombie champion anaconda, why not? ...or zombie sea serpent
  21. Any response for this? I was thinking , maybe this is an update response to all them cedarwood carts that refuse to ever decay? I will keep an eye out for the indestructible carts around my area. See if this updates fixes those.