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  1. Hello Independence! It is Time

    Love to be able to do that by my place . Whats the max water depth you can use the wand in by chance , would you know? Also can not someone come along and deed it before you ? even if you are the one to be making it watching it grow.. But Grats on the island hope it dosent blow its top after you settle it later on ..
  2. What Does Wurm Do Better Than Other MMOs?

    Terraforming by far , it could use some help by adding few extra new options. #1 Add making tunnels in dirt that must be braced/supports each section before building new one . #2 Being able to dig a basement that is not sloped but straight sides. #3 Better way to raise cave floors then concrete , stone shards to gravel then dump..... needs replacing now and then as it should decay , could still use concrete if you don't want to repair ..
  3. None of the above , end game to me will be on my death bed or Wurm folds . Seen this question asked in so many other games , it gets to the point you may as well cut and paste to each site.. And if there was a end game how many people would just quit after reaching it ???
  4. The Wurm Economy Problem

    As for traders there are fewer and fewer each year and don't effect the server like they use to . Now for cheaper silver , that still is not the answer for you have just made full circle and sent the money back to the high end crafters. You see there is no easy button for a fix , tolls ware out so do weapons and enchants , nothing last for ever so having them decay faster makes no difference also.. It still comes down to accounts being sold or shared , wen one high end crafter stops playing for awhile or for good someone else see's that opening to lvl there skills to fill the gap that's how things work ... You need to remember even high end players get burned out and take long brakes I have seen it here.. But in all it comes down to the player if they enjoy the game they will stay and play , you just need that carrot in front of them...
  5. The Wurm Economy Problem

    You can keep beating this subject till the end of time , there is no way you can fix it other then stop the complete sale of accounts . No warning given wen it will or would happen to stop the mass sale of said accounts . As is I still get weapons imped since I do not have the skill to do it myself or the will to grind weapon smiting to do it . So keep throwing this topic around till you are blue in the face , it just cant be fixed at this point , no matter how many new players come in , as Frankthe Tank said you are just peddling to a few new pieces of meat till they get fed up and leave. The game needs a reason and motive to for people to play , eye candy helps a lot but so does contain witch seems to me lacking , rifts were a good start so are missions at times , but that's it . Terraforming is what got my attention and has kept me here , but that does not work for all players . Figure that million dollar question and you have a winning game for players to stay and play ....
  6. Do you consider wurm cheap?

    I find this comment sort of insulting . There are people who live in country's that the cost of living is just crazy so yes 8 euros can be a lot plus deed upkeep . Some people are retired and there pension does not follow the increase of living expense . There may also be some people who can no longer work do to injury and play slower going games like Wurm for fun and relief , income there is way below minimum wage . So please in future comments look at the larger picture ..and consider all extras in gaming price . I love Wurm and I play my char as much as possible to get my moneys worth , having had many prem accounts up at a time . Wen it was 5 Euros was nice , but they needed to up the price to make money , anyone can see it was worth it by the updates since then . Don't take this a dig at you Nicedreams , I have just seen to many use it as a excuse .
  7. Rift for 21 April

    There should be a Lady statue infront of entrance and paved stone tile from last time I made visiting last rift..so 3 rifts back or 4 ,
  8. Do you consider wurm cheap?

    Cost about 1.56 Canadian for 1 Euro so figure a little over $12 Canadian , plus on top of that deed upkeep if you don't sale bulk or anything else really . That does not include the F...ing ! price of internet in Canada that's is just retarded ... that's what happens wen the governing agency is in the back pocket of the providers , but that's another story up here... So yes Wurm can be more expensive then most games , unless you count micro transactions for fluff items form other games.. But you do get more then 1 char playing other games , if wurm was to late you have 2 chars per account I think it would brake what community Wurm has going for it , helpful people . Think people would not interact as much unless to sale stuff ..
  9. Sounds like ARK survival setup , go try that out and see how it is .... Would be interesting and yes this is a lame ass April fools joke , expected better from you Enki...tisk tisk!
  10. Be kind of a lame April fools joke . Now saying they sold Wurm to Blizzard or DayBrake Games would have been better even Disney Corp ,
  11. Congrats on the April Fools

    Still think best April 1 st joke was wen they said all water was to me made one tile larger moving it inshore by 1 ......
  12. The Wurm Online Market Overall

    I pay 100$ a month to come read this for internet... have fun !
  13. The Wurm Online Market Overall

    That's the problem its not 10% , you can watch trade chat or forum and see coin being sold or for sell all the time. You're small elite amount of players selling is not just elite players but the average joe as I have noticed pass 6 months in trade chat . So that is a larger lost to CCAB plus it is cheaper to buy from other players. And wen the higher up accounts stop playing they are sold off more often then not , as a few players have stated they do not like the direction Wurm is going in . Wish they would have given reasons instead of a blank response with no meat ... As is the population is becoming smaller and smaller every month , some players see that you can get some cash back by selling silver/gold or accounts its a main reason for some to try wurm out. Its no different then Entropia , that's is also a large RMT game but also gambling that they deny because it is not permitted in the country of origin , gambling that is . Wurm needs reason for people to play , some like the old style feel of EQ early day of play but its a shadow of what EQ and older such game had to offer compared to skill grinding , terraforming and a RMT as wurm . Makes no difference what game you play now a days there is always a black market for accounts or gold/plat or gems . Wurm needs to add and find something to pull more players in simple as that or prepare to play WU accounts alone or single player ...
  14. The Wurm Online Market Overall

    This game keeps going down and down population wise and always will until something other then grinding skills and building are added , its plain and simple fact. There is a difference between a mmo and sandbox . MMO have expansions and DLC depending on there setup , so they are adding new contain to do or see . Sandbox leaves up to the individual to make there own way in the world and things to keep you busy or having fun , this is were Wurms problem is . A lot of players today want fast quick results and if they don't get that they move on . There is a reason why games like WOW are so popular , you are given everything on a silver platter almost . I never want to see Wurm become this , if it does then there will be a large exit sign for many players waiting . Rifts were added , its a good start , missions also nice addition on freedom but there needs to be the option of being able to sell you're account appeals to many as you can see by backdoor sales of other games on 3 rd party sights .... The removal of silver or rmt would kill wurm there is no maybe its a truthful fact ...just ask any player . Plus its faster to buy silver using real cash then make it ingame most of the time , people make silver in game by trades for ether deed upkeep , resale or just for fun . It is not a full time job , you're time would be better spent in real life for that .
  15. The Wurm Online Market Overall

    You need more things to do entice people to play , adding rifts helped some and new eye candy also. New ways to pay helped like 2 s for new char to prem . yes you don't get a referral but it got someone in to try and test the waters called wurm. As for making tools or other items none repairable to increase sales makes no sense what's so over since not everyone can repair there weapon or armor back to 80 or 90 yet alone replace the enchant as they ware off faster now. As for bulk items rock and ore I had suggested long ago that amount of ore and stone you receive from a vein should be equal to its QL . Poor ql should take less swings to destroy the vein and also give less rock or ore, in that way having a larger demand because less is being produced . Can this help ? possible is it to late to add such a system who knows . Yes people have tons of rock stored but not that much . You need a reason for new players to stay mini rifts with lower lvl mobs not same reward but that's up to devs to decide , as is now I see a lot of new players wanting to try rifts but don't have the skill or armor/weap to do so. Lower form of rifts that can appear at any time and place may be handy or timed same as major rifts , it would be good practice . People hate to grind not everyone but most , they need brakes and a distraction find that solution and Wurm will attract more new players. Adding new rewards or rare is not the answer , add mini quest a npc in the middle of no-were just ask for help something like the missions maybe same reward sleep bonus and karma .. Plus ADVERTISE FFS... I don't see anything for Wurm ..