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  1. May as well make the new server all islands with nothing but thorn bushes and few trees. And no horses only Epic mobs and champs . Only weapons and armour are crude and tree leafs . Name the server ... For Sadist only .... Lets wait and see how Jackal goes first.... at the moment it just feels like any other server but on a different planet/world with mini rifts ...
  2. Now I am wondering if I should have resubed for another year .. is Wurm going to be ran like a WU server ? been feeling that way pass year.. How many High end people knew about this ? Devs and GM's ? And here I remember reading saying Rolf would never leave Wurm or close it as long 1 person was still playing....
  3. I always wanted rock or veins to go by QL for braking . Poor less hits and utmost about the same for rock mainly . As for ore vein , yes at times it be nice to just remove them .
  4. Templars should be removed after 1 month , people had enough time to build guard tower if needed . All I see now are dead mobs and no players . The portals back should have been able to be made by resources you find on freedom , so you would need clean area for that . I have traveled the entire east section north to south its ok but rinse and repeat for d├ęcor and mobs . been heading deeper west but the terrain is crappy as hell even for weta . So far this feels no different then a new server with only new players permitted .... pristine release setup ......... I have not heard or seen in chat anyone going to do the corruption pillars , all I see is people hacking there wares for coin .. Guess a new cash venue opened up Instead of a war /siege ....
  5. Careful were you also , you can get dismounted from weta for no reason . happen to me twice once in dark sand area and other rocky hill terrain , it seems they slip underground removing you . Also they can go invise to the point you need log out and back in . But ya they need a little more climb ..
  6. Would have been different if no Templars were permitted . As is , feels like a new server launch with some harder mobs and only newbs , you know the same thing they did for Release and Pristine . Who ever designed the terrain is a sadistic jerk , nice going its like ridding in a speed bump area with potholes added in for fun . Its a change if anything , Devs don't even know what skill transfer will be or anything else , sounds like a wing and a prayer setup .. For now its just a time killer ... having some fun .....
  7. I don't see a repeat of this unless things change big time . People will only put up this for song long , new server rinse and repeat . Pick a server on wurm any , have invasion of corruption start there and work out , different areas . Give people who have deeds 1 day to make a beacon for there deeds , I forwarning of sorts . Then stop the purchase of Templars or make them none agro rift mobs This way no new server is needed . I like jackal its not bad with the new trees , colored terrain and animals . But people wanting stronger and harder mobs then buy Templars ? .
  8. I am in the middle of two . Kind of fun , just wish the dam dogs would get lost after awhile . Thanks ...
  9. Built a freedom beacon , figure the area cleaned would be from centre out equal all around . But no , it is like 10 tiles one way and maybe 20 to 30 other . Is to normal ? should it not be a even spread ? Sort of like deed token 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 north , south , east , west setup from centre ? Also the rift beast border shield only works if you have a Templar up ...
  10. Very nice priest , good luck Lumpy ....
  11. Man I wanted to blame Pingpong ... Lucky this time Ping.....
  12. I like Wurm it has a lot from other games , missing few things to make it better . But Jackel feels like the launch of Pristine and Release were it was new characters only and deed setup . But in the case here they get to reset it every 6 months and start from scratch .
  13. Until they get the position not updated and constant lag fixed , you will have negative skill gains . Lag is bad to the point you are dead from mobs you haven't even seen yet , and this is with only 40 players on jackel and no one else in local . If the skill gain is faster there I don't see it , but then have not made a new char in ages and worked them any .
  14. This may be of help . http://wurmonline.com/status-new/
  15. Thanks Flubb , so its a wait till it spawns and find its location as per usual . Only this time there is no 48 hours setup .