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  1. Always figured log cabin would be low lvl char made before what wood places we have now. But guess some things surpass logic in wurm.. But would be nice to see them added sooner then later.. +100
  2. Don't see why its not possible , there is guard towers with diagonal walls . However you can pass trough the guard tower , so that's were tree collision would have to come in. Or is the guard tower considered a static item?
  3. Thank you Brash , I have removed 32 bit before only to be told I needed it for certain programs , go figure. Keeps saying I am running window 7 on a 64 bit system but some programs bug out and want 32 ... No wonder I am losing my hair , that's excuse I am sticking to,,, hehe..
  4. What ! no Knarr pulled by 4 killer bearsharks or a rare auto pizza and pasta maker? You are slacking there Sir Enki...
  5. OK for some reason Wurm keeps going to 32 bit java instead of 64.. I had to reload system up including java , I needed 32 and 64 for wurm.. But Wurm just keeps going for the 32 bit version.. I looked on forum for setup to force it to look only for 64 , but I cant find it.. Would it be possible to crazy glue the info on Forum start up? I know, I tried thanks..
  6. How about a plaque with the name of person or person who its for in large letters? You have signs now what would be so hard to do the same that one can add to a large rock face or even statue ...
  7. Yes the guards are having trouble finding him to , so they can adjust the white jacket they made .
  8. I speak French and English and Babblenees or as my sister say , stop mumbling . and have enough trouble with the 2 real ones. I do find you can tell by the way the person puts or writes there words down in chat , they are precise short quibs to the point , Put as other poster above says , local dialect and slag can screw English up so bad that even I cant understand what there trying to say from one end to the other in Canada . Have to love the east coast ! hehe .....
  9. Me think Enki been off his meds to long , next person please restrain him and call the guards..
  10. 21 trolls , 8 spiders, 16 wolfs , 6 hell puppys , 9 cats , a few sheep and bulls , dozen hell horses . Ended up with 2s 5c only, still good in my books ..
  11. All games with PVP have growing pains if you wish to call it that. Problem is there is no solution to it or quick fix. The game should be based on skill not items . I don't mean game skill I mean player skills in using what knowledge he has of game mechanics , weapons to use and so forth. Not from uber tome of lighting strike or slime to make you smell bad... That's what happens to PVP games they start to depend on rare items and such.. Ultima Online had some dam good PVP before think it was pub 16 or 32 , been to many years.. Then they started to add odd stats to weapons and armor to were you need kill or find rare items to make it , KISS should be the word for Wurm ... KEEP it SWEAT and SIMPLE!..
  12. Yes I purchased a couple accounts myself , one so brother would play and be same lvl , that was a washout dam jerk... Also I used ingame silver to buy a battery priest , so money was ingame coin.... How ever we have all seen what RMT can do problem wise ....Niru and later auction to fix it... Plus this has been asked before and mentioned before.. Its best the dev s focus on the current game issues and future updates..
  13. And wurm would die if RMT was stopped . Only thing that keeps Wurm going is the idea you can always cash out if you get bored. This is a game that attracts players because of the option of buying and selling for real money. Remove said option and this game would be dead in 6 months to a year . There are to many games out there now that surpass Wurm , but they don't have RMT .
  14. I was always told skill gain on epic was faster then Freedom? So this proposed update is making little sense to me. As freedomer with 70 fighting I transfer to epic and it sill 70 fighting? If I get to 75 fighting on epic and come back to freedom it still stay as 75 or it goes back to 70 ? I was under the impression both servers had different skill lvls that never transferred over , but epic was easyer to raise.. If you plan to make it were Freedom and epic skills become the same lvl , then why not just add epic to the cluster?..
  15. I love the new mine doors , would be nice if you had same for house/building single and double doors ..