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  1. Being able as a priest improve a item to 30 QL and no penalty/faith hit .
  2. With the mag bonus for imping items . Will there be any increase in decay for all the forges people will leave behind ? I know you can pick them up but how many will ? Tundra issue on Inde . there are a few places north but the south one is on the side of a mountain and a deed half way up it any limit from deed for spawning ? Would it not have been better to use peat insted of tundra ? Also on a side note would it be possible to add test center to Wurmnode for info on being up or not ?
  3. Would it be possible to let priest improve a item till 30 of said skill then get a warning going against deity ? That way i could raise a skill to a point i can make certain lvl items for journal allot easyer then making 2k of said items ?
  4. 2023 Roadmap

    I wanted spell gems for strong wall and maybe few other spells , not for enchants . Yes some players have allot of gems , do they plan to add the extra cost of that to the enchant , so costing more then just having person send a item over ? As for tutorial , add back the first version they had 10 years prior it was ok , much better then what is today . Just go read steam forum about what people think also . I am not impressed with whats going on , it may be good but feels empty not sure why ? It is as 1 step forward and two back .
  5. 2023 Roadmap

    Think the gem should be destroyed if used to store a spell . It has been asked for years to let us add certain spells to gems .. But i dont think strongwall will be added since there are few other ways to cast it ..purchased using silver or loyalty points . Time will tell .
  6. 2023 Roadmap

    If they did let players back allot would not bother , they lost to much money wise and time . Few players come to mind on lost of real money making deeds and buying silver to get ingame stuff .
  7. Pick one server and make it like jackal for going back and forth . Close the rest or just keep on dreaming . As is none of this will happen , been in a loop for years what players want and get . Chaos players will be pissed for losing out on money making with pmk items to sell on pve servers also .
  8. Never mind they were looking at the wrong spell ..
  9. Few players are looking for this cast . Friend just said it is showing cant cast still , can not grant this power at the moment they said .
  10. With the addon of cartography to the mix of new things that lets you make maps and add to a wall . Having archaeology giving you frags and tokens , plus information on old deeds . What i would like to see is the means of adding deed info from archaeology , deed name , old owner , mayor , founded and disbanded . Also how long ago and how long it was standing , the same info you would get looking for the cache and printed in book . Being able to make a printed version same as a wall map to add on a wall of old deeds would be nice . I hope i am explaining it properly the idea i have in mind ..
  11. WurmNode

    Same warning for me .
  12. I have 45 if you want , Damascussteel .
  13. Always figured banned accounts and items were perma deleated from game . Why the change to auction ? Just lava it all .
  14. Why dont they just have a raffle ? Draw names of players who are premium at the moment or sell tickets . Let everyone who may want some of the items a chance instead of players who have almost unlimited coin that are in game. Yes i know they can still buy more tickets then others , but its still a draw chance , and people know Wurm RNG can be wild .