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  1. With all the people I see leaving Wurm and selling off to quitthinking that this is it for Wurm Online since they are going to start all over on steam . If you think they will merge this Wurm with Steam , wont happen . What makes you think players will buy something for a dying game then , namely you're character and items so you can sell the gold and silver for real cash ? Unless new players have no clue what's been going on pass year and are willing to gamble Wurm will not see the same faith as WU is receiving ? I have nothing against you Wurmhole , but I just see people saying they had it and having a quit sale ..... Makes no sense why someone would take such a chance ..
  2. Starting to look more and more like you are trying to kill WO to get people to switch to Steam version when and if it comes out ... Has the new owners of Club AB had any input to the changes ? Because so far with all the changes coming to stuff you had improved , to step backwards instead ,,, priest changes and followers adding new demy GOD,s just to go back to old god system is odd ... The loyalty sounds interesting , but makes me think of one time loot box depending on account age . Third person view , on a lot of games I find it adds extra lag because rendering you're character is extra processing .... Guess can only wait and see what is to come , best of luck ... Yes I am still subed .
  3. What other games you play , what is it that draws you to it that you like , Devs and players , what if you added that to Wurm , do you think you would have a hit for new players ? To me its was ultima Online and T-Maps , they had a chance to drop from different mobs and had a lvl to it .. Was fun to to do lvl 7 maps and have a ###### ton of mobs after you , loot was not the best but it was still fun to do with groups .. They were like trying to solo a unique in Wurm .... crazy yet stupid but a dam laugh trying ... What would you think what you like to see from other games you play be nice to add ... ?
  4. None of the above .. For housing building Ark with mods beats them all . Go look at what people have built ,. Instant housing should not even be in that list , only stuff you can build from scratch should be . Wurm is not bad but still limited on hanging stuff up and placement .. But Wurm beats all games for terraforming ....
  5. And the real cause is RMT , pure greed above all else cause a lot of Wurms issues . To many use this game for personal cash grab ...
  6. Not seen any in over a month easy . Do see a lot of hyenas around now ...
  7. One always asks for more and settles for what they really wanted.
  8. Why not just a empty gift box for looks then different styles ....
  9. He stopped playing awhile back , get a GM / support ticket to have it moved ..
  10. We all still lose in the end ..
  11. The winner is the GM or MOD who locks this post , End Game ...
  12. I cant see steam wurm working if they have WU already . Goto steam and nowere on the list do I see WU unless I do a detailed search for game style and even then .. I am starting to think that maybe with some of the old gang gone who programed WO that new ones have no expertise in adding anything else or know how .. It happens , look how long it took to add multi story buildings and bridges ... Its hard to unravel a ball of wool and not loose parts from being cut out and have it still the same . They need to stick to WO and WU and use the assets the new owner have to advertise , not steam ...
  13. There wont be another jackal , its steam in there mind set it seems ..
  14. So after steam WO will we expect Wurm Unchained next ?