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  1. They will never merge clusters , to many people/players would just stop playing .. This game will be no different then Ultima Online with its small player base who just cant let go .. Issue with Wurm is theres nothing to it . Repeat this rinse and do over.. Adding pixel crack does not help in the long run , dosent hurt ether . Wurm must adapt to modern play styles .. dungeons , quests , city's long gone only ruins ,pretty much a rewrite of what there is . Only thing i liked about Wurm was the players and terraforming . Dont think VR will help any . Solution to the problems is to admit there is one and find a solution to it . People can doom and gloom all they want , all games come to a end at sometime .. The time is when players give up waiting for the DEV,s or owners to figure what to do ..
  2. You are rite , the game had a more lively felling to it long ago . But as time goes by it has just died off . Less and less people still play Wurm official mainly . The ones who still play are the diehards . I have not seen anyone in alliance in over 1 year thats is 365 days easy .. They need to open north and south to get players moving around .. I think this may be one reason less people are still around.. Plus there are allot of newer games out and people taste just change.. I have seen you go by my deed on Melody and have waved to you.. That tunnel top north east ... Wish you luck in your travels , may be time to look at another game..
  3. Cancel the payment and wait till Nov 24 for sale to prem up ..
  4. Yes it is nice when your money is worth more then the paper its printed on , to bad Canadian dollar is crap again.. But looks and sounds like a good deal for Wurm premium .
  5. Halloween 2021

    The pumpkin statue a frag drop needing making or just a drop like hats and mask ?
  6. Just noticed this post , man i am slow.. The name of the owner is the deed name Port Damascus , and thank you .. The cave mine was out of boredom ...
  7. Was looking at a deco view for the fruit trees.
  8. Be nice if you could plant fruit tree in them also .
  9. Sure seems like Wurm is being ran as a private server...
  10. #3 when no one is left playing .. #4 Just open it now and let everyone enjoy whats left of players doing so explore . #5 Sale the game to a real company that wants change and invest .. Put the portal idea is no different then having Jackal servers going ...
  11. Not sure why they even changed AH to the extent they did .. Have not seen anything other then name changes and messed up animals .. As for new owners , they should have canceled the purchase soon as Rolf said he saw no future for Wurm income wise . This was posted when people found out of the sale/stock switch he did .. I wish the best for Wurm , i still like it , but many a new and old game are blowing pass it in style and play options ..
  12. Ah yes were lets increase the grind to keep players playing , got to love it ...
  13. So will you be able to hitch the mule to a small cart and ride in it ? And will they have names?
  14. WURM uses 64 bit now , try that see if it works..
  15. Surprised no one has said WURM ... It is a wasted rare gem with so much still that can be added...