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  1. I tryed couple months back to build tall iron gate in arched wall ground floor and it would not work . Was told it was removed...for some reason...
  2. To me its like a person going Hissss .. for bad ...
  3. Dam man you had me going for a minute there... Sindusk as lead DEV...
  4. People like that are nothing more then Click Bait ..
  5. OK thanks . can you add that to the Wiki then..
  6. I made a rare tower , its at 23 Quality and only producing 2 guards.. high as i can improve it for now.. Wiki says rare gives a extra guard ? Is that extra guard only at 50 quality or does it matter for extra one to spawn ..? This is on Melody .. And no they are not in the mine , i looked so have other players .. I have had them killed off till none are left and still only spawns 2 well called for ...
  7. Only after the pitchforks and torches came out .. Very nice add.. Any chance to get strongwall and bury selfs body for Libilia ... hard to track oneself if you die to often or someone else..
  8. To ma SC is a game waiting for gaming system that can deliver on something it could not produce at start.. As far as i see it is 3 or 4 games that were supposed to be one .. I may try it when it is released , not before ... I cant stand that smug face holding a model of ship... makes me think of a used car salesmen ...
  9. Empty coffers

    So far you can get coin from praying thats it.. Foarge, killing and bury rare rolls are giving nothing ...
  10. +1 , dont see any real issue with it added ...plus isent consume corps like 8 or 18 minute reuse timer ? Also being able to cast strongwall on PVE for Libila be nice..
  11. Wasent the exploit also dealing with being able to move away from the ground , when by rites they should have unlinked ? Also that followers were able to link .. As for the archery thing... how many gm,s or devs have priest that used the exploit or feature as they call bugs at times.. easy to rollback for archery since its less hassel from players then the flack they would get from priest and players doing charge back.. Also time to have token sell open .. coffer should be full by now...
  12. Comment noted , now read it again .. Having it set at 1 to start with is auto templar..
  13. Again today in GL chat someone was saying its cost to much to deed .. At issue here is the auto add/purchase of a templar . Please remove this and let the player decide if they want one ..many over look it for some reason ..
  14. Odd no moonmetals or Rifts , but yet they let uniques spawn..