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  1. Love it , as is now it looks like someone forgot to dust of the monitor or dusty lens cap on a camera . Also you're settings may make it look toony ...
  2. Can we add spells would like to see here also ? I think Magranon should get a spell called Stone , same as vyns dirt spell . Lower the reuse time on magranons wrath from 5 minutes to 2 for pve , don't see why 5 is needed same can be said for stonewall from 3 down to 1 minute be handy all pve . Increase the chance of disintegrate for ore veins on deed village and perimeter ,. The linking of off set deity's is interesting but make it that more favour is needed then as its not pure deity faith cast or higher chance to fail .
  3. Put cave to medium and look trough cave walls helps also..inside only of course
  4. Should have had a few of them hamsters on you're sig as backup...
  5. Ok talking in chat yesterday and wondered what could you use rare shingle for , well.. How about a chicken coop that gives more egg and chick chances . Same as for rabbit huch if ever added . Also would be nice to have iron bar fence same as wooden fence for railing on balcony with all the new metal types you can use would look good . Also this one goes out to Tich . Is it possible to make that you can lvl just one corner instead of two or three ..you pick the corner by standing inline with the border ? I would also like to see some leather hat styles added even felt ...
  6. Think this was the spot I cant get the map open to show they had posted . will look to see if a beter direction is posted .
  7. Its from archealogy fragments you find and put together to make them ..
  8. Necro time , the small cart and horse goes back to 2013 being asked for is there any chance of it being added to the game in the near future? Even if it can only hold one large crate would be handy ..
  9. I need become a Demigod and diabolist plus travel 4000 tiles by cart in one go . That's just part I can remember . the RNG for personal goals is out to lunch ..
  10. Just placed one 30 minutes ago , worked fine for me .
  11. Be nice if I could drink some I have now . For some reason I can not drink jin . Yes its been distilled , would QL come into play ? But a large +1 ....
  12. Oh so that's how you get them rewards , its you're goal set by the game . Never knew that , dam . I would be happy to have weapon smithing guide back on wiki ..that actualy works .
  13. Mining still needs a lot of work I think , but don't want to rehash them and have them just say no or totally ignored . Or come up with some excuse that why and its easy to work around said problems.... But I agree some warnings need be changed or given on first hit so know that theres a problem before wasting time to get to near the end and told to bad move on..
  14. So item made using 30 ql iron will come out as 33 ql...? And yes sweet update people , keep up the good work .
  15. And I find you only get 3 ash from cleaning forge ,stove or smelther..