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  1. One always asks for more and settles for what they really wanted.
  2. Why not just a empty gift box for looks then different styles ....
  3. He stopped playing awhile back , get a GM / support ticket to have it moved ..
  4. We all still lose in the end ..
  5. The winner is the GM or MOD who locks this post , End Game ...
  6. I cant see steam wurm working if they have WU already . Goto steam and nowere on the list do I see WU unless I do a detailed search for game style and even then .. I am starting to think that maybe with some of the old gang gone who programed WO that new ones have no expertise in adding anything else or know how .. It happens , look how long it took to add multi story buildings and bridges ... Its hard to unravel a ball of wool and not loose parts from being cut out and have it still the same . They need to stick to WO and WU and use the assets the new owner have to advertise , not steam ...
  7. There wont be another jackal , its steam in there mind set it seems ..
  8. So after steam WO will we expect Wurm Unchained next ?
  9. But what is WU on steam for then ? Plus that last statement shows to me its a cash grab , it may not be your intent to make it look that way but it does . Maybe they should have made WU free ...... Because WO will not be after they find out they still need pay 8 Euros a month plus silver for deeds .... or do they plan to change the deed part ? As steam does not permit RMT , how will player get coin for deed upkeep ? If you say buying it from new company , at what I been reading they do deal in ingame currency and other microshop ... No one is going to pay the prices they are asking for silver from Wurm shop . And if you want a perma ban from Steam try to RMT , yes people still do it just look at Ebay ... I just think more afford should be put into existing Wurm since the old guard is gone and new is in .....
  10. So are you saying this is just another cash grab ? and that the ship is about to hit the ocean bottom ? I don't see why if they are going to go steam no matter what , that they just don't export WO over to it instead if they can ? Work with what you have , making a copy of the game to another launcher is not going to fix issues you have keeping players or attracting new ones . Any new player I see now found WO from playing WU , but found WU had no end game , to fast skilling in some aspect ... So WO did get some free advertising from Steam as WU ... Also since new company owns Club AB and Wurm that mean they have all are personal info , email , Credit card and such ? if so do you not need to advise the player base before such things are done ?
  11. Wurm is not a single player game . it is not WU were one can play single player or small group . It is and always will be about the players they make it what it is . Dividing it up into sub standards of to many facets of what everyone wants is not a answer it only makes it lonely . To see the one person who believed in it sell off and then try to reboot it someplace else is sad .. But I wish him well ..... Sometimes one must read the book they have written after to understand it ....
  12. Just go read WU reviews now on steam , says a lot .
  13. The answer is NO ... There other games coming out that can do the same as in Wurm and more with less restrictions . You are looking at doing nothing more then repeating the same issues you have now for limited player base , if you can not see that them you may be in the wrong line of work .. You have asked many a time before on ways to improve Wurm and player retention and you seem to ignore the basics ... Leave skill grind as is that is not the issue , issue at hand is limited contain and being forced to play multiple characters in a way . Remove priest limits totally and you have a start of something to increase player base . If you do not wish to listen to players in someway who pay for this game , they will move on . They are not asking for the world just a small piece ...QOL... quality of life added ...
  14. You think everyone wants to be a priest to cast enchants ? No .. I would just like the fighting or healing buffs ... Plus you still need lvl them skills like I mentioned before . some people will get faith to 50 or 60 that's it and maybe higher as they use them . it still comes down to channeling for power of the enchant anyways .. I think you would have a increase of 30% of players/subs if they removed restrictions ... And more people would want them alts you sit on for ages or sell off as batteries ..
  15. Why have any restriction ? You still need to lvl them skills up . No matter what having one character that can do it all or 2 or more , you still need spend time doing it . Some prefer two because in one way it is faster then then doing it all on one char ..