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  1. Any work being done on opening mob corps to make window certain size and stay that way ? As is its way to big , same as old client .. Just remove F and R auto hotkey binds and add option to bind last action ... What are the small boxes under the fight positions in combat window ? special moves ? Looking good so far keep up the good work ...
  2. Fight window does not show % for attack chance . Chat and info windows way to blocky looking . Going to repair a stack of items on the ground will pick them up if it finds one not damaged .. Freedom part should be removed from chat label and only show , world or GL , no need for such a large space taken up . Chat window can not be shrinked thickness wise to like only showing 2 lines of script/message . Not sure if i should be using a keyboard or Joystick at the moment , seems like the new UI is setup more for console play ... Hitting space to open chat and walking same time has chance to setting ui to garble mess of letters . Hope people have option to keep old ui insted of new one when steam launch hits . Need a way to turn the health bar off over mobs at a distance or change color also for good or evil mobs ...
  3. Let me deposit coin in my bank from any token on any server without the need to transfer bank to said server ..
  4. What you call Wurm culture reset , in other games is called expansions .... But for Wurm they just add new landmass for that new start feel , this is not the way to go .. And that is were Wurm has issues , new landmass is not the answer , the game needs content of witch it is missing game play wise . Rifts are a start so are the mini scout camps but they do not appear enough .. Archaeology was a nice addition also but it borders on a skill grind but with some reward as items statues, tool and other parts with stats .. I always figured this game would have added Treasure Hunting since it has a good base start ( archaeology ) to it use Ultima Onlines version for it .... Same as for all that empty water , add random pirate ship or lost cargo you need find using map from a mob or fished up bottle ... MIB ..... map in a bottle ... Wurm does have terraforming that makes up a good chunk of game play , and is part of the games appeal . But in the long run just adding new islands to deed and build is not the answer .. Maybe its time bean counters leave the game to players to design ...
  5. WU reminds me of games still in Beta or EA , servers can be wiped at any time . To me WO is about the community the people who come and stay and the ones who go . There is a fluid feel to it , like a neighborhood , always someone new moving in or out . Or new year at school new people to like or hate .. Without that feeling you may as well play in single player game .. There is no feeling for community if you must start over all the time .. It gets boring ... If it come to push or shove i prefer WO merge over to steam if possible and remove the client we have now ..if so possible .
  6. What about mining out rock face that is 5 storey high only to have the back go down to 1 storey .... Dam any warning before you get to last few strikes be nice , tired of getting to 45 shards to say , wall sounds hollow you must stop mining here crap .... Have examine option to see if any problems will arise ...
  7. So its still two saperate game then's ? but same version , unless they let you go back and forth like they did for Pristine and Release at a later date .. If not then i see it bleeding players from WO ....if it is not opened later ... But did they not say that you can not use same name as old WO ? on steam ? for character ....
  8. Is there a typo for the sell of silver and premium ? 5 s + 1 month package is 15.49 Euros Yet 1 month is 7;99 Euros only itself And 5 s is 6:49 Euros itself So just buying the 1 month and 5 s separate is cheaper by 1:01 Euros ?
  9. Buys a new keyboard for review posting on Steam..... This is going to be fun .....
  10. I know brick sellers may have issues with it , but if you made the reclaimed bricks notrade would that help ... This is a good idea that has been suggested before ... keep it up .
  11. Sent and waiting for my 6 months prem .
  12. Did you go look on token under deed info for owner/mayor ?
  13. Wondering if Demonanightshade still plays or not . Was wondering what there plans are with the deed Nightshade Hollow ..?
  14. Thanks for the dragon hunt , was a blast .. Found a bunch more val items on way home ..
  15. Ill try and be there , thanks for the hunt ...