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  1. I have 45 if you want , Damascussteel .
  2. Always figured banned accounts and items were perma deleated from game . Why the change to auction ? Just lava it all .
  3. Why dont they just have a raffle ? Draw names of players who are premium at the moment or sell tickets . Let everyone who may want some of the items a chance instead of players who have almost unlimited coin that are in game. Yes i know they can still buy more tickets then others , but its still a draw chance , and people know Wurm RNG can be wild .
  4. This odd pricing was reported years ago by me . Surprised it took so long .
  5. Each year pass gets harder to find old stuff .
  6. Beating a dead horse wont make anything change , been like this for years . One reason was RMT before it was removed. LOL ya sure.... I dont see why you dont just make other mobs drop different types of hides or scale . Make them on par to drake hide or scale , give them each a different look , that is what people seem to be going for . That way drake or dragon slaying will be more of a ya i can do it and journal update . Maybe that will finally put this subject to rest for good .
  7. Any ETA on this up on test ? 2 months or 5 years ? the bridges by Christmas 2006 always gets me. Also, the map on the wall , can we expect other items like curtains or swords and shields being able to be put up ? I know they have shield display .
  8. Good time to add fireball to priest cast to make up for less archers . Also any plan to add a way for players to be resd if dying there ? Troll camps sound good . Any ETA on this stuff ?
  9. Performance Art

    I was waiting for a song and dance routine ... But sounds good to get lag fixed on all servers ..
  10. It's a nicedream , but wont happen . They said before when asked to do this , it was a no . Would like to have my giant cricket back .
  11. Sometimes it is easier to fix stuff that does not need fixing, because they have no clue how to fix what is really broke .. See we did something this week ...
  12. Like someone asked in chat , why fix something thats not broken , and also asked what person would be crazy enough to try crash the sevrer using lava , and what would it take to do so if even possible ?
  13. Always use real coin for premium and also if i need ingame silver , since i dont realy have a skill to make any . I play the game to have fun , not as a job ..
  14. So instead of taking 1 hour and 18 using 9 characters to close the rift were looking at maybe 35 minutes ? Not sure if this is good or bad .