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  1. Will the chest skin apply to rare chests and not screw them up ? And nice job on them .....
  2. Just add scale and hide to T-Maps and uniques . That way you please everyone . So add T-Maps now .
  3. When you go to use paypal it uses the characters name as ID . So paypal sees Damascus thinking you are trying to send money to Damascus , it is on a no money black listed place for Paypal to deal with . Even talking to them was a waist of time after 2 years trying i had to change ingame name ... Thanks to Enki and gang , but i miss my name .
  4. Some times you have no choice but get a name change because of there account setup . ....
  5. My old character name i had to change to play Wurm .. i miss it ...
  6. Just add rune books like UO has ... need favor to cast ..
  7. they seem to be moving towards same other generic games . And the 2 silver was good , even if it was for 2 weeks premium , it let new players try the game out . I dont want to pay 2 months to not play it after a couple weeks because the game is not what i am looking for . And now with removal of referrals almost seems like there trying to kill off player base .. seems to many bean counters and not players making decesions for Wurms future . And this was ninja add , not posting any intent before hand ? Traders are pretty much useless now for what you pay for them .. Guess they found a way to remove them totally one way or another , ether by player disbanding deeds or no longer buying them .. 20% off rent may be good for some people who have had them for ages now , but not worth to get one now .
  8. So no more 2 s alts or referral soon . Are you planning to remove premium purchase also using ingame silver ? Was reading foot notes at log in and seems to be that also . Its true people were using the 2 s for surmon groups and such or make perma storage alt .. See how this pans out .. But nice adds to todays patch ..
  9. This is going to be interesting next few months . Guessing Rolfs offsite place wont fly now , and who in staff plans to patrol places like Ebay and other such sites ? Have a stock pile of popcorn just waiting for they banned me for no reason ... ....
  10. You sell out ? haven't seen you on lately ..

    Seen Kniva on 1 week back , not sure if its still you ...

  11. Soon as they said going over to steam should have been a red flag for most players. Next will be in late fall that WO will be closed to put all affords into WS , ending WO in early 2021 .. Steam will not last long . if you like to grind skills sure np , but this game still lacks contain ... skill grinding is not contain ... Was under the impression traders were being phased out 1 year or so back ? Unless you placed the trader that's to bad so sad no move , I have seen free traders deeded over to stop others from there use . My deed has 2 years upkeep and will ride it to the end ....
  12. Are the spell list for priest changing any other then listed ? And follower's going back to original deity , the spells they had be added to the Fab 4 ?
  13. With all the people I see leaving Wurm and selling off to quitthinking that this is it for Wurm Online since they are going to start all over on steam . If you think they will merge this Wurm with Steam , wont happen . What makes you think players will buy something for a dying game then , namely you're character and items so you can sell the gold and silver for real cash ? Unless new players have no clue what's been going on pass year and are willing to gamble Wurm will not see the same faith as WU is receiving ? I have nothing against you Wurmhole , but I just see people saying they had it and having a quit sale ..... Makes no sense why someone would take such a chance ..
  14. Starting to look more and more like you are trying to kill WO to get people to switch to Steam version when and if it comes out ... Has the new owners of Club AB had any input to the changes ? Because so far with all the changes coming to stuff you had improved , to step backwards instead ,,, priest changes and followers adding new demy GOD,s just to go back to old god system is odd ... The loyalty sounds interesting , but makes me think of one time loot box depending on account age . Third person view , on a lot of games I find it adds extra lag because rendering you're character is extra processing .... Guess can only wait and see what is to come , best of luck ... Yes I am still subed .