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  1. Ah yes were lets increase the grind to keep players playing , got to love it ...
  2. So will you be able to hitch the mule to a small cart and ride in it ? And will they have names?
  3. WURM uses 64 bit now , try that see if it works..
  4. Surprised no one has said WURM ... It is a wasted rare gem with so much still that can be added...
  5. Hmmm... just when i figured it may time to get prayer up.. Wurm , if its fun it's time to nerf....
  6. Not found any yet on Melody .. On Inde found a couple at 0.02 and 0.04 tops .
  7. How many players went to defiance to get prayer up ? Looks interesting.. Is it possible that help skins could be attached to any head armor piece ? Studded helm is not that interesting looking..
  8. Melody 2021-01-14 07:59 PM2021-01-16 07:59 PM> 2 Days As you can see niarja is saying its going to open tonight since it spawned the time it was closed.. Are they going to hold it off for 12 hours ? Things like that never work out for Gm/Devs ... Should i head to it incase it dosent pan out or wait till Sunday morning ?
  9. You may make it Toxic....
  10. Oops! you did it again.... Nice going guys...
  11. I know a few forest areas i like to burn down.... As for building you can just destroy from manage anyways . The rest carts and such sounds good..
  12. Been trying to find youtube vids on making a custom map from scratch not import someone 's stuff. Like a map totally from scratch that you make from raising certain sections to lowering , so a flat terrain .. Then adding resources and such .. Thanks
  13. Also it spawned on a deed . so had to lure mobs away to butcher and cast spells... Was waiting for a server going down notice during it..
  14. The game that keeps on giving and the team that keeps on taking.... Dam i love Wurm...