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  1. Priest overhaul testing

    Ok Somebody just crashed test .. As a mag priest inferno should not piss off the mob until its hit , not enough time for spell to finish casting before you get interrupted. Unless there is a skill that will lower being interrupted by the mob.. Strongwall timer needs to be reduced 3 minutes on pve is nuts still. Mole sense should show direction of ore vein . Heal for mag is just perfect other then it should let you cast it on your bar , and not have to open paper doll same as if you are healing another player setup. I am doing this at 70 skills and 50 stats only for players that are not gimped ..
  2. [WTS] Red Dragon Scale Armour Set

    Drake is easyer to get then scale still ..
  3. Priest overhaul testing

    This what I am wondering about also.. Did I just premium my char for a year and now find I should have done my priest instead ? But like they said this is just a prelook at what may be...
  4. Priest overhaul testing

    Any plans to enchanting gems with spells , like strongwall or molle sence ? you would need a gem of equal or higher QL for the cast .. I know you can buy globe from trader , but that's insta cast also , gem would still take the 3 year cast ( 3 minutes ) , can the time be reduce also to say 2 minutes for pve ? Gems could use some love other then using them to lvl or store power ....
  5. Cateyeing the East Plains Highway?

    Unless you plan to totally collapse that tunnel and remove the supports from the ground to , forget it .. To the east there is a road goes around and can be joined very easy to the highway above Orient express tunnel . It needs some fixing here and there but its 2 lanes all the way down to Merridian Tunnel and road heading to New Hope deed .. that Payu did .. That being done will make almost over half of Inde connected. I understand about wanting rice field and such repaired and I have noticed that area been screwed up a lot terraforming wise not sure why .. 51x , 52 x on that line is the road I am talking about , 53 Y up is double wide .. from 51x to 40 , 41 y down can work great to meet up to 44y with not to much work involved . If Shiann does not want it to cross there bridge then it can go way behind theres Is road that meets up to the road heading towards House pain , before it is highway leading to Devils peaks tunnel. \it will just need to be deeded at each end to widen the tunnel entrance then reinforcement added to to the ground ...
  6. Archaeology Tokens

    To bad you can not lock them down . Goto starter town and have a highway of memory's for old player deeds ....
  7. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Problem with WO and WU is people play Wurm Online to make money and that's all it seems pass while . By doing so they kill the fun aspect of the game grinding and doing nothing but foraging for coin , its a rare race for one who can make a sell the best . Let alone people trying to get the best enchants on items. Maybe the day people see this as a game to enjoy you may have more players and add a lot of what WU servers have .. I have had a lot of friends come and try out the game , but after a month just got bored doing same things over and over. Only time can tell ...
  8. [Bug] Archaeology -- crisis of "confidence".

    Inde , deed name Around the Corner ... its listed in my journal also ...
  9. [Bug] Archaeology -- crisis of "confidence".

    Not sure if this should go here but . I was investigating by alts deed and it shows it as being here at one time ?? same info you would get for old abandoned deed .. The deed is still up and has never been removed ? Or the name used in this area before , deed is only less then three months old if that ..
  10. Valrei International. 070

    I was so happy for the updates that I purchased a full years premium couple weeks back . Thank you Devs . I love it ...
  11. Cateyeing the East Plains Highway?

    Actually few of us were looking at going from oak harbour all the way south also from that slate bridge just need to expand the road about 250 tiles to steppes. Also you're plan to cats eye to House of Pain is good , we were looking at going up to the cross roads leading to Devils peaks. But the tunnel is only 1 wide opening and would need to be deeded at each end to remove supports since south side has cat eyes already connected almost half of Inde if done ..
  12. Patch Notes 04/OCT/18

    I was able to get full report at 43 archeology and 45 restoration for my first deed token cache .
  13. Sculpting Wands

    Any response from a Dev if this would be possible ?
  14. A new use for rock shards

    This was asked about while but to be used for lvling mine floors .. I don't see why it cant be used as a filler same as dirt .. If someone wishes to sell dirt at 50 c per 1k that's up to them , I do not think someone will dig that much to sell at such a cheep price ...
  15. Storage for archaeology fragments

    Items with runes on them that is...