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  1. Makers mark to fencing and walls ..

    Can this be locked or a dev response be nice ...
  2. Valrei International. 073

    Haven's Landing new Howl most likely at other end of Inde... Love the horses and chickens . There is a little 1 tile island on Ide infront of were Rockcliff use to be at Inner Sea , there is a statue of sorts there now , would like to see it replaced with one of Tich . New owner and most platers from there know the spot .....
  3. Its been asked also before as use to make docks of sorts to a small land point .. Give a more looking port feel ..
  4. Tich's Hat - Fishing Hat

    Made from straw/thatch .. +1
  5. Bridge falling ..

    Was told to bug report it here by a couple of CA ...
  6. Bridge falling ..

    If you dismount from horse or cart there is a 50/50 chance to end up under the bridge . Has happen to me over 5 times easy . Flat or arch bridge same thing . You will be under it and some times be considered still on the horse or wagon , other times off it . If showing as being on it effect you need to log out and back in to get out from under the bridge . Also items dropped on bridge will disappear on the ground below or to a 1 tile over .. You do not take fall damage , but may be hard to get back up if low stam ..
  7. Rift for 7 Nov

    Thank god its next door this time.... Thanks Finndar
  8. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    Wurm seems empty now at the passing of such a kind person who I met and lived near ingame . Tich was Wurm the air , water and ground you walk on ingame it will have her imprint marked in for ever ... Thank you Keyos for telling me about her passing earlier ....
  9. Wagoner to move creature cages

    +10 top notch idea....
  10. Slaying - Kyklops

    Will be there , fresh pick ready to mine some more ..
  11. Make the fur and rug you make from champs large , like area rug also ....
  12. Patch Notes 30/OCT/18

    Can never go wrong with new bling , thank Dev,s Now just need a broom .....
  13. Slaying - Red Dragon Hatchling

    Ok that red hatchling would make a nice plushy for Christmas instead of a goat or reindeer ...
  14. Slaying - Red Dragon Hatchling

    Dam that's a cute picture.. Hope to be there .
  15. A Horse of a Different Color

    Love to see more color of horses also more bull/cow type , ox , longhorn and so on ... +1