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  1. ISnt it about time we had ceilings?

    Make it a solid object , one piece roof and ceiling to get pass that hurdle . Would like to see roof that slope up to a wall and not a peak .
  2. How to kill your own game tutorial

    The devs should add it to the game ..
  3. How to kill your own game tutorial

    Have key bind for set hook ...
  4. 517 slope

    Thanks Alexgopen , was not sure if terrain would reset . Just hope no one falls from that hight .....
  5. 517 slope

    Surface mining , outside slope , above ground . This is on Indy , Port Damascus South east S23/24
  6. 517 slope

    Was using strongwall and surface mining to lower rock . I have had warnings saying mountain would collapse , always at end of all the actions . It would not let me continue to tunnel . I moved on to other sections , came back and hit that tile to have it open and make a 517 slope and 328 .. What will happen or should I stop ?
  7. How to kill your own game tutorial

    So why are you still here then ?
  8. [Resolved] Satchel space/volume/size change?

    Would satchel quality come into effect somehow now > maybe a bug ???
  9. close-WTS Ingame Silver Coins

    Thanks for the quick sell , would deal with you again .
  10. PMK Stuff from 1% kingdom influence.

    Noticed you like to cut and paste just parts to fit what you want . Chaos was to PVP , not make coin to RMT , remove all cross border selling of PMK stuff then , that would settle it for you ? I did not think so , someone comes along whos art work is much better then you'rs and cuts into you're profits ? Grow up , I think this would be worth looking since it is getting no were in you're eyes .
  11. PMK Stuff from 1% kingdom influence.

    You need content , and this game is very low in it . Only thing to fill that void so far are Rifts and at times events GM team may add . As for Gof to show more of his art work , did he submit anything wen they were looking for new tapestry , what about wall painting to hang up . As to how new designs bring in players , look at new wall textures they added and roofs , let alone paving they actualy added quite a few new players back in the time . No it did not last long but it was bait to lure people to try it out .
  12. PMK Stuff from 1% kingdom influence.

    How about soon as you bring that wagon or item back to freedom it reverts to freedom item not faction . So the 150 wagons and other crap is worthless , but wait , that mean's you wont be able to sell any to pve players on freedom now . Dam there's just no way to win is there ? Remove deed drain , remove transfer of chaos items to freedom faction banners , wagons and such and make it what chaos was intended for PVP not a cash shop .
  13. PMK Stuff from 1% kingdom influence.

    Thing is they only want to be able to sell this pixel crack to players , not any one else . It cuts into there profits . They want more players to PVP yet they try everything to stop players from joining . Like you said drain there deeds , fight them , is that not what you wanted ? more people to fight in the first place >
  14. Valrei International. 085

    Someone getting frags last night came across one named special piece of a gift box ???? 10 th year surprise maybe ?? I am so happy I stuck it out first day I tried Wurm so many years ago . Thanks for all the fun Wurmians ....
  15. Intentionally Removing People From History

    Interesting to see it still going on today in Canada .