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  1. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    I see your point but that is one of the ways they afford to have multiple deeds and pay upwards of a gold or more for a deed per month. Are you able to say you do that? Also are you risking everything you built and have? This is the last I will say on this.
  2. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    -1 Reason: to have and maintain the possibility to have a custom anything takes a lot of time and energy to takes a lot of time and effort. Not only do you have to come up the gold but you must have a group that is active enough and skilled enough to defend your kingdom. There is great risk involved in this as this is full loot PvP. While I do like some of the aspects of the freedom servers the risk is no where what it is on the PvP servers. This is a pride thing. As a possible compromise in this maybe not the full item set but a single item such as the tabard or a banner for your alliance that can be placed on your deeds only. This would allow you to show pride in your alliance and yet minimize the slap in the face to those that risk everything.
  3. Wurm Assistant - Enrich Your Wurm Experience

    Sorry if this has been addressed but I was unable to locate it. Steped away from the game for about 6 months and came back. This used to run great but now getting this error on startup. 12/25/2018 4:11:15 AM > Local version is: None 12/25/2018 4:11:15 AM > Obtaining latest version for build stable-win 12/25/2018 4:11:15 AM > Latest version for build stable-win is: 103 12/25/2018 4:11:15 AM > Downloading... 12/25/2018 4:11:15 AM > Downloading... 12/25/2018 4:11:15 AM > Downloading package for build stable-win for version 103 12/25/2018 4:11:17 AM > download completed 12/25/2018 4:11:17 AM > Installing... 12/25/2018 4:11:17 AM > Installing... 12/25/2018 4:11:18 AM > Launcher failed to download or install WA3 version MinorVersion: , BuildCode: stable-win, BuildNumber: 103, BuildStamp: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM +00:00 of build stable-win. Error: Access to the path 'C:\Users\XXXXX\Desktop\Wurm\WurmAssistant3Launcher\stage\Extracted' is denied. 12/25/2018 4:11:19 AM > Error while attempting to start Wurm Assistant: The system cannot find the file specified 12/25/2018 4:11:19 AM > Could not start WA for version: MinorVersion: , BuildCode: stable-win, BuildNumber: 103, BuildStamp: 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM +00:00 I have tried to redownolad, run as administrator, etc and still same result. I have verified that the file exists. My antivirus shows no log of blocking it. any suggestions?
  4. You fall into a trance. Do you believe in what people say or what people do?

  5. im not looking to combine all but just the combat and event tabs into 1. Using a priest in battle ans switching between them is a pain since spells go to the event tab.