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  1. Since the market seems weak at the moment for this. Sleep Powder Normal price 1s ea Sale Price 80c ea. That's a savings of 20c ea. I have 26 Buy the lot for 18s. Save 8s on the lot. Also I have 1 Farwalker stone and 2 Farwalker Twigs. On the Merchant they are 5s ea. Selling for 3s ea. I will consider trades. Will deliver to any coast except Chaos.
  2. I have found that sometimes when crafting using the crafting window the item being added to drops from the window. I have noticed this when making support beams. Having the unfinished support beam in either the right or left makes no difference. When adding a item (usually the log or shaft. Never seems to happen with the ribbons) the unfinished support beam is removed from the crafting window. Not every time the client launches does this happen but it seems to over 50% of the time. This never seems to happen with the native client.
  3. Highway adjustment. Following the same route the following sections should be tunnels. 1643, 1597 to 1643, 1586 1643, 1550 to 1643, 1502 1647, 1406 to 1656, 1326 1656, 1315 to 1655, 1267
  4. Our highway, extend to 1610, 1422, then turns to 1622, 1406, then to 1656, 1405, then to 1655, 1233, finally to 1638, 1217, tieing in at 1637, 1205. All markings are approximate guesses but should be close. We will find out at the next map dump.
  5. Switched my Shares

    Notice that the press release is 2 months old....
  6. Switched my Shares

    Well maybe this means the game will get back to the original vision for the game and not be run by a few that scream the loudest. I have seen this game go through many changes over the years as have the handful of others that have been around as long or longer than I have. Some changes were for the better, such as boats, bridges, multi level houses, terraforming rock, riding animals, etc. Others were game play killers such as removal of tower chaining, removal of ore caps, changes to the white light function, rule changes because a GM got ganked by arrogance on his play toon, poor rollout of the player based kingdom function, etc. These are my opinions but also some of the many reasons the player base is dwindling as they are reasons many have heard for reason to quit playing. I remember the days when there were just 2 servers, and an average of 300 active at all times. With all the tree hugging rule changes its now about 30 per server on a good day. [10:57:41] You entered through the portal to Wurm on Luck day, week 1 of the Raven's starfall, 983. That's 4360 days, 15 hours and 31 minutes ago.
  7. [19:39:26] <Dreammaster> Hello, CM responding to your support call 82087. [19:39:48] <Dreammaster> I chekced on this and the bug has now been added to the existing to do list 7 days ago [19:39:58] <Dreammaster> so expect it to finally be updated soon [19:43:30] <Eledok> thanks
  8. Upon further investigation into this, even the game calls it a tool. When you go to make one: Activate Stone Chisel. Right Click Shards, Marble. Select Create Select Tools Select Mortar and pestle.
  9. Ticket #82081. I decided to work on my Journal 1 of the items I needed to do was imp a tool to over 70ql. Since I'm also working on cooking I thought it would be good to imp one of my cooking tools that was 13ql. The Mortar and Pestle won the decision as it is a valuable cooking tool. If it is not please tell me what it would be classified as. Also there is no mention that a item has to be made of any certain materiel for this task. So after many painstaking hours since my skill is about 59 in stone cutting I got it to 70.02 to be sure it wasn't a rounding issue. It does not clear it. Please advise as the fact this is not a tool is bogus.
  10. My thought was 2-4 times a year but hey thanks for the responses. The message is out, the thoughts are there.
  11. This may of already been talked about and may be in the wrong place so feel free to move it. I would like to see more frequent map dumps for just the freedom servers excluding Chaos. I know and understand the requirement for security there. So this would be just Independence, Deliverance, Exodus, Celebration, Xanadu, Pristine and Release. This would make the community maps more accurate as things are constantly changing. What say you all?
  12. I see your point but that is one of the ways they afford to have multiple deeds and pay upwards of a gold or more for a deed per month. Are you able to say you do that? Also are you risking everything you built and have? This is the last I will say on this.
  13. -1 Reason: to have and maintain the possibility to have a custom anything takes a lot of time and energy to takes a lot of time and effort. Not only do you have to come up the gold but you must have a group that is active enough and skilled enough to defend your kingdom. There is great risk involved in this as this is full loot PvP. While I do like some of the aspects of the freedom servers the risk is no where what it is on the PvP servers. This is a pride thing. As a possible compromise in this maybe not the full item set but a single item such as the tabard or a banner for your alliance that can be placed on your deeds only. This would allow you to show pride in your alliance and yet minimize the slap in the face to those that risk everything.