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  1. it was close to home, and we wanted to see it up close.. but then they destroyed my chair, that was in acceptable and i joined the knights in their struggle. some of the many pic i took on that evening: the first waves of invaders were quickly put to the sword (or axe, or sickle), and bodies started littering the ground women and men, knights and archers, all stemmed against the tide. the praying priest bolstering their backs with a glorious charge the remnants of the enemy was wiped from the field but the warmaster released his elite upon the tiered defenders.. but with might and courage the vile beasts were slain one after the other until only the Warmaster and his bodyguard stood.. and with the first light of a new morning Xanadu was saved once again.
  2. impressive.. guess i have to ride over and take a closer look.
  3. must be a joy to toil in this mine.. i also like the lighting, dark tunnel - bright rooms.
  4. hey. i have a strange question ;)

    the pylon you have near the harbor, is it finished? and if yes, can it be moved when finished?




    1. RockyBalboa


      That pylon is under construction and is currently a top priority. Although it can be pushed fourth and back from its intended location on deed, it is at the edge of the perimeter there because it can only be continued while off of deed. The pylon can be pushed back onto deed once complete from what I understand, so it will be moved back into place where it will not obscure that group of newly-built market stalls.

  5. sorry to hear Davih! and thanks for the warning. .
  6. after moving out to my own place, tis time to step back and take a look at this great place. i doubt there is a better place to capture the realm of this awesome bunch of people than... well... mount awesome. thanks for everything!
  7. just looked for the url, and it working now. can be closed. thanks.
  8. when selecting the registration tab a blank page with the following shows up.. it did work for me in the past, so i need a clue how to solve this. Registration Sorry, the registration page could not be displayed.
  9. Xanadu Map

    a word of warning on this. only small sail and knarr can pass through this atm. there are two landbridges before the northern entrance and one outside the southern exit (by the market). the canal itself is crumbling and has several cave-ins already.
  10. and it was incredibly annoying that it was impassable for the bigger ships. so, thanks for the modification it needed so desperatly.