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  1. Valrei International. 077

    Poor Keenan (helps to dress wounds) we do appreciate the Hamster training you do. but art changes are so visual. but then so is lag. keep up the good work
  2. Deliverance Community Map (Discontinued)

    it looks great +1
  3. New Deliverance Tunnel - Shark Lake

    my part was only very small. But for those that did the bulk of the work. it looks fantastic. better than I could have imagined
  4. Deliverance historical maps

    thanks for this Yaga its brilliant
  5. Old Player Looking for a Home

    Hello you are welcome to join Rainbow Bridge. the village is more leaning towards new players. but as a priest you will benifit the village with your priestly ways
  6. More Time Please

    So your telling me that if i go to epic and kill a troll king . wich will make me the winner on epic, I can get my prize trasferable to Freedom?
  7. More Time Please

    Yes you can not add a 3 month time limit to goals, then give us less notice than that to say your taking it away. That is incredibly un-sportsman like.
  8. More Time Please

    So you have already been a winner then?
  9. More Time Please

    If I win the game on epic, I can not bring my prize to freedom
  10. More Time Please

    Hello I bet I am not alone in being one unique from finishing personal goals. Not to mention being given 2 months notice of the removal of personal goals. when you have to have played as premium for 3 months to qualify to be a "winner". Can you please give us more time to finish our goals. or have a huge unique event where we can get the unique we need to finish our goals. none of my alts will finish the game. But I am more upset that my main will not either!
  11. Chicken Coop improvement just incase you were not sure what chicken wire is
  12. Chicken Coop improvement

    Because the new chicken coop looks like a repurposed FSB. I just feel that some chicken wire on the front would just make it look a little more realistic . And to make the chicken wire we use wires, simple but effective
  13. 100 Restoration Title

    Yay. Now for achaeology . really show Wurm who is Queen
  14. Green Dog Needs Some Work

    my thought would be to widen the island in the middle to accomodate the slight drop to the east . well thats where my alts did there swimming when they first logged in
  15. All the rainbows at Rainbow Bridge!

    So glad to see you again too. The final plan ended up a bit different than I had planed, but it still looks good. And our new villagers have helped me make the creek a river that my cog can now sail up and into Lake of Tears.