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  1. 100 Restoration Title

    Yay. Now for achaeology . really show Wurm who is Queen
  2. Green Dog Needs Some Work

    my thought would be to widen the island in the middle to accomodate the slight drop to the east . well thats where my alts did there swimming when they first logged in
  3. All the rainbows at Rainbow Bridge!

    So glad to see you again too. The final plan ended up a bit different than I had planed, but it still looks good. And our new villagers have helped me make the creek a river that my cog can now sail up and into Lake of Tears.
  4. All the rainbows at Rainbow Bridge!

    The Poll is now closed. And the people have spoken. A stone bridge it will be, with marble paving over it. After feedback from Retrograde, the 2 bridge idea offered above has been changed to a single bridge. The image below is similar to how the end product will look. bridge.png?dl=0
  5. All the rainbows at Rainbow Bridge!

    I have that planed for the east side of the deed. just behind the hostel. One of the new players staying at Rainbow Bridge is looking forward to helping me build the first one.
  6. All the rainbows at Rainbow Bridge!

    for reflection of the light i think the paving needs to be marble. and possibly the bridge made of stone
  7. All the rainbows at Rainbow Bridge!

    Hello Delians, After spending some extra time at Rainbow Bridge, i've been bothered by the dirt mound on the north side of the bridge. Since the new waystone systems allow buildings within highways and to keep our beloved Rainbow Bridge looking all neat and medieval looking, we have come up with a few solutions. So far the favorites are the followings : Option 1 - 2 marble bridges Option 2 - 2 stone bridges instead of the marbles ones: Do note that it is possible to pave over bridges, so a combo of stone and marble is possible in both cases. Please vote for your favorite and comment on possible changes!
  8. Uniques Overhaul

    I have seen. and maked the ppl who had the best sugestions
  9. Selling All items

    [17:56:13] You enter Rivendell. I came. the wagon was not there. I will be sending something in the mail for refund. i will not be comming over again.
  10. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    “Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?” Quote by Terry Pratchett. I never knew you. But you will be remembered. May you rest well, whilst waiting for the rest of us to join you.
  11. Selling All items

    Jenn Kellon Wagon (1) 2s and Mol Rehan (1) 2s please
  12. Hi Not sure if this has already been reported. when highlighting cross and selecting bury all the meat and other bits get left above ground. thanks