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  1. Selling All items

    Jenn Kellon Wagon (1) 2s and Mol Rehan (1) 2s please
  2. Hi Not sure if this has already been reported. when highlighting cross and selecting bury all the meat and other bits get left above ground. thanks
  3. Ikademandreds Pizza Company

    good pizzas . made to order. Happy with time taken to send pizza. will order again if required :)
  4. Eviction Notice Served to my New Villager (Slaying)

    sure :) if i am awake i will do my best to help you oust your unwelcome villager.
  5. to help promote chat within the freedom chat in game the option to opt in or out of having your name show on side bar like you have in alliance chat or local. it is hard to start off a chat if you have no idea who you are chatting too. but if you see the name of ppl your more likely to say "oh hi BOB long time no see" and a conversation is born.
  6. Deli server down

    coming up to 30 min down
  7. Deli server down

    been down for 15+ min now
  8. Achievements difficulty.

    i would like to have achievable personal goals on my main character. it seems nothing is going to come easy to Delightfuldee. recipes were broken. and now the personal goals may as well be too . kill 100 "wild" unicorns , plant 5000 k of trees, put 10 K items in trash bin. when others only need to put 100 in... should not the amount be the same for every player? personal goals are broken as far as im concerned :(
  9. A Deliverance story.

    i have just reliased i left someone off the list of helpers. so that must be rectified. Thank you also goes to Xyonado who donated a cart and helped to make bricks for the rebuild.
  10. A Deliverance story.

    its very awsome indeed Cecci. now he/she can work out where all the beds ovens and chests go
  11. A Deliverance story.

    Today marks the end of the rebuilding of Rainbow Bridge, one of our oldest landmarks who went through many owners, changed from landbridge to marble bridge, but kept its rainbow colors. The deed fell a few weeks ago and the buildings Pragmatist designed were slowly rotting away, saddened by the thought new players would never see the village in its previous glory we planned it, keeping track of the layout and prepared the rebuilding. We want to thank our many helpers, some of them donated materials : Toadly, Mrcoolman, Karidwen, Jberg (even Enki through his random enkounters), others also helped by landing a hand (and mats) : Dizzylexia, Velvetsun, Awen, Wilca, Royalt, Odynn and Delightfuldee. But today was also a surprise for someone else, Pragmatist came back on the game after many months and found his deed at a higher QL and with a different token placement than where he left it. Needless to say that we are happy to welcome him back in the game as a villager of Rainbow Bridge once again. from Odynn and myself.
  12. love the before and after shot from a birds eye view. all i know is a lot of good wood went to rot. and that now the only mobs are sheep cows pigs chickens dogs and wolfs. no bee's no spiders not scorps no bears bar the ones that wander into the area. sad really very very sad .
  13. Kurson's Pizzeria (closed)

    hi can i have 5 pizza's please random will do fine . thanks in advance Dee