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  1. +10 sorry one day i may learn the finer art of just putting in the bit i want. But the dev streamings is something i woould really love to watch
  2. Poor Keenan (helps to dress wounds) we do appreciate the Hamster training you do. but art changes are so visual. but then so is lag. keep up the good work
  3. my part was only very small. But for those that did the bulk of the work. it looks fantastic. better than I could have imagined
  4. thanks for this Yaga its brilliant
  5. Hello you are welcome to join Rainbow Bridge. the village is more leaning towards new players. but as a priest you will benifit the village with your priestly ways
  6. So your telling me that if i go to epic and kill a troll king . wich will make me the winner on epic, I can get my prize trasferable to Freedom?
  7. Yes you can not add a 3 month time limit to goals, then give us less notice than that to say your taking it away. That is incredibly un-sportsman like.
  8. So you have already been a winner then?
  9. If I win the game on epic, I can not bring my prize to freedom