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  1. They're not native to the BC coast. Much the same to be said about bamboo, Although bamboo does thrive and grows like a weed. I'm originally from Vancouver. Perhaps if there was an Equator on the world map, then by all means, have palm trees. Then we can also have coconuts, pineapple and musa (wild banana).
  2. +1 to being able to harvest flowers for use in the making of dyes, as some flowers are cultivated in the making of such and it was mentioned in another thread about being able to have herb gardens, so much easier for cooking and medicinal if you had a garden with readied to be harvested. Could make them seasonal. Season of Silence would have a chance to terminate a crop of herbs.
  3. +1 to cactus, prickly pears, another plant that has fruit, -1 to palm trees as it requires tropical and subtropical, which doesn't fit wurm
  4. Since there is corn = corn syrup, but I suppose maple syrup being cooked could yield maple sugar, to be added as an ingredient, since pecan pie, is corn syrup+sugar+pecan. However, don't need to add pecans, just use walnuts and/or hazelnuts. Someone suggested in another thread about adding wheybread, but then could also add seafarer's tac. But, the historical account of it's use, was often infested with grubs. Mmm, protein......ick. I would suggest nut bread (nuts already exist as do the ingredients for the making of bread), fruit bread (fruit already exists that are used in the making of such bread), potato bread (potatoes would just have to be added in addtion to flour, pinch of salt and water). These breads are unleavened, no yeast required, heavy breads. Slow decay time. The fruit bread would ferment before it became moldy. Mincemeat pie. Apple, cherry, wine, meat, animal fat are just some of the ingredients. I would think such a pie would require a high skill as there are large amount of ingredients required. If there was some form of canning, storing of fruit in clay vessels, sealed with wax could yield brandied (wine) fruit. Which was often how some foods were stored. Herbs and salted water to store other foods. Many of these were ingredients in foods cooked during the winter months. Kitchen was the home apothecary. Not just for cooking. A lot of alchemy occurred in the kitchen as well. Keeping this in mind, a lot recipes are possible.
  5. salt has many uses, not only in cooking and preserving of food, such as meat and fish, but also in alchemical recipes. In another thread about the inclusion of books, vellum, which is crafted from lambskin, is very useful. If underground, there was to be a brine could be found, could be used in the treatment of leather. Not sure why salt is so rare to come across, since it is a common element. Often derived from shallow pools. Rock salt shouldn't be the only source. In a fishing thread, one sugestion was the drying of kelp. Kelp is another possible source of acquiring salt.
  6. It would certain give another reason to have pigs other than for meat. How about have a spot where the corpses of creatures encountered could be placed and have that as the material required to enable fungi to grow. Not only would you have to worry about creatures being attracted by the carrion, but it would be an additional item required in the building of the fungi box. You would still be required to add any kind of vegetation to it, not just logs, to maintain it.
  7. Buoys

    attaching a lamp to illuminate the water and as a marker for a location that you may be dredging +1
  8. It's Nessy or Ogo Pogo. It would be nice to be able to summon wildlife that have been previously encountered. +1 for fishing to be improved upon
  9. As a player that just built a place, that stands 6 floors up. Though for sure, once I placed braziers on the four corners, when nightfall came, the glow of such a beacon could not really be seen unless close up. It's 10 tiles from the shoreline and 20 tiles from the nearest guard tower. Usually a lightnouse was built as marker, a beacon, for someone to see from the crow's nest, as the location of a harbor or as a marker of a water hazard. Braziers were what was used within a lighthouse, often a polished metal disc was added to direct the illumination of the flame. Lighthouse of Alexandria. As for windmills, Holland's windmills come to mind, used to pump water. Of course, there are millhouses that used the wind to make miel from corn, flour of wheat and rye. Having such a building would be nice, an additional profession available to players in game, than just having a milling stone.
  10. I'm in favor of the idea that spells shouldn't be gender specific. It's more unique to be given a choice.
  11. If there was an option for the making of gargoyles, perhaps being able to make a cast of a corpse, since there is concrete available, but even molten metal. That is an option, not just carving from stone and marble.
  12. Books

    I agree with you Tallios. The materials already exist in the game, so why not have the means to sew papyri together within a binding? Having the means to craft books would at another dynamic to the game. Priests could craft a book dedicated to their deity. Having such a book available for followers, could aid in advancement. Could have books that could benefit in skill development, much the same as an enchanted tool. So many aspects of the game could be greatly enhanced if a method to make a book was available. How many players currently in the game, right now, have been playing for years. What lore, in a game term, is available within the game? Without having to go to wurmpedia. There isn't any player experiences there. If books were an item that could be crafted, then there would be the experiences of players, leaving something of them available to other players. I have played in other games, with books that were available, often had players write short stories, poetry, ballads and the like. Sure there was a fee, and there was a market for it.
  13. Could also have golems to fight. Once defeated, could also be displayed.
  14. attach a net instead of a square of cloth to steel and rope, could gather fish, crab, shellfish and at what ever skill a chance to get a tiny treasure. Being Follower /Priest of Vynora, could increase the chance. Just as being a follower /priest of Fo could increase catch. Being the follower/ priest of another deity might also grant something from the bottom. Many treasures lay at the bottom of the sea. With a drag net, there could be an added benefit to fishing. Monsters: giant crab (knock you out of a small boat), electric eel, giant sea snake, a school of pirahna (really bad if you happened to be standing in the water while fishing)
  15. Being able to have an active role in the defence of your deed would be nice. Having an NPC archery tower may nice, but do like the idea of being able to load up on arrows within your home is a good idea. As a player, there are no benefits, or even skill improvement if an NPC defends your deed. Also defeats the purpose of being skilled at archery if all you do is fight off hostiles while on the ground. Been told, that in pvp servers, archers are used in ship-to-shore softening of opponents. Why can't it be the same if you are on your deed, and be able to combat hostiles from a distance atop a battlement that can take damage from opposing hostile? It's difficult for me to understand the mechanics, eg an arch, that allows an action to be completed upon terrain through said arch, but can't reach into a container or release an arrow through, as it states you can't reach or fire through wall, but can walk through. The only thing that can be done is to make the top of a tower, floor without walls (no defence) which would be the purpose of having orielles (not just cosmetic) to have defence while engaging a hostile. Visual is obstructed, but that's okay. It's a trade off. Atop a tower could have ramparts. Could even benefit players in caves if a hostile encounter attacks, can retreat back behind defences.
  16. Not sure if this has been a thread in the suggestions. Perhaps it could added if the mechanics in the game would allow for it. There are guard towers, but what about towers that players could build themselves to defend their lands? Having parapets and hig walls, if there could be a way to improve on these so players could defend with bow, by releasing arrows without being informed there is a wall in the way. Orielles are nice. Add a nice cosmetic appearance to your building of walls. Could they also serve another purpose, 'murder holes' as seen in many castles throughout Europe? With the ability to build underground structures, might be possible to build pits and moats with arrow slits and be able to actually release an arrow through that slit, like the orielle. Also, have found that I can't release an arrow over a fence or even a railing, like the timber balcony as you are informed that you can't shoot through a wall. You can walk through an arch but can't reach through a wall (arch) to remove an item from a container. Is there anyway to change this? It would be nice to be able to build archery towers and defences to home builds.
  17. a single sleep powder as Wurm's 10th anniversary gift 1st of the month for being premium: a yellow potion
  18. I guess I will not ever become a priest since I have to travel to Chaos to do so. I refuse to PVP or be forced into a situation where I will have to fight another player. The fact that I also have to travel to Chaos to mine adamantite, only to be killed by another player that will take all that I have, that just annoys me to no end. Guess I will never have a priest. Who thought this was a good idea?
  19. I would agree with many of the posts here that more should be done with fishing and since there exists vessels available, perhaps more should be done within the available waters. There is fish, crabs, but I haven't discovered any shellfish, or other creatures of the sea. Seen sharks, but given to think shouldn't there be more animals available to catch or hunt? Whales for whalehunting. Seals or Sealions. Shellfish (oysters) - chance to discover pearls, the more rare: red pearl, black pearl. Coral, Abalone When I was farming, having created a rice patty. My biggest worry was attracting snakes. They are after all an encounter. Shouldn't they also be in the water that players are fishing? If there are snakes in the water, why not eels? By the way. See kelp in the water. Is it harvestable? If not, it should be. If it is harvestable. With fish, there should be drying racks available for both. There's a lot of coastline on the map. Why isn't the water used as main resource. Something else I noticed. Vynora is a deity that allows you to pray near the water. A deity of fisherman and those that rely on the sea? Could be, maybe. Pray for calm seas and a better catch, if nets are implemented. Highest QL fish in the catch as an offering.
  20. Stone road side markers nothing fancy like small obelisk about 2/3 player height. - Mile stones or even markers instead placing wooden signs as road side markers?
  21. same mechanics as grinding seed to flour, only difference, you're adding water to have the end result of a past, equivalent to mortar. 10 x ,10 = 1.0, add to furnace or oven, probably the oven, since it's considered baking, when dried, reduced to 0.5, so you need 2.0 to equal 1.0 before puting it into a grinding wheel. Again, 2.0 required to equal 1.0 paste (mortar image, made to be more white) Option, add dye, 1.0 + 1.0 to make 1.0 coloured paste. Not sure what you would use coloured paper in an application. Place in press. Press out the water. Let dry. Could craft a rack as an additional piece of fine furniture. Later could be used as a drying rack for the drying of medicinal herbs and other plants for the making of tea. A different suggestion. Something to think about as well. With the press that is craftable for the crafting of papyrus. The press could also be used to press a plant against the paper. Craft a picture, just add a frame. Am sure they had such things as pressed art back in the 11th century. About a decade ago, in another game, there existed quite an involved crafting script in java, it was, maybe 2.5mb, maybe a little more or less. Maybe the dev's might consider looking at it to aid with the scripting of the suggestion made in here. It's not as involved as some might believe. Add an object, add process, delete object, substitute another object, input % chance of success, new object.
  22. wood scraps reduced to a pulp, just add water, while using a grinding stone, create paste, then pressed, with the use of the press already in game, let dry, have paper. Not the best paper but an alternative to papyrus, when someone doesn't have access to reeds but lots of trees. Branches as well could also be used in the making of paper. Another resource for making scrolls (navigation maps). Now there's and idea as well, Paper crafted from wood scraps could be used for the making of maps. Towns could have maps.
  23. I only, just realized, that wemp, is hemp. I can be oblivious sometimes. Having wemp allows for many possibilities. The fiber not just for the making of rope, but fabric also. It is one of the main materials needed in the building of boats, which often, had small rope soaked in a thin tar and then placed between thin gaps between boat planks. Tar was used to coat the inside of a ship's hull. Since this about nets. Tar applied to a net, if nets were available for crafting, could enable another trap. Bit nasty if fire was also used. Wemp is the resource for the making of nets, but heavy rope for open water net fishing. Wemp would need to be woven at a smaller gauge than what is currently available for a net that would be carried in a backpack or cart. Even thrown, like Piscean gladiator of the Roman circus. Nets have many uses as well, not just for fishing or big game traps. They were used in conjunction with inflated animal stomachs, as a flotation device, attached to nets. Historical Greek murals in mosaic, with nets that had floater attached to the nets while drawing a catch in between boats or pulled toward the shoreline from shore. With nets, could also make it possible for ships to have those rope ladders (don't have the name) that go up to the crow's nest.
  24. Books

    they did have books, they were just very expensive. It was quite the undertaking to create one. Since there is already a press that appears to have a metal plate and the means of applying one of the simple machines (screw) to move the press downwards which appears to be made of iron, it makes sense there would at least be the means to make vellum. It would only require the addition of resource, salt, which is a very important resource, no matter the civilization. In history, making vellum from the hide of a lambskin has been around for ages. The process, would take a while. A suitable lamb's hide would be required, then the application of a salt bath to soften the hide, press it to flatten it, bathe, flatten again and so on, until it became very thin. It would require scissors to cut into pages. Same process to craft vellum could be used to thin hides or leather to a suitable thickness to be used as the book cover. Sinew, not thread, though, wemp could be used also, iron needle and mallet to thread binding to hold the pages in place after many pages of vellum were pressed, after being inscribed upon, to squeeze out all the air. Quite the task. That's why only the wealthy, clergy and well-to-do aristocrats ever had books or even a library. Valuable treasure worthy of trade. There is also embossing, precious metals inlay upon book covers, precious metal leafing, gemstone and semi-precious insets. Quite the offering for a sacrifice if the player was such a zealot to sacrifice considering the amount of effort required to craft a book. Oldest university in the world, had many books on hides. Library of Alexandria had scrolls, and many of them were on vellum, not papyrus (the paupers paper). Much of the equipment required in the making of a book already exists in the game.