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  1. They're not native to the BC coast. Much the same to be said about bamboo, Although bamboo does thrive and grows like a weed. I'm originally from Vancouver. Perhaps if there was an Equator on the world map, then by all means, have palm trees. Then we can also have coconuts, pineapple and musa (wild banana).
  2. +1 to being able to harvest flowers for use in the making of dyes, as some flowers are cultivated in the making of such and it was mentioned in another thread about being able to have herb gardens, so much easier for cooking and medicinal if you had a garden with readied to be harvested. Could make them seasonal. Season of Silence would have a chance to terminate a crop of herbs.
  3. +1 to cactus, prickly pears, another plant that has fruit, -1 to palm trees as it requires tropical and subtropical, which doesn't fit wurm
  4. Since there is corn = corn syrup, but I suppose maple syrup being cooked could yield maple sugar, to be added as an ingredient, since pecan pie, is corn syrup+sugar+pecan. However, don't need to add pecans, just use walnuts and/or hazelnuts. Someone suggested in another thread about adding wheybread, but then could also add seafarer's tac. But, the historical account of it's use, was often infested with grubs. Mmm, protein......ick. I would suggest nut bread (nuts already exist as do the ingredients for the making of bread), fruit bread (fruit already exists that are used in the making of such bread), potato bread (potatoes would just have to be added in addtion to flour, pinch of salt and water). These breads are unleavened, no yeast required, heavy breads. Slow decay time. The fruit bread would ferment before it became moldy. Mincemeat pie. Apple, cherry, wine, meat, animal fat are just some of the ingredients. I would think such a pie would require a high skill as there are large amount of ingredients required. If there was some form of canning, storing of fruit in clay vessels, sealed with wax could yield brandied (wine) fruit. Which was often how some foods were stored. Herbs and salted water to store other foods. Many of these were ingredients in foods cooked during the winter months. Kitchen was the home apothecary. Not just for cooking. A lot of alchemy occurred in the kitchen as well. Keeping this in mind, a lot recipes are possible.
  5. salt has many uses, not only in cooking and preserving of food, such as meat and fish, but also in alchemical recipes. In another thread about the inclusion of books, vellum, which is crafted from lambskin, is very useful. If underground, there was to be a brine could be found, could be used in the treatment of leather. Not sure why salt is so rare to come across, since it is a common element. Often derived from shallow pools. Rock salt shouldn't be the only source. In a fishing thread, one sugestion was the drying of kelp. Kelp is another possible source of acquiring salt.
  6. It would certain give another reason to have pigs other than for meat. How about have a spot where the corpses of creatures encountered could be placed and have that as the material required to enable fungi to grow. Not only would you have to worry about creatures being attracted by the carrion, but it would be an additional item required in the building of the fungi box. You would still be required to add any kind of vegetation to it, not just logs, to maintain it.
  7. Buoys

    attaching a lamp to illuminate the water and as a marker for a location that you may be dredging +1
  8. It's Nessy or Ogo Pogo. It would be nice to be able to summon wildlife that have been previously encountered. +1 for fishing to be improved upon
  9. As a player that just built a place, that stands 6 floors up. Though for sure, once I placed braziers on the four corners, when nightfall came, the glow of such a beacon could not really be seen unless close up. It's 10 tiles from the shoreline and 20 tiles from the nearest guard tower. Usually a lightnouse was built as marker, a beacon, for someone to see from the crow's nest, as the location of a harbor or as a marker of a water hazard. Braziers were what was used within a lighthouse, often a polished metal disc was added to direct the illumination of the flame. Lighthouse of Alexandria. As for windmills, Holland's windmills come to mind, used to pump water. Of course, there are millhouses that used the wind to make miel from corn, flour of wheat and rye. Having such a building would be nice, an additional profession available to players in game, than just having a milling stone.
  10. I'm in favor of the idea that spells shouldn't be gender specific. It's more unique to be given a choice.
  11. If there was an option for the making of gargoyles, perhaps being able to make a cast of a corpse, since there is concrete available, but even molten metal. That is an option, not just carving from stone and marble.
  12. Books

    I agree with you Tallios. The materials already exist in the game, so why not have the means to sew papyri together within a binding? Having the means to craft books would at another dynamic to the game. Priests could craft a book dedicated to their deity. Having such a book available for followers, could aid in advancement. Could have books that could benefit in skill development, much the same as an enchanted tool. So many aspects of the game could be greatly enhanced if a method to make a book was available. How many players currently in the game, right now, have been playing for years. What lore, in a game term, is available within the game? Without having to go to wurmpedia. There isn't any player experiences there. If books were an item that could be crafted, then there would be the experiences of players, leaving something of them available to other players. I have played in other games, with books that were available, often had players write short stories, poetry, ballads and the like. Sure there was a fee, and there was a market for it.
  13. Could also have golems to fight. Once defeated, could also be displayed.
  14. attach a net instead of a square of cloth to steel and rope, could gather fish, crab, shellfish and at what ever skill a chance to get a tiny treasure. Being Follower /Priest of Vynora, could increase the chance. Just as being a follower /priest of Fo could increase catch. Being the follower/ priest of another deity might also grant something from the bottom. Many treasures lay at the bottom of the sea. With a drag net, there could be an added benefit to fishing. Monsters: giant crab (knock you out of a small boat), electric eel, giant sea snake, a school of pirahna (really bad if you happened to be standing in the water while fishing)