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  1. To say something that in reality can't be locked, is lock-able (rowboat / open cart) yet on the other hand say that same thing is un-pickable... is somewhat nonsensical (illogical). My point was, something off deed and outside of a house (which have permissions) and is just locked, should be assumed part of the environment - essentially un-owned. How can we assume that a chest in the middle of nowhere has an active owner. PVP is a loose term, it's not against a player if that player is not playing anymore. It just hurts immersion to protect everything indefinitely. If the goal were to add some excitement to exploring the world, one would see the benefit in allowing for a limited scope wherein locks are utilized even in PVE. I rest my case.
  2. In actuality, things are not working on PVE, making changes to increase interest and enjoyment. Disabling and making skills useless in PVE does not mean 'it's working' it's expressly not working at all. It's downright laughable to have stuff protected to the extent that it is... Boring to travel across a landscape where everything is locked by a player who decided to quit a year or more ago, can't do nothing with it but wait for it to decay. Sorry that's not increasing the FUN in the game. The first thing a new player thinks is... 'That's stupid' - and they are right. Anyhow I said my bit - let's see if anyone is listening.
  3. Bugs can be corrected. Valuable things should be either on a deed or in a house, don't see the relevance here.
  4. What bugs could there be with locking/picking, those seem to work on the PVP servers. In any case it would be a change worth doing regardless. We could simply say the same with any mechanic of the game, well there were issues with the crops/growing code so we can't ever make changes to that again? I say make the change and work out the problem in the code, don't take the headlights out of the car because the battery doesn't work... Change the battery.
  5. With the coming Steam release it will be a clean slate, so there is no better time than now to make changes like this. There are protections in place for players - deeds and buildings. Off deed and out of building is where you should expect to have some adventure finding things. Simply put if it's left out away from places protected by permissions (and perhaps the watchful eyes of tower/spirit guards) then it should be considered part of the environment and able to be pve picked. There is an underlying balance issue, between too much protection and simply... FUN. For some players sitting around their deed all day crafting is fun, for others wandering the map in search of adventure is what they'd like to do. The adventure (what's over that hill?... what long lost things can I find in a chest someplace?...) is suffering, it's been suffering for years now from over-protection. So, open it up a bit, make locksmith a viable coin making trade, not only for the locks, but for those who want to pick locks out in the wilderness.
  6. Here's my take. I'm glad that they are moving to steam in a way. The Wurm community is old and there are characters that have existed sold or passed down for a decade. Wurm tends to be top heavy by nature, one example being how things over 90Q get seemingly exponentially more resistant to decay/damage. If they don't want the whole issue to happen just the same with steam, they need to get some improvements in with the decay code. Problems (PVE... IMO): 1) Too little decay on off deed items - mainly ships. Ships last forever and it's been a huge problem, they need to take damage from sailing and from time off deed. Let's face it - even new ships of that era leaked, and had to be maintained constantly. You can't have someone new get into the game and actually make any coins off of fixing/building ships when Shippy Shipmaker has been doing it since day 1 and every ship he makes at 90+Q lasts forever. If it lasts too long it kills the game. 2) Rare but critical damage to weapons/armour. Perhaps when a weapon is used on a target with better armour Q than the weapons Q, the weapon has a chance for a critical break, and vice versa. Too much stuff lasting too long is like cancer to this game. I can hear all the crybabies now... whiners who want their stuff to last forever. Problem is it kills the economy - and all those things everyone has forever BECOME worthless when 100 people have a rare huge axe - it's nearly worthless. I tried for weeks to sell a rare steel axe I made, can't sell it for the imp cost!? That's what happens when the market is saturated. How did it become saturated in the first place? Crap lasting too long. One answer - critical breaks! 3) Too much protectionism. Too much crap is safe with PVE... just because it's PVE doesn't mean that there can't be actions that allow for some healthy adventure. This is a touchy one for a lot of PVE whiners, they want everything to be safe all the time no matter what. Sorry that kills the fun. So here are some suggestions: a) allow off deed / out of house lockpicking on ANYTHING that is locked. Why?.... why no! no ... that's scary for the pve babies. haha. Firstly, it makes locksmithing a viable profession. Secondly it adds some suspense and risk to an otherwise boring perfectly safe situation. Want to keep your wagon or chest out in the woods safe? PUT IT ON A DEED... PUT IT IN A BUILDING... maybe use a BETTER LOCK, maybe you can't lockpick where there are guards - that would also be okay. b) All things that plant, off deed and not in a building should be BASH-able. Again, if you want to protect it DEED or HOUSE it. Is that too hard for people to understand? If it's locked and planted, then it would have to be picked to be opened then bashed down if you wanted to take that container. SIMPLE. Things are boring and too much protection has been given because of baby whiners who can't stand to think logically. No your wagon shouldn't be lockable - how can an open boat be locked? So then they allow them to be locked but that's not good enough? Let's open it up a bit and make sure there is a place for LOCKSMITHS in PVE. 4) Wood. I've said it before and I'll say it one more time, wood needs some love. There is NO POINT in having forestry as a skill. People just cut whatever wood... la de daa.... then use that STUPID hack last bit wood type to change the entire object to cherry. WHY is that horrible? It literally kills the industry for wood, really it's nonsensical. One answer? Objects need to be made of ALL or 51% MAJORITY the same wood to get the bonus for a wood type. If they are made of maple, then last bit is oak, sorry that's not an OAK ship... that's a maple ship with Oak veneer (looks like Oak - but no bonus). Now here come the cry baby whiners again... But it will take forever to get all the cherry for a knarr... it will be too hard.... YES, Yes it will be, and that's the damn point. If everyone has a cherry knarr, then it's not special anymore. Imagine this!!!! If Sven wants to make a cherry knarr, there's a guy who FARMS Cherry wood and stores it.... WHAT? Yeah there is a guy - Sir Cherry... he grows cherry orchards! NO WAY! Furthermore to this, you can't last part seryll a tin sword - this gives the metals a value that can't be diminished. For some reason they thought making it EASY to change the wood from one type to another was a way to stop the crybabies from whining about it all the time. In reality they killed forestry and the ability to make money farming trees and selling items from rarer wood types. Change this before the STEAM launch!!! Well I'm going to wrap this up. In summary, when something is not on deed or in a house it shouldn't have protections beyond what a lock can provide. Allowing lockpicking isn't PVP, it's PVE... something left out without a care becomes part of the environment and part of the fun/challenge. If you're travelling with a cart maybe you want to park the cart at an Inn with either a deed or a building, or near a guard tower. Maybe you want to invest in a good lock! Hey the locksmiths need work too. This makes travelling a tiny bit more risky but way more fun! If we can count the number of skill industries which can make a profit on one hand, we know there is room for improvement in the use of other skills in PVE. Find ways to make all the skills worthwhile and this will increase the enjoyment for all. Stop making everything last forever and EASY to attain, cherry caravels aplenty does not end well. In my humble opinion things need to be a little more realistic for balance to work and to keep the economy from getting to the point that the WO economy is at now. Hopefully someone who makes decisions reads this - fix the root of the problems now.
  7. Thanks for all the kind words. I'm sure he'd appreciate all of this tremendously!
  8. Thanks to Beastwolf and Pandylynn - they have donated a tombstone. I will travel to determine the best location to place this, nearest his last settlement. Thanks to all!
  9. "You shall not see your brother’s donkey or his ox fallen down by the way and ignore them; You shall help him to lift them up again." Deuteronomy 22:4 Seleas(Edward Keene) was always giving, always honourable and a good hearted person. I simply wanted to share the knowledge of his passing with those of you who may have remembered his time here. To be brief and to my best knowledge: Edward stopped to help a person change a tire on the I4 in Florida around 1am on Feb 18th 2019, during which a car struck him well off the shoulder of the right lane. The Driver failed to stop but was apprehended soon thereafter. I need not post the news story here, it is easily searchable on google if desired. I was an online friend exclusively for roughly 3 years, but over that time we spent many hours gaming and simply chatting, I WILL miss him. Please feel free to post positive comments/tales of adventure here! Farewell Edward...
  10. passive behaviours: Repair things on deed... butcher/bury dead things... groom horses... make a fire - burn woodscraps cut grass... fish... Probably a few dozen cool low-impact (non cheaty) things they could do. the goal of this would be to make deeds a little more alive, not to offset the gameplay for players.
  11. Have an issue where when dealing damage with a weapon with LT crashes the server... in the error log it says spellcraft. Anyone else have this issue?
  12. They could purge unfinished wood items, with advance warning. I'm sure the food update was equally daunting.
  13. Let's fix wood crafting. Last part decides wood type is a sneaky mechanic - I know we all love showing our wisdom by telling newbs to 'just use the last part whatever you want and BOOM! it magically makes it that'. At this point wood really needs some love in the game, not just visually. Changes: I think majority of wood used SHOULD determine bonuses... last part can determine wood type for visual like Veneer. A wire brush or planer could remove that veneer and allow people to re-add the veneer to change the 'appearance' wood type. Bonuses should be tied to overall wood % used, with at least >50% of that type if you want the bonuses. We don't just add 1 bit of seryll to an iron sword to make it seryll... Lets fix the wood industry. Lastly, we have many kinds of wood... only a few give bonuses. Willow for bows, oak for tool wear, cedar for decay resistance. Perhaps we can creatively get more wood bonuses... like: 1) arrows made from certain trees do better against X creature. 2) objects made from certain trees might be lighter or heavier. 3) brainstorm more of these! Common counter arguments: 1) it'll be too hard to make a lemon Knarr.... yes it will be. 2) why change it? we like it this way... do you really think 'last part determines wood type' reflects how wood crafting should be, or are you just lazy? 3) what happens to all my stuff?... I'm sure they can grandfather existing items over, or have it auto-convert just like they've done for anything else they change - food/wood visuals... 4) there isn't enough cherry wood to make all my stuff cherry!... probably true so maybe plant some cherry trees to regrow them? Lets hear some constructive criticism.
  14. Last part decides wood type is already horrible as it is. Wood really needs some love in the game, not just visual. I think majority of wood used SHOULD determine bonuses... last part can determine wood type for visual like Veneer. A wire brush or planer could remove that veneer and allow people to re-add the veneer to change the 'appearance' wood type. Bonuses should be tied to overall wood % used, with at least >50% of that type if you want the bonuses. We don't just add 1 bit of seryll to an iron sword to make it seryll... Lets fix the wood industry.