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  1. Alt's really isn't that much of an issue on Chaos. Most of the time it's new players popping alarms and they get blamed as being alts of other kingdoms - but they are not. There is already an anti-spy prevention that doesn't allow a player to be logged into two characters in two different kingdoms at the same time as well. As for freedom... well if players are paying extra for having more premium toons then they are getting what they are paying for and making the most of it. Why penalise them for investing money into the game?
  2. Just incase the dev team are not already aware of this request... Please please please remove the BL taming nerf ;-; Pretty much everyone I'vespoken too on Chaos wants it gone and that's not just the guys in Dreadnaught Dynasty. We need like 10 extra taming levels to be able to ride hellhorses compared to any WL kingdom. I'm not quite sure why or what this balances? Please, would love to see it removed so the kingdoms can be fair in terms of taming and being able to ride hell horses.
  3. It's like wurm meets instagram, i like it
  4. Did you forget this is a game? I think you might be taking things a bit too seriously Some people just like to play for fun.
  5. Very nice work on the road
  6. This wagon is great because it lets you see out of the back
  7. Please let us be able to pave a mine entrance tile. My ocd can't handle this.
  8. rip guess i'll have to deal with it xD
  9. Yeah I think it would be a great way to advertise and get freedom players interested in chaos. I've found by talking to players on freedom that are curious about Chaos the biggest thing for them about not joining in the intimidation factor of not knowing anyone there or who is in what kingdom. If they start seeing who is who at events and rifts it will start to get people to realise what the different kingdoms are like and also who to contact to get involved. Would be great publicity for Chaos. Plus I would love to be able to wear my DD tabbard on freedom!
  10. +1 Edit: also think it should be for active kingdom users only. So if your character is something other then freedom on Chaos your tabbard is the same as your Chaos Kingdom
  11. The brand new Dreadnaught HQ! The war / sermon room for Dreadnaught Dynasty!
  12. comic relief

    Retrograde: "And in this weeks news I'd like to announce Stik and Mclovin as our two new forum moderators! Congratulations boys!"
  13. The humble village of Port Catnip on Deliverance is open to new members. Experienced or brand new players are both equally welcome. The deed is owned by myself (Hexd) and right now I am the only active villager. We are however part of an active alliance, so if I am not around there are always others to talk too in the area Port Catnip is a fairly new deed. Aside from a couple of houses we have a warehouse/crafting area which is still a bit of a work in progress. The deed has a nice sized farm, a field of cows and sheep. It also has some horse breeding pens and will be able to provide 5s horses to anyone who would like to join (or help with the breeding!) We have a mine and I am in the process of building a boat cave which will hopefully open up the option to build a nice row of houses/buildings underground as well as an underground docks. Having voice comms (discord) is very nice so you can join in with us when we are doing hunts, rifts or just general banter. Also we are an english speaking group. The deed and the alliance is currently home to PVPers from Chaos as well. So if you are interested or curious about PVP then great. If not then there is absolutely no pressure at all! I'm mostly looking for some buddies to play with when I'm on freedom. However for anyone who is interested joining Port Catnip is a great way to get a foot in the door on the PVP scene. We can always provide you with all the tools and help needed to get you PVP ready. If PVE is your main focus that is great too and I will do whatever I can to help you out. Just let me know what skills you wish to work on and we can get what you need. Right now I have a house that is empty that a player can move straight into. Or if you prefer I can give you a plot of land to build your own (underground or above). Deed is in the SE of Deliverance. On the coast of Dragons Cove. P20 on the in game map. If you are interested drop me a message in-game on hexd. Also accepting forum messages or leave me a post here Feel free to ask all kinds of questions!
  14. -1 He's only trying to add bananas after finding out i have a phobia of them will only +1 if the dev's also include a phobia-mode for bananas.
  15. Dreadnaught Dynasty are still recruiting! You can check out our latest skirmish and as you can see at the end - doesn't matter if you have a great account or not everyone is welcome to join us and have some fun! Interested or just wish to know a bit more or ask some questions? Message Worldtender, Wulfgar, Threap or even myself (Hexd). Chances are if you have a headset and discord we'll let you come in and say hi and have a chat with us!
  16. Yay for no gender mistakes when mentioning me! Thanks Retro for linking my vid too So glad we are gonna have paparets now for the new walls... time to edit my warehouse design plans... again *sigh
  17. x20 Valrei Item - 20c each (4s for all) 3x Rare Rock Shards - 10c 1x Rare Slate Shinge - 10c 1x Rare Pottery Brick - 10c 1x Rare Kindling - 10c 1x Rare Pickaxe 5.10ql (blank) - 4.5s 1x Rare Huge Axe (enchants below) - offer please - [16:34:21] It is enchanted with Human's demise, and has an aggressive aura towards humanoids. - [16:34:21] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [89] - [16:34:21] Frostbrand has been cast on it, so it will cause frost wounds. [91] - [16:34:21] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [70] 1x Left Basic Shoulder Pad (iron) 75ql - 10c 1x Left Basic Shoulder Pad (iron) 50ql - 10c 1x Left Shielding Shoulder Pad (iron) 75ql (4.05dmg) - 20c 1x Left Shielding Shoulder Pad (iron) 75ql - 20c 1x Right Layered Shoulder Pad (steel) 75ql (1.07 dmg) - 50c 1x Left Elaborate Shoulder Pad (leather) 75ql - 50c 1x Small Shoulder Pad (cloth) 75ql (1.33 dmg) - 10c 1x Ribboned Shoulder Pad (iron) 75ql - 10c 1x Boar Shoulder Pad 75ql - offer please 3x Right Stylish Shoulder Pad (gold) - offer please 2x Skull Shoulder Pad 75ql - offer please 1x Necklace of Protection (seryll) 75ql - 1s (can be smelted down for seryll lump) 1x Necklace of Focus (seryll) 75ql - 1s (can be smelted down for seryll lump) 1x Deplated Necklace of Focus (seryll) 75ql - 1s (can be smelted down for seryll lump) 1x Ring of the Eye (seryll) 75ql - 1s (can be smelted down for seryll lump) 1x Fist Bracelet (seryll) 75ql - 1s (can be smelted down for seryll lump) 1x Seryll Lump 93.39ql 0.28 weight - send offers 1x Rare Glimmer Lump 93.24ql 0.13 weight - send offers 1x Glimmer Lump 92.76ql 0.08 weight - send offers 1x Addy Lump 84.28ql 0.33 weight - send offers 1x Addy Lump 91.56ql 0.37 weight - send offers 1x Addy Lump 96.57ql 0.38 weight - send offers 3x Black Dragon Blood (Makes Oil of the Armoursmith) - 2s each 1x Blue Dragon Blood (Makes a Fletching Potion) - 2s Selling some gems too! 1c per 1ql Please reply here, send me a forum pm or message me ingame on Hexd - thanks <3
  18. Replied to your pm, just pok me in-game on hexd and i'll give you the grand tour!
  19. So just an update, had two awesome new villagers join Port Catnip today! yay! I unfortunately don't have any pre-built houses left for people but with a bit more digging I should have some plots available soon if players are still interested. Doesn't matter if you are brand new or an exisiting player that just wants a change of pace like Alinicon! Nice active alliance, lots of people to chat too. Message me any questions you like and join the fun!
  20. Thinking of coming over to have a look?
  21. Dreadnaught Dynasty gathering before the champ black dragon slaying! (sexy tabbards everywhere)
  22. Next time you are in-game you can pm Hexd if you like. I'm part of Dreadnaught Dynasty and we have seen you nearby. As Nicedreams has said we always welcome new players and we'll be able to take you in and help you out. Please message me if you are still looking for a home and feel free to ask questions!
  23. You might be a good fit for me and my deed - check out my post if you are still looking and poke me if you are interested
  24. updated. i need some new friends ;-;