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  1. Looking to buy 1 or 2 charges of Smoke of Sol. Please contact me if you have one to sell Forums or ingame on Hexd!
  2. Well I got sprayed with blood... Thanks Kix
  3. Hey everyone So several months ago I was talking to Neko and Razor about a mod to help clear up the lag. This mod would award the bounty of a creature after a player buries the corpse. This means that players clean up as they go. Neko made the mod and gave me and Razor a copy but I might have accidently deleted my copy and Razor no longer has his copy anymore. Nor can neither me or Razor get hold of Neko, we both have lost touch with the guy ;-; So what I'm asking is if anyone else out there has a copy of Neko's edited bounty mod? Could really use it to help clean up the db on Valoria.
  4. +1 Had to remove alot of reinforcements from an old mine system and me and my friends kept accidently mining out the tile instead of just taking off the support beam from the rock. Which mean we had to then so strongwall casts and replace the walls. Turning a reinforced tile into a rock tile with a crowbar ondeed - this is a great suggestion.
  5. Thanks guys and it looks like we have freedom tabbards by default until we get some graphics sorted out for our PMK (we have people working on ideas and designs so hopefully something will appear soon). Also the latest fight in the Northern Front War between Ebo and LoA for control of the Murkia region... [16:58:08] Zigon slain by Kix Wimble Repelsteeltje Cyberhusky Red Hexd [16:58:37] Azraiel slain by Kix Cyberhusky Hexd Red [16:59:02] Cyberhusky slain by Zigon Zilbar Demondan Ckczk [16:59:37] Ckczk slain by Kix Wimble Repelsteeltje Cyberhusky Hexd Red [17:00:04] Wimble slain by Zilbar Demondan [17:02:30] Demondan slain by Kix Repelsteeltje Wimble Cyberhusky Hexd Red A couple of beginners new to PVP were on our side but with good clear comms and targets it's easy to learn how to fight on Chaos with a small group like LoA! Want to join us whether it's to have some fun PVPing? Helping to build new deeds? Crafting and improving gear for the team? Feeding or farming for the kingdom? You can literally be whatever you like! Send me a forum PM or contact Hexd ingame for inquiries about joining.
  6. It's happened folks! Legion of Anubis is now a PMK! All hail King Unknownorganism o/
  7. Stop slacking Alinicon to make forum posts you are meant to be building tower mats! <3
  8. Not yet, just trying to recruit a few extra people. Building a capital with not enough builders is going to be rough otherwise. It's people wanting to deed build that we kind of need the most right now
  9. You live and learn my friend, good fight! Second video as promised!
  10. Answering questions in the CA Help often brings back memories of when I was learning to play the game back on Wurm Unlimited. Even when I first started playing Wurm Online I was still learning new things that blew my mind. So I made a little list of things that had me speechless and amazed. 9: Fire pillar. On my first day on Wurm Online i learnt this neat little trick. Lets say you are in a cave underground but you want to know where that is in reaction to above ground? Normally you would have to count tiles. Instead you can press F1 and go into your console. Once there type firepillar - all one word and nothing else. It will create a lava tile on the surface that only you can see and logging out will make it vanish again. It is not real lava either - it's just a visual effect. A marker to help. 8: Server hopping. Wurm Online was my first experience of travelling between servers. So getting in a boat and going from one server to another sounds simple but getting to the right side of the server can be a bit daunting and confusing for a brand new player. If I'm leaving the south coast of Deliverance how do I end up on the South coast of Exodus? When you cross a server border it throws you onto the opposite of what you just left. So if you leave a North border you arrive on a South. This is where "Server Hopping" is used. In the example I used I would travel to another server first before going to Exodus, turn my boat straight around and sail straight off again. This practice was first explained to me not long after I first started Wurm Online by Propheteer who even drew me a little drawing in MS Paint to help me out! 7: Demolishing a house. I would sit there all day bashing down a house one wall at a time if nobody had even shown or told me about this one. When you go into your manage buildings menu at the far right the demolish building option is cut off and hidden most of the time. You have to drag the window open a little wider just to see it - otherwise you wouldn't even know it is there. 6: Combining items. When I first started playing wurm I realised I needed to combine material to make items. What i failed to realise was that I could use shift to select more then one in my inventory to combine more then one at a time. Or even quicker way to combine items is to open your crafting menu and drop the stack in a box and hit the little combine button underneath! 5: Keybinds. There is nothing worse then what happened to me when I discovered keybinds. I attended my very first impalong and the leatherworker did not show up. During the event I decided to grind my leatherworking so that I could try to improve all the leatherworking items people had brought along with them. After a long weekend of nothing but improving leather I made a comment about how badly my wrists were hurting. A friend then made a comment about keybinds to which I replied "Key what?" All this time I had been selecting a tool then right clicking on the item to improve and then repair. You cannot play this game properly without keybinds so if you do not yet know about them please please look them up. At the very least have keybinds for digging, mining, improve and repair. 4: Lava kills veins? This one I only found out vry recently. I mean like within the past couple of weeks. Perhaps it is simply because I've never had a path of power character before and none of my friends have ever had one either. So we had a white dragon trapped in a cave but it had mined the tile we wanted to make an entrance. We moved back a tile only to find an iron vein was now between us and the dragon. Noizhead and his friends blew my mind when they erupted the tile above the iron vein into lava. Then cooled it down turning it back into rock. As simple as that the iron vein was gone without having to spend countless hours mining it out or countless more trying to cast distingrate. 3: Inventory groups. I love to have a nice tody and organised inventory. So the day someone told me you could make inventory groups was a blessing! Now I have a group for my tools, another for misc stuff and another for pvp stuff. Helps prevent your inventory getting cluttered up and means you can find things alot quicker. 2: Arrows in crafting menu. Just before starting to play wurm online I remember spamming out spindles for a friends so that he could sac them for favour with his Vyn priest. This was on Wurm Unlimited and before the cooking update where spindles were pretty much the meta for Vyn priests. Each time I went to press my push to talk in the comms to say something to my friends all they could hear was rampant clicking of my mouse. Upon asking I kept saying - I have to keep queing up the spindle creation. The guys in the comms were confused. This went on for days and finally I misclicked and hit the arrows on the crafting window which allowed me to queue more then one a action. in fact with my character I could queue eight spindles with one click. I was so happy with this discovery I asked the lads to see if they knew about this..... of course they did ._. 1: Decorative toolbelts. Perhaps one of my fondest memories of learning about wurm. As a leatherworker on Wurm Unlimited I remember being the first to create a 90ql toolbelt on a server. I sold it for 5s and then was so excited by this sale I dived into my alliance teamspeak telling them all I had just managed to sell a "decorative toolbelt" to this sucker for 5s. The channel fell silent and someone replied slowly...."Decorative toolbelt Miz...?" It took them a few moments to realise I was making toolbelts for people on wurm without even realising they did anything. Another thing I did not know until much later on either was that you can use the number keys to select the tools in your toolbelt as well! Mindblowing stuff eh? Anyway would love to hear from other people what things blew their mind when learning to play wurm
  11. Well today has been an action packed day for LoA with fights across both clusters! So two seperate fights with LoA (Legion of Anubis) vs Ebo at Hellsgate on Chaos First was a 2 vs 3 [15:20:51] Azraiel slain by Wsrich Unknownorganism [15:22:27] Pekka slain by Wsrich Unknownorganism [15:26:13] Chlodovech slain by Wsrich Unknownorganism Then a little while later then returned with 5 including a champ (zilbar). [16:30:09] Zigon slain by Wsrich Unknownorganism [16:35:08] Pekka slain by Wsrich Unknownorganism [16:36:50] Chlodovech slain by Wsrich Unknownorganism Had Ckczk at half health and Zilbar at hurt but we were unable to push because we needed to heal and grab horses. By the time we grabbed some horses we had just missed our oportunity and they had managed to gain enough staminia back to get their horses from their safe mine and make their escape. The second fight on Epic was an open battle with Rome! Unfortunately it did not go down so well for us but our team had good fun all the same - below is the point of view of Unknownorganism
  12. Sideways? Clearly he has forgotten how to cat Anyway I have decided that if my cat Nibbles was a human this is who he would be... I mean he has blue steel mastered.
  13. Daww he has a point face and ears - kinda foxy I have more of my Nibbles... just because he is such a derp cat.. and dat tail... what a poser.
  14. Oh wow I never saw it that way before hahaha! You are right. He has a pepperoni tongue
  15. These are my cats... Sock attacking Fatcat Thincat playing wurm with me and lastly Nibbles the derp cat
  16. I popped a silver mine door rare the other week and I got upset because I knew as soon as I planted it - would just be a boring normal silver mine door. So +1 Would be nice if rare minedoors had a bonus to the strength as well... idk I'm not saying much but a small bonus so that in the event they do pop rare it could be something to be happy about.
  17. Still looking for new players, especially if you are interested in playing across both clusters! Right now our team is part of the HotS kingdom on epic. We still have our Chaos deed though while there are no updates and things are quiet we have jumped through portals to follow the action and hype! We still plan on planting the PMK in the near future providing Chaos picks up a bit population wise which is very likely after transfers to and from epic work both ways. Also when we get a few more active players. Nothing worse then trying to build a brand new capital for our team if we only have a couple of players interested in building. If you would like to help us out or join a friendly little team that pvps on both chaos and epic then please get in touch.
  18. Awwwwww Darma that's the cute one!!
  19. Hey Mac, will try to contact you ingame
  20. Sorry all the scale sold! Also selling two rare strange bones for 20s each! Also have this stuff to sell: x16 Valrei Mission items - 18c each Rare Large Anvil 70ql (blank) - not sure what they are worth send offers please and rift mats.. usually I ask for 10c per 0.20 but only if someone is buying the whole lot in bulk a bit more per piece if just cherrypicking (send offers) - thanks. Oh yes forgot to add - if you would like to buy something forum pm me. Or you can contact Hexd, Kix or Unknownorganism ingame!
  21. Only one of the rare bones left now - 20s and it's yours!
  22. Raiding Castle Glittercrown! Just a great example of what teamwork can do and what you could be a part of if you join this kingdom
  23. Sorry vortexx some of those pieces of rift wood are very big and I've already listed the bulk price. 2s is way under price (looking for 7.8s for all the wood incase you couldn't do the math :x) Hailene - I'll accept 6s. Will cod to you later this evening tyvm