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  1. We seem to be quite capable of popping Jk tabs Just the one visit? JKC have been twice now both time heavy with champs/overkill on numbers for such a small group you are going to fight. First time was on our second day when Hexd and Kix were still convert blocked and yes you raided. Minedoors were bashed the token house was destroyed and token drained. Not only that but our wagon which we were using to build the deed was lockpicked and we were locked out of it. Alters were also popped and all our horses were slaughtered. Second time again you hit when Hexd was still blocked. Said you were not coming to raid and yet polojorden had a large maul on his corpse for raiding/bashing :^) ? Though we already know you were also trying to backdoor Kix and Wsrich in a 7 vs 2 while they were fighting Ebo. Can we keep this ontopic please - this is for recruitment for LoA/Chaos HotS. Anymore discussion on this topic should be taken into the skirmish thread or discord... Ty!
  2. We are now the smallest Kingdom with the smallest deed and the smallest group without any champs! But we want to grow! Already we are popping tabs and making things happen on Chaos but we need your help! [06:07:22] Polojordan slain by Kix Wsrich Unknownorganism [00:55:19] Demondan slain by Wsrich Kix Unknownorganism [00:57:45] Torvalar slain by Kix Wsrich Unknownorganism The video above is Stik, Riddic and Rich going over to fight with Ebo
  3. Could you imagine the lag? last public dragon fight had an absurd amount of people with alts just parked there to get the slither of scale. At least with rifts it requires some level of participation to get rewards or good skills (and acting fast) to harvest good mats. For public slayings you just stand in local - so the lag would be off the scale (haha pun not intended).
  4. Defended our deed last night with three of us vs six from Jk including all three of their champs. Polojorden was slain and all of their horses murdered leaving them to walk home unable to raid our deed this time around. Want to help join the fight against all odds and survive on Chaos with our little band of nutters? We are a very laid back group just out looking for some fun. Not interested in pvp? Or only interested in deed defense? That's fine! Happy to accept everyone and anyone no matter what your skills are. We have a few experienced players even willing to coach and teach new players how to PVP. Please shoot Hexd, Kix or Unknownorganism a message if you would like to know more - or forum pm me. After contacting us and chatting for a minute we will usually give you our discord invite to come say hello!
  5. Rare bone - 22s Valrei Mission Items - 20c each Rift mats - 10c each (only stone and wood left - pm for amounts and qualities) Please message Hexd or send me a forum pm if you are interested!
  6. [02:49:14] Stik slain by Codeine Ahahahhaaha rekt
  7. I like Middi's suggestions so far
  8. I think Jakerivers just hit the nail on the head. I think those that want to ban other people from deciding what to do with their own accounts are doing so for their own selfish reasons. As I've said before, let people do what they want with their accounts, they own them after all. I still don't see any problem at all despite one being mentioned. The little guys in my village (mostly brand new players) are all doing fine earning money ingame and trading to pay for their premium. There is no problem with this - it's just whining from what I can tell. Also to say that buying/selling accounts or sharing is toxic? I think you need to look up what that term means. I certainly don't consider myself as such and I have brought accounts and sometimes use other peoples. That doesn't make me a bad person just because I do that. It's like having a kingdom priest.. is everyone in the kingdom toxic because there is a shared priest? As I said above. Alot of new players (myself included) would have never started playing wurm if we had to start from scratch. Especially those who have started on wurm unlimited or have sold out in the past and wanted to return to the game. I don't see how bringing new people into the game is a bad thing or toxic. It's great!
  9. +1 but only if there is a whois or history so that players with bad reputation can not hide.
  10. Really dislike this idea. Alot of families, couples, best friends share accounts. Alot live at the same address - how would you even police that? Seems like a waste of time trying to enforce new rules when nothing is wrong with the system we have got where right now people are free to do whatever they like with their own accounts.
  11. -1 I would have never gotten into Wurm Online had I not been able to get an account, these are my reasons. I have an unholy amount of hours put into wurm unlimited and that is where I started playing wurm. It's rare apparantly to see players start on Wurm Unlimited and then move to Wurm Online but it happens and with all those recent sales in Wurm Unlimited on steam I can see alot more players wanting to come across in the future the same way I did. Now after spending so many hours into my character on Wurm Unlimited and grinding up skills I really did not want to have to start from scratch again. After 3000+ hours of grinding a character you don't then want to lose /all/ your progress. I ended up buying Hexd because it allowed me to jump straight in and try PVP which was a new experience for me. It allowed me to have a toon that almost matched my Wurm Unlimited one. It's easy to say "let's ban the trading of accounts for X reason" however there are a multitude of reasons why people desire to either buy or sell a character and most reasons are harmless and alot even benefit the game and the community.
  12. Our little hots group is growing slowly. We still need alot of help though building up our new deed and it's defenses! If you feel like you would be up for helping our little band build please get in touch
  13. Brainer, Kix & Clasin. Lads and a campfire
  14. Day one of HotS life... Our first visitors to our deed but instead of a fruit basket it was arrows from above!
  15. Thanks guys. We might need help with the numbers to form the PMK but we can always stay as HotS I guess until we have the numbers. Just so people are clear, I am not the leader of this PMK. The leader is Kix/Unknownorganism but since he doesn't have a forum account I'm like the PR/recruiter for the kingdom That way he can deal with the kingdom and pvp related stuff and I can sort out recruiting and organising none pvp stuff! Heh