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  1. Yeah I live on both Deli and Chaos and don't consider myself to be one or the other. -1 Because most Chaos players live on Freedomer servers as well. Also a lot of what is sold on freedom ends up on Chaos. Bulk mats like dirt, bricks, mortar, support beams. Then you have to consider drake sets, tomes... the prices and value would simply not hold or the market would become flooded. Then if you cut Chaos off - how would kingdoms be able to fund themselves? Right now LoA is funded by selling PMK items or by the dragon that we killed on Xanadu. We don't yet have a farm so all of our crops are farmed on Freedom servers and sailed to the kingdom on Chaos. Splitting Chaos from Freedom would pretty much be killing LoA and perhaps other small PMK's that rely heavily on Freedom for funding and goods. Not to mention any future kingdoms that wish to start up that will go down the same route of slowly getting themselves setup while being supported from the PVE maps. Also Kingdoms that don't control Hota - the only way we have been able to get MMfor our weapons or armour is by attending rifts on the PVE servers or buying it from the freedom market. By splitting Chaos from the other Freedom servers you'd be killing LoA most likely. I cannot speak for other kingdoms. You'd make it so that anyone wishing to make a new PMK would have a really hard time and lastly you'd crash the economy that has come to rely on Chaos more then people realise. Chaos is a money sink for the Freedom Clusters.
  2. I think Rainbow Bridge is my favourite landmark on Deli :x
  3. You can take the players out of Chaos but you can't take the Chaos out of the players...
  4. Semi final fights!
  5. Some more videos incoming!
  6. Amazing event! Videos coming soon. Breaking them down into several small videos. Great event though and not just the fighting contest itself but the naked corpse fights and the highlander free for all the end too <3
  7. Long live the King of Celebration o/
  8. Everyone's experience of Chaos is going to be different. Most people stay or come back because they enjoy it. If you are worried about the gear I know there are Kingdom out there that would take naked toons and gear them up if you talk to them first. Or just wear a plate set and nothing rare. Several Kingdoms have a policy where they will replace any lost items. Some even let you wear drake sets that belong to the Kingdom. The skill gain you lose is tiny, you lose way more from PVE deaths. Lost FS is also gained back very quickly through PVP, you get very big ticks and winning a skirmish with your team could easily raise your fight skill in a matter of minutes where it may take months and months hunting. By trying Chaos people really do not have anything to lose, but you could gain so much from friends, free tools and gear, enchants on demand, sermon groups, learn how to pvp and endure the adreniline rush we play for, explore the shells of old deed ruins which are actually pretty exciting to come across and look around. All you need to do is not go over as a solo freedomer but instead contact people that are within the Kingdoms on Chaos. Talk to them all, figure out which one suits you best or after talking who you get along with. Worst case scenario - you can always convert to another kingdom if you find you do not fit in or think you'll have fun somewhere else more. There is no shame in converting if it is done respectfully and properly (without stealing or causing drama on the way out).
  9. You do realise the PVE servers rely on the PVP servers for a lot of their trade - right? Also that most Chaos players travel back and forth and consider themselves just as much "Freedomers" as those that live there fulltime,they have their deeds and are apart of the community. The bulk market would suffer as would sales for tomes, scale, drake from uniques. Drake sets, platesets, weapons... you'd be surprised how many goods sourced on pve servers ends up on Chaos. Let alone all that bulk dirt. Your solution will cause more problems then it would solve imo.
  10. Just wanted to add that despite being in an enemy kingdom to many of this hunting group they accept and trust me, they are a great group of people and it is disappointing to see one or two individuals trying to slam a large portion of the community of Deliverance for what is essentially just greed. I remember the day I nervously asked if I may join when I first started playing Wurm Online and they accepted me in with open arms. If you play actively on Deli and are reasonable, friendly and not looking for trouble then this is a group that will accept you. The loot system is different, but fair. It means everyone who helped gets something rather then just relying on whoever has the most money to bid or the rng of who found something first. Everyone in the team is happy with how things work. I don't understand why people outside the hunt team critisize the way it works either since essentially it really doesn't affect them at all.
  11. Where is my artifact? Hello? :^) Just a reminder that TC are not the only kingdom that disagrees with the alt abuse going on in that cave lately. There is a large population of players that can clearly see the game is not being played fairly or the way it is intended and those players stem from all kingdoms (even the pve side). I've even heard complaints from players within your own kingdom. So lashing out at TC or a few individuals just because they are against what you are doing really is not all that fair. These people see a flaw in the game design and are trying to get it changed and fixed to make the server better. This is not some kind of personal attack. It's done now, there has been a ruling that it has to stop so let's just move on rather then trying to justify it by picking holes at unrelated aspects of Chaos (such as artifacts).
  12. Thanks everyone - will be in touch for delervies
  13. It's the spirit templars and ofc the option where don't attack hostile creatures is ticked. We have been breeding hell horses no problem but up until recently we haven't been taming them because we didn't want to use our breeding stock for pvp. Guards won't attack the other hell horses, only as they untame when the player in question is offline when it untames. So just to clarify. Spirit Templars attack the hell horse of an offline player as their hell horse untames. The spirit templar is ignoring all other hell horses and hostiles - that is working normally. We have lost two extremely important hell horses due to this happening
  14. Still recruiting! Just ask one of us for the discord link if you would like to find out more information (like our kingdom details/rules and such) and also to come have a chat with us. Our only requirements are that you are premium, have discord and a mic. So the strength of your account or experience doesn't matter Looking for players that want to pvp and for players that don't - there is always things the kingdom needs doing behind the scenes from building to crafting or helping us with trading or shipping Please send me a forum pm for fastest response - or contact one of us ingame or via the wo discord.