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  1. Port Catnip is a quiet village next to the bay at p20 on the in-game map. I'm currently the only resident living there so lots of room for new players to join the deed. It would be great to have someone that can help me with the farms and animals and in return you can live rent free in your own house, have access to any of the materials you need. I can also make most tools, gear and enchants. The deed has farms, 5 speed horses, cows, sheep, a small but mostly useless mine (we stockpile ore or go offdeed to mine). Also have a docks for boat access and we are connected to the highway system. Clay is on a small island just offdeed but requires a boat. Tar is just to the side of the deed. I have several pre-built houses that players can move into as well as help and advice if you are new to the game. Also I enjoy hunting and rifting so I will gladly take any villages along with me to help them train their fighting skills. Send me a forum PM or contact me ingame on Hexd if you are interested or would like some more information!
  2. LoA still open to new recruits, contact Hexd, Unknownorganism, Andderson, Analice or Wsrich ingame or send me a forum pm if interested in more information! We are a laid back and small group in the North West of Chaos and while our PVP might not be as frequent as it was before Ebonaura left the area we are looking to get back into trying to providing more content on Chaos in the near future. Last night we drained a VD deed and got a Champ kill. Unfortunately we lost one of our drake sets in the process but our group had a good time regardless.
  3. Conquest PVP - 3x/3x - heavily modded

    language warning for the video - mild swearing in the comms (thanks @DarklordsxD) [03:32:14] Tooff slain by Borkbork Kizmet Judi Josh Boris Ciray Zentil Hakameda [04:49:42] Amorph slain by Kizmet Josh Wulfgar Reevi Ciray Boris Zentil Hakameda [04:50:00] Smartrein slain by Kizmet Wulfgar Josh Reevi Boris Ciray Hakameda [05:43:24] Ildar slain by Kizmet Borkbork Ciray Boris Zentil Hakameda Judi Reevi Josh Wulfgar [05:54:31] Babuly slain by Kizmet Borkbork Zigon Judi Josh Reevi Wulfgar Hakameda Ciray Zentil Boris [06:29:36] Soulrus slain by Kizmet Ciray Billnye Boris [10:10:52] Nadroj slain by Kizmet Zigon Ciray
  4. Also need to know how many people on each muffin pushing team? Need to start training up the LoA olympic muffin pushing team so they are fully prepared ;D
  5. I can help with imping of Carp, Fine carp, Chain smithing, shield smithing, black smithing, masonry and leatherworking. Also willing to donate on behalf of Legion of Anubis.. 5 banners, 5 flags and 5 tall banners as mini prizes for some of your games
  6. close

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    pm with serious offers
  8. close

    Not looking for price checks or a discussion, this is a for sale advert. If anyone is interested can go down to 300e. Forum message me with any offers, questions or concerns. Thankyou.
  9. close

    Meridius wasn't sold. Not looking for price checks.
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  11. People who keep wining the game

    tfw I craft a fantastic item and it's not one of my personal goals that I still need ._. .. damnit wurm.
  12. close

    price reduced to 350e pm if interested
  13. Name and Shame: Consolidated

    Hello PMK was disbanding, everyone was quitting lmao! Also you hated me before this... this was made up after You were one of the two reasons our group left DD so of course it's only natural to be mad and make things up to get "revenge" and hold some kind of grudge. You saying that you warned me and offered me passage etc... when I didn't speak to you once lmao. Nice contradiction there buddy. Keep fishing or maybe do what everyone else has done let a grudge go.
  14. Name and Shame: Consolidated

    This all all so untrue it's funny. I offered the writ to you guys twice and it was refused. We logged out because it was late and because TC was in local and logged in and sailed off when they had gone. Never got any offers for sailing for safe passage so please keep these lies coming they make fun reading! Nothing I had or choose to do was anything to do with you or anyone left in DD. Also I was in contact with GM's the entire time so what you are saying is honestly a very amusing story. But that is all it is... a story. It took a week because we were busy and were not playing much. When we were on nobody else was on. Like we had sailed all the way to Bay of horses twice with the writ and both times it was refused so why all of a sudden rush us to make the trip a third time. Eventually it was handed off so what is the big deal? We were even told by GM's that we could even disband the PMK if we wanted too without any reprecussions but we didn't want too. If we had set off to screw DD over then we would have taken everything and disbanded the PMK, because I repeat... I was in contact with GM's the entire time who said I was well within my right to do both. Also harassing me? Nah none of this bothers me since it's not true and everyone who matters knows the truth. So have fun with this.