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  1. Posting this on behalf of Stik Red dot is the location of the deed known as "Tear Collection Jar" Thanks!
  2. Rifts and rainbows
  3. You should try a little harder to hide your deed next time
  4. Just wanted everyone on Celebration to know that me, Stik and a few friends are building a new highway from our deed in the SW to the Steppe. There is already bits and pieces or roads through the pass, it is a bit of a mess and there is also an old abandoned tunnel that we wish to fix up and pave and include in our project. The only deed en-route that will be blocking our highway belongs to someone in our team (Hidaway Lodge). The purple line is the route the new highway will go. If anyone has any issues with this new highway please contact me Otherwise I'll use this thread to report on the progress for this new SW route and hopefully it will be usable soon!
  5. I hope this becomes a thing and we can start enchanting our frying pans. Should even have it's own weapon skill
  6. Along with the one already posted there are unofficial ones for.. Pristine & Release - https://discord.gg/ZUbkmYh Deliverance & Celebration - https://discord.gg/9ta6QzA Both of which accept players from other servers as well.
  7. Please make this happen. It's so disappointing to tend a farm get a rare roll and then get nothing for it. It's one of the few rare rolls that are pointless and makes a player go awhhh. Should be a coin like fighting, burying, foraging etc.
  8. I miss the reason why the dragon was called ponyslayer ;-; [20:34:48] The venerable starving black dragon hits mature fat Warrun deadly hard in the calf of the right foreleg and damages it. [20:34:48] The mature fat Warrun is dead. R.I.P. [20:35:01] You open yourself to an attack from The venerable starving black dragon. [20:34:59] Ouch! That hurt! [20:35:04] You will now fight defensively. [20:35:06] You are now too far away to attack The venerable starving black dragon. Guy ran up behind me. One shot my horse and I had to jump off the cliff to escape. Was like a scene from Jurrasic Park
  9. Great vid Yaga
  10. Dragon scale and potion of metallic liquid have both been sold Thanks again Niki ^^;
  11. Trying to sell these items please! 0.31kg of Black Dragon Scale for 16s. Please give your offers for the addy and shoulderpads! You contact me here, via pm or in-game on Hexd. Thanks!
  12. Lots of people using this daily. Good place for trading and help as well. Remember you do not have to be living on Deli to join and use the discord
  13. Ahhh that post was made before you joined Raven <3 Right now we have several active villagers! Me, Stik, Raven, Miket, Koko, Mrgus, Alinicon, Kate, Hoseph and then a few more who are part of DD that like to visit or stop by for rifts, hunting or other random trips to Deli Still recruiting and looking for more! Contact me in-game on Hexd for more info
  14. Thanks for all these suggestions guys. I've been slowly putting together a list Might be doing this next weekend so please - last chance to give out some suggestions everyone!
  15. Sorry looking for a little bit more for the dragon one ^^