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  1. Looking to trade for a charge of Smoke of Sol or taking best offers. PM on forums if interested or with your offers, thanks.
  2. Goblin Leader

    Will try to make it with Hexd + my alt Blueanne is also a fighter.
  3. Mountain lion statue too small... giant cat statue pls (since we are making requests) Though tbf a giant sea serpent statue would be pretty badass.
  4. Personal Goals Reset

    For those who had completed goals removed due to the 1.3 update bug, are there any plans for a hotfix for this in the future? Back when it happened as most goals were unachivable nobody reported it since it did not matter as much back then (and was barely noticed if at all by the majority of players). Now that bug is actually making a difference. Can those players who completed goals long before this latest update that had lost them please be looked at perhaps?
  5. Personal Goals Reset

    Hexd had become a ruler and this goal was previously completed. Was completed in 2016, well before this latest update.
  6. Personal Goals Reset

    I well and truely got spanked. I was very excited to see my planeswalker goal changed to imp an item to 99ql. I begun working on this immediately and got my boot up to 98ql.. The only other goal was to ride a Cog which I had on standby for the moment the boot was finished. Well as I was just about to "win the game" the "hotfix" occured. Removing 4 of my previously completed goals including my other diamond goal Now Hexd was passed the crown (before my time) while she was in JK in order to complete the become a ruler goal. That was one of her original goals. The epic mission one also I have completed too many to count and that didn't trigger as completed (I'm told I need to do it again which seems to be the running theme here). Well as it turns out the cooking update had some kind of affect on my toon which caused this. I was told from Budda (via shaydow) that it was indeed a bug and my original diamond goal was reset but they had no way to change it back. When I asked if it was possible to auto complete my diamond at the very least and I'll complete the rest (as a compromise) that was not accepted either. Finally I asked if there would be a hotfix for those in my position, I was told it was unlikely but if I make a forum post who knows maybe if enough people make enough noise it might happen. So here I am explaining what happened
  7. WTS Items

    I would have done it for 6s if I didn't have to buy glimmer and get an imp for it If you can imp it (since I know you guys have a mountain of MM :^) ) I'd pay 6s for a pvp ready one otherwise I'll have to pass sorry Not to mention Mclovin was trying to buy a seryll helm from cyber for 4s similiar ql but seryll. An extra 2s just for being glimmer and not seryll seems a bit much imo... If you are happy selling for 5s cod to Hexd. If you are going to imp it first let me know what ql before sending for 6s ^.^
  8. Come and join the darkside!
  9. WTS Items

    5s for the glimsteel helm?
  10. Port Catnip is recruiting!

    We now have myself, two of my friends who are veteren players and one new player living at my deed - but we still have plenty of room for more people who wish to join us! Message Hexd ingame or send me a forum pm to get in touch.
  11. Port Catnip is a quiet village next to the bay at p20 on the in-game map. I'm currently the only resident living there so lots of room for new players to join the deed. It would be great to have someone that can help me with the farms and animals and in return you can live rent free in your own house, have access to any of the materials you need. I can also make most tools, gear and enchants. The deed has farms, 5 speed horses, cows, sheep, a small but mostly useless mine (we stockpile ore or go offdeed to mine). Also have a docks for boat access and we are connected to the highway system. Clay is on a small island just offdeed but requires a boat. Tar is just to the side of the deed. I have several pre-built houses that players can move into as well as help and advice if you are new to the game. Also I enjoy hunting and rifting so I will gladly take any villages along with me to help them train their fighting skills. Send me a forum PM or contact me ingame on Hexd if you are interested or would like some more information!
  12. LoA still open to new recruits, contact Hexd, Unknownorganism, Andderson, Analice or Wsrich ingame or send me a forum pm if interested in more information! We are a laid back and small group in the North West of Chaos and while our PVP might not be as frequent as it was before Ebonaura left the area we are looking to get back into trying to providing more content on Chaos in the near future. Last night we drained a VD deed and got a Champ kill. Unfortunately we lost one of our drake sets in the process but our group had a good time regardless.
  13. Conquest PVP - 3x/3x - heavily modded

    language warning for the video - mild swearing in the comms (thanks @DarklordsxD) [03:32:14] Tooff slain by Borkbork Kizmet Judi Josh Boris Ciray Zentil Hakameda [04:49:42] Amorph slain by Kizmet Josh Wulfgar Reevi Ciray Boris Zentil Hakameda [04:50:00] Smartrein slain by Kizmet Wulfgar Josh Reevi Boris Ciray Hakameda [05:43:24] Ildar slain by Kizmet Borkbork Ciray Boris Zentil Hakameda Judi Reevi Josh Wulfgar [05:54:31] Babuly slain by Kizmet Borkbork Zigon Judi Josh Reevi Wulfgar Hakameda Ciray Zentil Boris [06:29:36] Soulrus slain by Kizmet Ciray Billnye Boris [10:10:52] Nadroj slain by Kizmet Zigon Ciray