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  1. Priest overhaul testing

    It is a shame to see bt nerfed when it is the enchant that players have to sink in the most time and effort to get maxed. Switching to fa or fb might not even be possible for players without removing other enchant in the dispel process. You would think the hardest enchant to get would be the strongest. The change to passive res stones was a change that didn't need to happen they were fine the way it was. Just looks like a money sink so that priests with that passive will now cough up more silver. Should have just left res alone so it's 50% chance whether it's passive or stone so everyone in PvP has equal chance to drop. Lack of lof.. Hope Gary has it. Nice that a couple have scorn but that was one of the big spells used in PvP and pve (uniques and rifts) and now only fo has it. With lib not on freedom it's a shame only mag and nahjo are only options for strongwall. Also is vyn only God with coc now? I think balancing is good in the sense that nothing is massively OP anymore but I don't think spells are evenly distributed. Lof, strongwall and coc are like rare spells now where as botd, web or lt are common.
  2. Upcoming Rift Event

    Just turn up when the rift starts lots of people will be there. Bring a tent and a horse. Do not ride a tamed creature or use a cart or wagon as the rift mobs will kill any hitched or led animals. If your fs isn't very high stay with the group and if something targets you then just back off. If you are low on health and can't get mobs off you then just leave the rift zone.. they will not chase and will bounce back so you can cotton up. There are 3 waves each a little harder then the last. If you stay with everyone else I'm sure you will do fine
  3. Mining & Rock Slopes (pvp)

    I may not presently live on Chaos but that does not mean I do not travel there or have intentions to return. I think anyone who has the best interests of the server in mind and wishes to make suggestions to try to benefit the server (not trolling) should post and have their say. I also know that I am not the only one that shares this viewpoint. Many of the points I've mentioned have been discussed just this morning on discord and again many months ago when we first thought this update had happen. Whereami, no the mine doors are not put into the walls. They are put on another slope beneath them. Just using Sarnath as an example - had 300 slope rock wall around the lower portion of the token pit with a 40 slope rock slope at the base for mine doors... rock is far better than dirt because with dirt you just need to dig it down. With rock you have to clear all the dirt off all the neighbouring tiles before even tampering with the rock in the first place. It forces most enemies to climb the wall or find ways to ramp over it from the outside at least. I think the main point I'm making here is that making changes to how terraforming works is a bit too late on an old server like Chaos. It's going to make so many areas untouchable, unfixable. Griefing is possible now which cannot be fixed. Raiding will be harder and shawv is right. A new group on chaos isn't really great idea i guess right now (a merge would be better) ... if that group couldn't join any exisiting group for whatever reason then surely having more players on chaos is better then not having them at all. Why take away options of getting Chaos more population... At this point terraform changes should really be released on a fresh map for the sake of fairness and balance. Everyone seemed happy with the way terraforming was on Chaos, there really was no need to change it.
  4. Mining & Rock Slopes (pvp)

    I agree they were shoddy mechanics, but I think a fix at this point is creating a huge imbalance. I agree if they want this to be intended it shouldn't be on a map already heavily terraformed but something fresh instead. What is has created now is a map where vast areas of the land and peoples own deeds can no longer be terraformed. People could say; just make a fresh deed. Those deeds will never be as well built as any active deeds. Also most ruins are built on stratgeic locations. LoA picked the ruins of HAP to turn into Hellsgate because it was a chokepoint. Avarga is a good deed location because it was again a choke point, same with scale collection agency. Then you have deeds around hota, built there with the intention of being hota deeds. You'll find very few areas of untouched land on Chaos where you can drop a fresh brand new deed that has a strategic purpose. When we deed over the ruins of HAP the token pit and walls were not even flat. The ruins were from back in the day when buildings were not even required to be flat. It took a lot of work to fix that token pit and walls so we could even build a token house and longhouses on the walls. If we go back a year and this update happened - the kingdom of LoA would have never have been founded. While Chaos might not be the most active right now, this change is really pushing away any possibility of a new group deciding to form on the map. A huge nerf to any new groups and a huge buff to any estbalished group. I'm not really too fussed how the matter is addressed but something needs to happen to allow terraform to continue the way it has been for over ten years on this map.
  5. While I have not confirmed first hand whether or not this is true I have been reading on the discord that there was a recent fix which will now have a large impact on Chaos. I realise this thread may confuse many players who are not (or have never been) part of the Chaos or PVP community so I'll try to explain for everyone. On Chaos you can only mine slopes 1x your skill level. On freedom this is 3x allowing you to create up to 300 slope tile borders in the rock layer if you are lucky enough to have 100 mining. On Chaos it is 100 slope maximum with regular mining. Yet this very old server despite this I would go as far as to say there probably isn't an active deed on Chaos without a rock slope somewhere on the deed that is more than 100 slope. Whether that is because they have 300 slope token pits or perhaps giant trenches. Dirt walls can be dug down - that is why the best deeds are carved into the rock layer. You cannot dig down rock. Over ten years Chaos has been used as a pvp server and now the map is littered with ruins of deeds with pits and trenches not to mention some amazingly solid capital sized deeds still active today. How were players for all these years able to create these deeds if they can only mine 100 slope maximum? Two methods are used to shape the rock layer past 100 slope and that was Mag mining (the process of opening a tunnel and then strongwalling it closed again) and shuffle mining (or run mining). Shuffle mining is where you start the mining action a tile back on the top of the slope then move half a tile forward allowing the action to complete. Any active player on chaos knew about this mechanic and it became more widely used after the mine door update that would level the upper tile border. Well firstly that levelling automatically of the upper tile border might make things look neater on pve servers and allowed the wonderful mine door graphics to work correctly when a minedoor was placed on them. But it added new complications to strongwall mining on Chaos. Fortunately we could still use shuffle mining so even if things might take a little bit longer to build a token pit or flatten an area of rock the point is that it could still be fixed eventually. Now the point I am trying to make here is that shuffle mining has been removed from the game. I really do believe this is going to have massive knock on effects which might not really change much on Chaos now - but it will certainly kill it's future. While strongwall mining can still be done providing there are no mistakes and the rock slope flows downhill and in your favour - you can still kind of do some deed building. But if you wanted to build a capital or strong deed from scratch you will have absolutely no hope. 90% of new deeds on Chaos are built over the ruins of old deeds. Most ruins are either griefed and damaged from when they were disbanded (or from looters since the disband), were poorly built and need improving or simply unfinished. How on earth are players meant to turn these ruins and fix them if they cannot shape the rock layers? They will have rock slopes that they literally cannot touch or do anything with. The update will now prevent any new groups or kingdoms forming on Chaos as they will be able to build or create from ruins a deed that will be able to compete with the deeds that present active kingdoms own. It will also make gameplay on Chaos stale (more so then things have been with the lack of a playerbase). No need deeds. Doing things like flipping across to the other side of the map is now ruled out. Basically people are stuck with the deeds they have now or if they want a new one will have to settle with something that won't be as good. Also what is to stop the enemy from using this new change to grief other kingdoms? Someone could strongwall 100+ slopes around enemy deeds and if they cannot be flattened and fixed... well flat land is required for longhouse or farms or even access. You could really mess up an enemy deed if you wanted and they now have absolutely no way of fixing the damage done. My last reason as to why this is a bad change is due to raiding. While rock walls are way harder to breach it is not impossible. Enemies can still mine ramps into the rock. I've seen one group bring down one corner of a rock wall so that when it was rebuilt with dirt they could repeat raid more easily. Changing the rock layer of an enemy deed is required for raiding and raiding is already hard enough as it is. Removing the ability to touch or terraform the rock layer of some of the largest deeds on Chaos now makes them unraidable. A huge buff that makes raiding utterly pointless. Now I realise that the fix was done because Chaos had always been intended to be a server where the rock layer was only carved into 100 deep, but ten years later you cannot change the deedbuilding/terraforming mechanics now at least not without another solutation. A change to terraforming should be implimented on a fresh new map - not one where every deed and every ruin now has slopes that can no longer be fixed or touched. My suggestion therefore is that this fix gets reversed and that the shuffle mining mechanic gets put into wurmpedia with it's on page. Let it become public knowledge and continue to allow deed building and raiding to continue on as normal. My second suggestion if the first is not accepted is to allow 3x mining on Chaos like it is on freedom. That way those with high mining skill can still fix the rock layer just like those with high digging can fix the dirt walls. It will give an extra purpose to having high mining skill (since with runed pickaxes going past 90 these days isn't really a big deal). Anyway thank you all for reading sorry it was such a long post. I realised I'm currently not a Chaos player but deed building on Chaos was perhaps my favourite thing in this entire game. It is something I am passionate about.
  6. WTS - Clearout of various items!

    I know I said it twice on the post but I will remind people one more time. Send your offers please.
  7. WTS - Clearout of various items!

    Yup, will cod it to you now. Got it from a rift - hasn't been used.
  8. WTS - Clearout of various items!

    All bloods, rift mats and statue fragments sold!
  9. Having a clearout sale. Please contact me with offers, ingame on Hexd, via forums or discord (Mizova). Or just post your offers on here. Unique Stuff: Rift Stuff: Rare/Event items: Tools/Gear: Kingdom Items: 10x TC Flags 7x DD Flags 1x Ebo Banner 2x DD Tall Banner 10x LoA Tall Banner 10x LoA Flag 10x LoA Banner Also selling these wagons: LoA, DD, EMR, Ebo. And finally selling 2 creation ql ships. One Cog, one Corbita. That's it, offer away until it's all gone :3! Ingame: Hexd / Forums: Iberis / Discord: Mizova / Or post offers here.
  10. wtb kingdom banners

    Just looking for apocalypse order now, willing to pay 1s since it's not a disbanded kingdom.
  11. wtb kingdom banners

    Looking for 1 kingdom banner of each kingdom for a new sermon group area! Still need.. 1 MR 1 Black Legion 1 Panda 1 Wurm Uni 1 Crusaders 1 VD 1 Apocalyse Order Already have DD, LoA, Hots and JK. Willing to pay 1s for any active Chaos Kingdoms. 2s for any disbanded kingdoms (or will trade with one of my LoA banners). Message Hexd ingame or send me a forum pm
  12. Alright Rees, if you ever change your mind let me know and if you do drop a deed you are welcome to join our alliance. Message me or ask in freedom if you need any help and goodluck friend!