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  1. Ok just an update. All MM, rift mats, bloods are now gone ^^
  2. OH *facepalms >.> Sending now xD
  3. Which toon spy? At the mailbox now but realised I dunno who to send them too lol
  4. TFW your knarr goes "missing".
  5. @Traveler777[01:13:35] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Drake set has now been sold, tyvm
  6. Yeah will send you the addy lumps for 6s and the medallion for 1s np. Thanks for the trade. Will log in later tonight to cod the items. Can't get on just yet.
  7. Yeah I'd accept that offer. Did you want me to combine them or cod them seperately? Also to which toon should I send too? Np Firestarter!
  8. They are the new JK ones (with the dragon) not the base template Jk ones ;( Can you contact me in-game on Hexd or forum pm me with your in-game name so we can do the trade? Are you able to give me an offer please? Remember anyone who messages me - send offers for things that do not have a listed price and we can go from there.
  9. Have you ever logged back in after a break and spent ages walking around and repairing all your items? Then realised you probably have too much stuff? I'm a wurm horder x.x Anyway I'm planning on moving deeds a bit and I really need to cut back on the amount of stuff I have so I can take only what I need. Besides extra silver is nice amirite? If you would like something please either message me ingame on Hexd or send me a forum pm (forum pm probably will work best). If there is no price listed then please send me an offer BOATS/WAGONS Selling a rare sailboat 82ql = Looking for 30s/30e 2x Rowboats = 50c each. 2x Sailboats = 2s each. Also selling 2 Dreadnaught Dynasty Wagons. * contact me if you are interested in the ql of the boats or if you want them runed (might charge a little more for adding runes). BULK 30k dirt. * Will give crates and deliver all 30k for 30s as long as you are coastal. RARES SAC RARES (string and nails sold) RIFT LOOT (moonmetals are all sold sorry!) MISC STUFF 4x - Valrei Mission Items - 20c each 10x - Crusader Kingdom Flags 8x - Dreadnaught Dynasty Kingdom Flags 2x - EMR Kingdom Flags 2x - JKC Kingdom Banners 2x - Dreadnaught Dynasty Kingdom Banners 1x - EMR Kingdom Banner 1x - Hots Kingdom Banner 2x - Tall Crusader Kingdom Banners 2x - Tall Dreadnaught Dynasty Banners Once again if you like something please send me a message ingame on Hexd or forum pm me for the fastest response - thankyou!
  10. Episode 2 of badstick pvp on Slaughter! "Swim or die"
  11. back due to popular demand! episode 2 of badstick pvp: "swim or die"
  12. Sorry no more stickmen.. but dropping a link to another new video!
  13. Slaughter isn't an inactive pvp server! So many tabs in the past few days. Reccomend new players join Hots or MR though Todays Jk vs MR fight: [02:01:29] Ketatsu slain by Densetsu [02:54:33] Kaeleb slain by Iammyowngrandpa Redneckgranny [03:00:26] Hereticzero slain by Remeliss Noob Redneckgranny Daddy Stik also died but he didn't pop tabs xD!
  14. It was kinda fun to draw it. I might do more vids in the future of funny pvp situations
  15. I literally only did it cos the guys wanted the comms and releasing just the comms by itself was confusing/boring. Though most people who watched that vid thought it was more confusing after watching it