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  1. Well I got sprayed with blood... Thanks Kix
  2. +1 Had to remove alot of reinforcements from an old mine system and me and my friends kept accidently mining out the tile instead of just taking off the support beam from the rock. Which mean we had to then so strongwall casts and replace the walls. Turning a reinforced tile into a rock tile with a crowbar ondeed - this is a great suggestion.
  3. Thanks guys and it looks like we have freedom tabbards by default until we get some graphics sorted out for our PMK (we have people working on ideas and designs so hopefully something will appear soon). Also the latest fight in the Northern Front War between Ebo and LoA for control of the Murkia region... [16:58:08] Zigon slain by Kix Wimble Repelsteeltje Cyberhusky Red Hexd [16:58:37] Azraiel slain by Kix Cyberhusky Hexd Red [16:59:02] Cyberhusky slain by Zigon Zilbar Demondan Ckczk [16:59:37] Ckczk slain by Kix Wimble Repelsteeltje Cyberhusky Hexd Red [17:00:04] Wimble slain by Zilbar Demondan [17:02:30] Demondan slain by Kix Repelsteeltje Wimble Cyberhusky Hexd Red A couple of beginners new to PVP were on our side but with good clear comms and targets it's easy to learn how to fight on Chaos with a small group like LoA! Want to join us whether it's to have some fun PVPing? Helping to build new deeds? Crafting and improving gear for the team? Feeding or farming for the kingdom? You can literally be whatever you like! Send me a forum PM or contact Hexd ingame for inquiries about joining.
  4. It's happened folks! Legion of Anubis is now a PMK! All hail King Unknownorganism o/
  5. Stop slacking Alinicon to make forum posts you are meant to be building tower mats! <3
  6. Not yet, just trying to recruit a few extra people. Building a capital with not enough builders is going to be rough otherwise. It's people wanting to deed build that we kind of need the most right now
  7. You live and learn my friend, good fight! Second video as promised!
  8. Well today has been an action packed day for LoA with fights across both clusters! So two seperate fights with LoA (Legion of Anubis) vs Ebo at Hellsgate on Chaos First was a 2 vs 3 [15:20:51] Azraiel slain by Wsrich Unknownorganism [15:22:27] Pekka slain by Wsrich Unknownorganism [15:26:13] Chlodovech slain by Wsrich Unknownorganism Then a little while later then returned with 5 including a champ (zilbar). [16:30:09] Zigon slain by Wsrich Unknownorganism [16:35:08] Pekka slain by Wsrich Unknownorganism [16:36:50] Chlodovech slain by Wsrich Unknownorganism Had Ckczk at half health and Zilbar at hurt but we were unable to push because we needed to heal and grab horses. By the time we grabbed some horses we had just missed our oportunity and they had managed to gain enough staminia back to get their horses from their safe mine and make their escape. The second fight on Epic was an open battle with Rome! Unfortunately it did not go down so well for us but our team had good fun all the same - below is the point of view of Unknownorganism
  9. Sideways? Clearly he has forgotten how to cat Anyway I have decided that if my cat Nibbles was a human this is who he would be... I mean he has blue steel mastered.
  10. Daww he has a point face and ears - kinda foxy I have more of my Nibbles... just because he is such a derp cat.. and dat tail... what a poser.
  11. Oh wow I never saw it that way before hahaha! You are right. He has a pepperoni tongue
  12. These are my cats... Sock attacking Fatcat Thincat playing wurm with me and lastly Nibbles the derp cat
  13. I popped a silver mine door rare the other week and I got upset because I knew as soon as I planted it - would just be a boring normal silver mine door. So +1 Would be nice if rare minedoors had a bonus to the strength as well... idk I'm not saying much but a small bonus so that in the event they do pop rare it could be something to be happy about.
  14. Still looking for new players, especially if you are interested in playing across both clusters! Right now our team is part of the HotS kingdom on epic. We still have our Chaos deed though while there are no updates and things are quiet we have jumped through portals to follow the action and hype! We still plan on planting the PMK in the near future providing Chaos picks up a bit population wise which is very likely after transfers to and from epic work both ways. Also when we get a few more active players. Nothing worse then trying to build a brand new capital for our team if we only have a couple of players interested in building. If you would like to help us out or join a friendly little team that pvps on both chaos and epic then please get in touch.
  15. Awwwwww Darma that's the cute one!!