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  1. Won a Hota yesterday and looted a drakeset today! If you are interested in joining an active kingdom on Chaos that gets involved in the action don't be shy and get in touch
  2. Looking to buy a rare hatchet. Prefer to buy something cheap for low ql and blank but will accept any offers. Lowest offer will probs be the best though since I can imp up to 95ql and can do my own casts So throw me your shiny hatchets!
  3. sold some more and added some more! Now selling bulk rift mats
  4. I wonder if it's possible to cage players for server transfer
  5. Do you have the in-game co-ordinates please?
  6. Addy and seryll is now sold, thanks angel <3 Gems are on hold
  7. Exciting stuff! Also... BL Taming Nerf removed!!
  8. Yeah I'd accept 2s for 3, cod? If so to which account?
  9. I love winter, here is a few shots of Bay of Horses in the snow! A view of "Bay of Horses" the capital of Dreadnaught Dynasty from the "Panda Cliff" on the edge of the HotA. A view from the top of the north wall looking towards the Bay, the back of the deed and the white light.
  10. Poor tired Angel.. I think he's looking for a worker for freedom not chaos if anyone is interested.
  11. Poke me in-game Joelle, I should be around on deed today
  12. Hello Deli o/ So today I've created a discord channel for public use. My inspiration for doing this was after seeing that Release has its own and that seems to be a fun and sucessful place, I'd love to recreate that for Deliverance. Unlike the General Wurm Discord that some people use I'd like this one to be moderated a little more heavily. It will not be a place where toxic behaviour will be acceptable. Anyone misusing the discord will be kicked, muted or removed depending on the severity of the situation. With that being said I'd love some help running this discord server and if anyone thinks they would have the time and would make a good fit for a moderator please give me a poke. Also, if anyone who is not part of Deliverance wishes to use the server they can. It is not exclusive to Deliverance, especially if you are being friendly and following the rules. So hopefully this will now give our community a nice welcoming place to chat, share screenshots, pictures and memes and make new friends! There is also a trade channel and a recruitment channel. https://discord.gg/9ta6QzA If anyone has any questions, suggestions or concerns feel free to message me
  13. Can we lease not derail this thread, it's not about complaining about who gets uniques. It was a suggestion about making them more difficult to find and illusive. This was not a thread made to target anyone or any particular groups so please don't use it to name people Was just an idea I was floating and talking about to some of my friends and they liked the sound of it.