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  1. close

    It's green 90ql and 4 rare parts. PM offers
  2. Closed

    Auction ended! Grats Spy, i am going to sent you PM about the delivery.
  3. Closed

    One more day
  4. Closed

    3 days auction 1 hour snipe protection 70s start, 90s buyout Free coastal delivery
  5. Closed

    Recipes bought, can be closed
  6. Closed

    I am looking to buy around 250 recipes, only those that i don't have, for learn 500 cooking recipes completion. Pm me with an offer or for more info Edit to add: Offering 15s for them, delivered.
  7. - priest: Show me what you got for priest. Will consider anything from very basic one for strongwall but preferring battlepriest with 80+ channeling - scale armor: Any color at decent price
  8. Price can be discussed with anyone interested in PM, or make an offer here. It's on Path of Love, level 9 - Protector. It comes with nothing but basic stuff can be included
  9. Looking to sell it for 7s.
  10. [16:14:37] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Thanks