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  1. - priest: Show me what you got for priest. Will consider anything from very basic one for strongwall but preferring battlepriest with 80+ channeling - scale armor: Any color at decent price
  2. close - Wts Nahjo

    Price can be discussed with anyone interested in PM, or make an offer here. It's on Path of Love, level 9 - Protector. It comes with nothing but basic stuff can be included
  3. rare larder - unfinished

    Looking to sell it for 7s.
  4. Wtb SOTG account

  5. WTS knapsacks and socketed ring

    [16:14:37] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Thanks
  6. Wtb SOTG account

    Still looking
  7. WTB Salt

    Looking to buy some salt. 1k for 1s.
  8. WTS knapsacks and socketed ring

    Lowered prices
  9. Wtb SOTG account

  10. Wtb SOTG account

  11. Wtb SOTG account