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  1. if they type with a lot of errors its an "american", if they type perfect english and then say sorry for my bad English, then they're not. o/ i was born in Yew York, then as a baby and up to adulthood grew in a Spanish speaking country. luckily for me i learned English in school (many countries have "american schools" for children of the military and federal government. But if i hadn't gone to that school and instead had gone to local schools, i wouldn't be able to communicate in English beyond a very basic level. If i hadn't learned English, would i have stopped being an "american"? The person you were arguing with would probably say yes. Also the English language is not exclusive domain nor proprietary to "America". It didn't even originate there. But again I doubt the person you were debating with is interested in facts, seeing as their point of view is already so narrow. Food for thought -
  2. Game constantly goes non responsive

    did you try this? quoted: 1.Go to your Steam folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam 2.Just delete every folder,program and file EXCEPT for Steam.exe and steamapps 3.Restart your PC,After restarted do not try to open Steam from any shortcuts or your toolbar, instead go back to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam and open the Steam.exe and it will re-install all the components deleted and Steam will open with no errors if steam opens by itself when you start windows it is ok. Hope this helps. edit basically its saying to reinstall steam but dont uninstall your games, only uninstall steam components and reinstall, you can also reinstall from their website. gl
  3. Unstable Client Crashes my computer

    if you havent already a good place to start is by cleaning the fans and the radiator fins etc. i use a art paint brush with soft bristles and blow the excess dust out. just be gentle and careful with what you touch. gl
  4. Wurm Online Loading Lock up WHOLE computer

    this page gives a few suggestions. also run spybot to see if you have a lot of adware in the background. good luck
  5. <Invalid argument: connect>

    the more information you give the easier will be to try to help you. 1. is the computer behind some kind of institutional firewall or router, school, library, military, etc? 2 have they ever been able to log in before? 3. any error logs? 4. 32bit or 64 bit computer. if 64 bit, make sure to have java use 64 bit, preferably by uninstalling 32bit altogether. 5, can they play other steam games multiplayer? 6. are your computer network drivers updated? etc. again, try to give more info
  6. <Invalid argument: connect>
  7. ok, found a possible cause and solution so ill type it here for the benefit of the internets, or if it happens to me again, so i can remember how to fix it. Seems sometimes Steam updates automatically which sometimes breaks some of your stuff, i guess it ussually breaks the weaker links, games that have not been "optimized" for ubuntu, of which theres threads out there with those games suffering from this problem from time to time. So in trying to fix it you uninstall and reinstall, making it worse, because now i have another problem with steam that i need to fix due to all this, but its unrelated to wurm so ill leave it at that. instead of uninstalling and reinstalling Steam or your game which wont start, installing steam from their website like any normal person, YOU MUST INSTALL STEAM THRU THE TERMINAL. like so: me@xoxo:~$ steam steam://run/366220 Thats all. Seems the package that they offer for download in their page differs somewhat from the package that its downloaded thru the terminal, includes more libraries, for example. Also when you download thru the terminal it seems that it does some kind of juju magic that fixes those missing libraries etc. Anyway, i hope this helps anyone that encounters this nasty problem i had to endure for maybe a week and a half or so. disclaimer: this fix seems to be working for me, but i cant guarantee that it will work for you. Good luck
  8. so i always ubuntu software center to look for new software to try, including games. So i thought it would be a good place for wurm to make itself seen by a wider audience. You could include it under the category of Other: Sandbox or if possible that one plus adventure, role playing, and simulation maybe. Im not a techie so i dont know how difficult it is to do to include, but im sure theres millions of ubuntu ( and other flavors of linux ) that browse that regularly. Another thing is most software in there is free ( as that is the philosophy of gnu-linux, or at least linux, but that is a discussion for another time. So you would need to describe it something like, free with some limitations, or something like that. And also the need for internet. Now as usual theres a bit of room for drama and i dont want people coming in and arguing with me that its been discontinued. I see new software in there all the time. How do they include it in discontinued software, i dont know. Theres alternatives like gnome software application, and play on linux etc. That i highly recomment also for reaching new audience, especially Play On Linux. Anyway i think this adds possibilities to advertise for free and reach a huge amount of people for free. cheers
  9. well ive always had problem with wu, it starts whenever it wants to. but lately its been crashing before launcher even comes up. The only thing remotely resembling a crash log that i could find was in steam root logs. a file called stats_log.txt it gives me the following "errors". if anyone can give me any suggestions on what to do to fix it. ive tried all the usual stuff, no processes in task manager, rebooting computer, reinstalled both wu and steam, etc. thank you in advance. ps im using ubuntu but dont let that keep you from giving suggestions
  10. Java Crash due to OpenGL

    no crash log? have you tried lowering all your graphics settings in the wurm launcher, before logging in? if it allows you to log in with lowered settings, then you can up the settings one by one to see which one is causing the crash. also try logging in with window minimized and expandable, forget the word. And when you log in maximize it. i know you have a good machine, this is mostly for trying to pinpoint any issues. crash log reminder.
  11. 3. can probably target it with a spyglass? not sure, i havent tried
  12. Buoys

  13. well i apologize if i came through as rude. ill admit it happens to me a lot. i told my brother in law to give us some space, when i was talking to his wife (my sister), when a more proper expression would have been, can you give us a couple of minutes? nuances in english still escape me, even though i type it very well, if i may say so myself. From americans i learned to be very precise and to the point, and somewhat blunt. Maybe ill need to unlearn some of that. See i did it again. maybe i need to relearn english but im getting too old for that. on the other hand, i think i have as equal "rights" to post as anyone else, and mainly because yes i still have toons and silver in wo. If im not allowed to post, let the mods tell me. you asked