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  1. there was another way if i remember correctly. was to set your server date to a few months in the future. but was best done at start of server before players had logged on. not very helpful i know. just mentioning for future reference.
  2. then they should fix it i think.
  3. if you are running a server from your own house, you need to set up router permissions. i dont know the exact details because i always used server providers.
  4. try dragging the file you want to delete to the desktop. then deleting it from there.
  5. i agree with you. its a problem that has affected many people, read customers, and the game developers should fix it and if its on steams end the wurm developers should at least contact steam to have it fixed. in the meantime (never because i doubt they will do anything, like they havent tried to help you here either), if steam and/or wu are running in the task manager, end the processes. and try again. if that doesnt work. again end the programs in the task manager, and try moving steam to a non protected folder like c:games instead of c:program files (x86). again we are just trying workarounds and theres no guarantees, its a bug. if you cant get it fixed theres always the customers review section on steam for you to give your experience.
  6. afraid of sounding redundant, but have you tried uninstalling steam and reinstalling? its not a matter of just updating it. like Batta said it helped her, and it did help me once too when i couldnt log in. if you have tried it then its not the problem, but if you havent tried it give it a go. i cant guarantee it will fix it but theres not many options. also wu comes with java bundled so i wouldnt use a different verssion os java for it.
  7. in your wurm launcher directory where wurmlauncher.exe is located C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher
  8. do you get a log in your files after trying to run wu called stats_log.txt or client.log?
  9. this are the folders down to default, not players folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\PlayerFiles\configs\default for whatever its worth try making a gamesettings.txt file in there. you can change the date in there if you want.
  10. sorry, youre right. i was too lazy to read previous posts. anyway this is what i found on your error logs. play around with window resolution setings and full or windowed modes. if you cant get into launcher settings, try changing them in the gamesettings.txt files. if re-downloading wu doesnt work or you have tried it already, then try re-downloading updating steam. if you go the latter option, try to delete steam without deleting the games you already have installed. good luck, hope you find a solution to the problem.
  11. could you copy and paste the whole text from your null error window when it crashes. maybe it can shed more light on whats happening.
  12. thats a moot point. or more exactly a non sequitur. that has never been the argument. the argument has been that rmt was part of the game and now its not, with people giving opinions on why they agree or not with the decision. if it will be for the better for the game we all hope so. now you want to argue the reasons behind those arguments which goes beyond the scope. you cant read peoples hearts. edit: and when i say you i mean we.
  13. the point that got me there was this comment on page 9 by Vooch. its where the whole crapstorm started. but who cares. then on page 11 i think someone made this comment quote" If people are relying on a GAME to pay their BILLS they need to complain to their government, not the developers of a game. If you can get onto a computer to play video games enough to make a living, you can get any old office computer job. Lame ######. " end quote then i came out with a different opinion on it, actually defending disabled people. and all hell descended on me. how dare i mention disabled people. i a non worthy individual meddle in something that doesnt concern me. and everyone started patting their own backs attacking me. take it however you want. MTurk lol. edit. completely wrong answer on my part. i must admit that after being called prejudiced and who knows what else i was a bit hurt to use a wurm analogy which made me miss the parry. i still need to work on my shield skills. but after taking a couple of bandages i appreciate that Jore was trying to contribute to the topic. So thank you Jore. i dont think MTurk would work because i have tried it. it was a hassle for me to sign up, and i live in California. imagine someone in a more difficult country trying to sign up. it also doesnt pay worth the time you put into it, dont believe the you tube videos. and lastly its not something you can really do multitasking for the reason mentioned before. i didnt try it because i needed it but because i surf you tube obsessively and try almost everything. this is what i think the solution would be. i think ive said all i needed to say. dont want to make it a back and forth.