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  1. damage on it? only thing i can think of its too low ql with too much damage makes it unusable somehow. but im just guessing.
  2. Shoemaker creates size 75 shoes to help enforce social distancing lol
  3. @Rudie did you try using Budda's original wgenerator? i think it gives you a little more control options. on the other hand i dont like how they seem to come out with flat mountain tops and somewhat uneven not smooth terrain. I just ended up using maps i liked submitted by creators.
  4. Cannot raise characteristics or skills above 20, with the exception of faith, which caps at 30, and alignment (up to 100). login on Nelsy and open a ticket. but i highly suspect that it wasnt premium unless you had more than 20 skill in any skill, except alignment and faith. or more than 30 in faith.
  5. was it ever premium? if not they get erased after some time of inactivity. if yes, contact a gm.
  6. well, try it with and alt and let us know, for science.
  7. if it hasnt been changed token selling also has a time cap, you can only sell only so much in x period of time. so probably is a generic message for that situation. not really out of money but that you hit the x amount of selling in x amount of time.
  8. C:Program Files(x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_251\bin \windows/x86/org/lwjgl/lwjgl.dll is there a space at the end of the folder name or something else? C:Program Files(x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_251\bin\windows/x86/org/lwjgl/lwjgl.dll if not then maybe its a corrupted installation. try uninstalling and reinstalling both java and wurm. Thats as far as my knowledge goes. Maybe someone with more knowledge of java than me can help. good luck .
  9. did you try relogging in to the game?
  10. its probably a shared busy server. tell them you are having lag problems and if they can change you to another machine.
  11. also seems to be very pvp centric which negates a whole other playerbase. not saying its bad or good, just their decision.
  12. lol. i watched some videos and its not the kind of play im looking for at the moment. not in a big grinding mood, im playing outlaws of the old west, project zomboid and eve, but not more than an hour a day. on the other hand it is like the op said a very similar game to wurm with differences. but it doesnt seem to be as dead as you imply. maybe not thriving but not dead either. id say about the same as wurm in population at least, being generous.