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  1. its a "feature" of the new spear fishing mechanic. have fun.
  2. take distance

    scale distance to pick up bodies according to size. i can never find the pick up spot for uttachas. normal size 1 tile, champion, 2 tile distance maybe? inb4, yea i know the sweet spot is around the feet or the "base", still its hard to find sometimes, its too small of a sweet spot. also if im picking up stuff from the ground and im going west to east or north to south its easy to pick up stuff. but if im going the opposite direction i suddenly need to step right on top of the item or pile to pick it up? (on a cart) and i need to pre select the item away from it, then ride on top of it to pick it up. why the discrepancy? can you make it the same for both directions? and i mean the same easy non-nerfed way for both directions.
  3. How I wish it was

    or something more official, like steam workshop
  4. Missing Keybinds

    sacrifice sell (to token) trade (traders and merchants)
  5. How to make your own maps

    what terrain editing software do you use? i havent fiddled with map making in a while but i remember that my maps would come out striated after converting to 16bit png. And thanks for sharing your process.
  6. More random maps 4096x

    how do you make them? a tutorial on how you make them would be appreciated.
  7. Cannot launch client on Linux (Debian 9)

    dont know if related or not, just posting for science.
  8. Cannot Log In on Client

    wurm online forum, and wurm online game are two different sites and use different username and passwords, unless you made it the same when you first started, but that is very unlikely. check here for your ingame info. In the bottom right corner you may get some help changing ingame pw, if you remember the other info.
  9. Adding mods to server.

    yea those wurm server providers already run the bat file beforehand so no need for you to do it. just open a ticket with them telling them your mods are not running. They should be able to help you if they want your money.
  10. Adding mods to server.

    well, too little info to go by . Make sure you're installing server mods not client mods. Run patcher bat. make sure the file structure is correct, all mods inside the mod folder with jars inside folders and properties files outside those, all in the mods folder.
  11. Devlog thread closed?

    ok something a bit more constructive. my last post was a bit too emotional.
  12. Top 10 games (other than Wurm)

    Doom ealy 90s 10six -awesome pvp , even logging in was an event, almost a party. the original, its now called Project Visitor and patched to unrecognizable levels now Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines -very immersive and you could be the kind of vampire you wanted to be and you could mod it Elder Scrolls -the standalones not the online Fallouts -the 1st person ones, not isometric Deus Ex -all of them Gran Turismo -the first 2 Ultima Online -when you had options before the ninja stuff and delucia and luna etc Wulfram -quick and hectic pvp Neocron -sci fi mmo Anarchy Online -another sci fi mmo WoW -the early versions Perfect World International -played many asian mmos, this one was the best of them imho second to that for me was Silk Road Online -the grind was real Splinter Cells -"ill just shoot the guards from inside the air vents" Thief -"its not pve stop trying, its pvcoins" Shadow of the Colosus -only game that has made me feel like an insect and a giant repeatedly and within seconds of each other, not to mention the storyline Shadowbane -mmo, pvp, 3d, it was revolutionary in its time im sure im missing a few but i think i went over the 10 already so sorry about that. top favorite on this list for me 10six
  13. "The sound starting 25% to 30% into the action on WO isn't ideal but still works fine much of the time" in wo, until you get a high skilled toon with high qlty mats and tools with high enchants, then it gets in to the wu territory of ridiculousness, which is why i made my post all those years ago, and they have still not done anything about it. "whereas on WU the action would already be completed before this point" exactly, if the sound started on time you would then hear it, right?