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  1. Hey man. i remember you from back in the day. I used to run into you or you into me while traveling. If i remember right you were part of the staff back then too. But i dont remember in what capacity. Mostly we had common friends like Xsamuraix and others. Those were magical days back then in a sense. Glad to see you and your toon name again after so long.
  3. ive seen a couple mmos that still have rmt allowed or not actively prohibited. and in its broader definition most well populated mmos have rmt. Black markets may be an unpopular fact among some who dislike it, and ive never practiced it to be clear. But we cant hide the sky with our hand. edit. im not disagreeing with your opinion on you liking the change or not. just the asseveration.
  4. ill be a devils advocate and say, he clearly said it was a subjective opinion from people commenting in reviews. i personally think wurm has beautiful graphics and when people complain about graphics they really mean clunky interface and controls and timers, but its also my subjective opinion. dont worry, it will all eventually be fixed by pulling an ace from up their sleeve, by... adding more servers. /s
  5. basically dont play as gm. and if you downgrade from gm to regular player ingame, you will likely need to relog for it to fully apply.
  6. try changing FBO settings and see if that works. heres a quote that worked for many of us way back some time ago. Brash_Endeavors Posted April 28, 2019 (edited) Found this on the Steam forums: confirming what xype said, FBO disabled (compat settings are on the launcher not in game) with the modern renderer shows the WL and BL modern with FBO enabled blocks the beams ** NOTE: If I set VBO to extension, and leave FBO on CORE, I get both the beams and the xray (mod) even when the game is set to Modern renderer. Edited May 28, 2019 by Brash_Endeavors
  7. is it feasible to fix the flat mountain tops effect? or did you fix that?
  8. Wiedzmin aka The Witcher - 13 Episodes (Pl-Eng Sub)
  9. esports mostly pubg competitions' ufo documentaries gameplay playlists, 7dtd, project zomboid, rimworld, last of us 1 and 2 and many many other games, choose the kind of games and streamer or uploader you like alternate history documentaries like ancient aliens and planent nibiru theories, ancient giants docus, etc i dont necessarily believe them 100% but i think some have little nuggets of truth agt and bgt auditions and other countries too korean drama and comedy series anime both drawn and live action how to videos, how to make build stuff, guitars, jewelry, from basic stuff to how to make gravity defying devices, zero energy generators, light from magnets etc the list is endless really mostly youtube, i cannot give links to sites for anime or movies and so on since i think its not permitted here, but its easy googling and vpn is useless really unless you're planing on doing something illegal like start a botnet or something, but youll get caught anyway lol
  10. damage on it? only thing i can think of its too low ql with too much damage makes it unusable somehow. but im just guessing.