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  1. theres the client helper mod that helps with using cotton on yourself. i dont think you can use it on others, maybe you can request that feature there and see if the mod maker adds it if its even possible.
  2. yup. bad sentence composition on my part. i was referring to the mechanics.
  3. youre right. the thing is the solution to everything seems to be open a new server. open wu (i was against wu and commented before how bad the idea was for wo, although as a player i love it). Now open wosteam. cant they learn from past mistakes? its just a cash bag trying to cash in on the players that leave wo for wosteam imo. the small team excuse is old and proven to be not true because many wurm players with at least as good programming skills have offered their services. only to be turned down. the reason is anybodies guess. also they can just take ideas from modders to make playing more enjoyable to the masses not the few, that takes a lot of work hours out of the equation. and i keep rambling on and on but its just pissing against the wind. pvp was abandoned, cauldron aka known as challenge was abandoned, wu was abandoned. whats jackals status now? good track record for wo or wosteam. el que mucho abarca poco aprieta. is spanish for if you try to grab too much you cant tighten your grip on anything. enjoy the planters and the asinine sails furling mechanics wo. glad we dont have them in wu.
  4. steam workshop. theres other games in java that use steam workshop with no malware issues. but we know wu is pretty much abandoned, despite promises to the contrary.
  5. I was watching a yt video the other day, it was from around 2007. And it struck me how everything looked so old. It looked like from the 80's, a mild version of the 80's. The hairdos, the clothes, the tvs on screen flickering. In the last 10 years the world has changed so much its mindblowing. Im an old guy and i myself am stuck in the mud in many of my ways. Same for Wurm.
  6. Been using adblock for many years and cant live without it. Also about a year ago switched to brave browser and also love it. Sometimes they both have quirks, but very well worth it imho. f@(4 monopolies and their ads pushing
  7. blurry text on screen will ###### up your vision real quick, in a few weeks or at most a few months. I speak from experience. so this needs fixing asap, in the meantime avoid reading the text.
  8. there was a step on flushdns that i didnt mention. you need to change (cant remember the word) where it points to in the console. change path? hierarchy? Anyway it needs to look like this before you enter what i told you. c:\windows\system32> ipconfig /flushdns. okay i googled it. you need to change directory. So you type cd C:\Windows\System32\ hit enter then ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter again. sorry for the ommission. Also make sure to run the console as administrator. if none of this works including the removing mods part then its probably a modem/router or isp issue not allowing incoming connections, but i doubt it.
  9. you will need to try the hard way. remove all mods and see if it connects only with modlauncher without mods. If it connects then install one mod at a time. if it doesnt connect try getting the latest modlauncher again.
  10. you can try a few things, non of them guaranteed unfortunately. try them one at a time. good luck 1. reboot server 2.install the connection fix mod for your client 3. open your console also known as command prompt (im assuming youre using windows) type: ipconfig /flushdns
  11. since you quoted me ill try to clarify. i didnt say the amount should be reduced overall, more uniques to hunt with the same overall amount of loot.
  12. re: uniques always been drama around them, always will. if you make it harder to hunt them, the same ppl who hunt them now will still hunt them, and the people who dont, will even less. So my suggestion: make uniques spawn 5 times more often, with 20 percent the amount of loot they do now. And make the valuable loot drop randomly to a premium account in local preferably one who participated. And last they shouldnt be able to be penned.