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  1. Learning Java advice

    my first "computer" was also a commodore 64. not mentioning the Atari and all the watches that came with little games, or the local arcades that had the new games back then that started replacing "flippers" as i used to call them, otherwise known as pinball machines. And the table tennis one was a pretty common sight almost anywhere. As a side note, my step-father looked at me like i was crazy spending around $400 for that commodore. Good luck on your new hobby.
  2. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    So sad news and so unexpected. So Proud to have been in the same alliance along with XSamuraizx, Tatang, Nesgamepro, Budda, Silvirwolfe, Chiqa, Uisge_Beata, Pingpong, Trainman and many other gms, chat moderators, and many other good players. and yes the amount of content she contributed was amazing. My condolences to the family and close ones.
  3. [Released] Wyvern Mods Separated

    archery seems to double list for some reason. Same player with 2 entries. Dont know if any other skills do this.
  4. no space between name and title
  5. [RELEASED] Halloween Mod 1.1 - Updated 30/10/2018

    hi, very nice mod. is it intended to always spawn gravestones at forests? any way to make it spawn in grass tiles?
  6. [Released] Wyvern Mods Separated

    wyvernitems in trader dont restock? i need to use reset traders gm command to restock them, but i dont like to because it erases any items from the trader that arent stock.
  7. severe error SEVERE: res/missingsound.ogg

    ok thanks, its just i hadnt seen it before.
  8. keep getting this error in the console: SEVERE: Input does not appear to be an Ogg bitstream. SEVERE: res/missingsound.ogg i think i should have put this on client issues, not sure. move if need be
  9. Kick Players While AFK

    i give 25 copper an hour and 100 karma. Even more money and/or karma to be made by playing the game. my server is on the easy side, relatively easy to earn money hunting, treasure hunting foraging, trader draining, etc But deeds cost regular and upkeep enabled, so i think it balances out. Back on topic, i have a hard time attracting players and retaining them, i would never kick a player for being afk, if they afk to make money either im paying too much, or they just like to lurk in game and im fine with that. Hardly any reason why i would kick a player other than being a jerk to others. And its not even to increase my player numbers, i think to me it goes with the sandbox description of the game.
  10. Kick Players While AFK

    maybe your timedpay is too high? i give out 25copper an hour while easily they can make more doing other stuff on the server. just a wild guess.
  11. CR of templars & guards

    i dont know about cr, you can change server cr in setting but templars and guards i dont think change with the settings. as for templars skill, looking at one with the wand it says fighting skill 1, body 1, body control 30, body stamina 35, body strength 30, mind 1, mind logic 17, mind speed 27, soul 1, soul depth 24, soul strength 24, weaponless fighting 80. i dont know if it has fought any mobs to gain any skill. as for tower guards i dont have any to check but you can check under NPCS>learn.
  12. activate wand > rclick same wand > creatures > feature management > PvE Server Death Tabs (second to last one)
  13. [Released] Wyvern Mods Separated

    when i add items to trader they dont appear, only the default wyvern items already listed. I tried resetting traders and dropping a new trader. I get no errors, the new items i add just dont seem to get added. I also tried with and without capitalizing the words. and in the julbord instance, i also tried renaming "large_delicious_julbord".
  14. Changing max cast power #statuetteTweaks: Allows the QL and rarity of the statuette to have added benefits to spellcasting. statuetteTweaks=true # QL will increase the bonus roll, with 1 bonus being equivalent to 1QL increase on the altar of a faith zone. The value below is how much each QL of the statuette adds to the bonus roll. statuetteQualityBonusMod=1 # Rarity will increase the power of the final cast by the value set, meaning a 90 cast would become a 93 cast if used with a rare statuette adding 3 per rarity level. statuetteRarityPowerIncrease=3 it doesnt increase cast power directly, but indirectly via ql and rarity of statuette. works pretty nice. my numbers are higher than those though.
  15. Eliminate bulk storage QL tax

    if my memory serves me right, used to be you could put certain items in bsbs and average ql would actually increase, so maybe this was the fix for that.