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  1. I love this idea, I really think alchemy could be expanded and this has great possibilities
  3. Yep, I messed up, it's on the northern islands
  4. all responses to Melodicious on Harmony
  6. I need a troll king, if you have one good to slay let me know please
  7. To offset the death tab, perhaps a welcome for new players fresh out of Golden Valley on that server they choose. A new player birth notice. Could be either a new pop-up tab like deaths or a different coloured text message in the freedom server chat for that server. Just a thought
  8. Might be an Aussie thing perhaps?
  9. Is there a problem with the patch server? I can't seem to connect to it to be able to play the game. Error message in update progress bar: Update Failed! (Error: Error opening connection to patch server) Have tried to load from the desk top icon as per usual as well as from the main game page via the browser, neither works. Assistance greatly appreciated.
  10. I didn't catch you online but I can help with masonry items if you still need anything