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  1. I am submitting a name for PVP and one for PVE, too. PVP: Vigilance PVE: Felicity Fingers crossed!
  2. WO and WU are almost the same, except that there is no Mac version for WU. Thus, the suggestion. I've been trying to play it through an emulator but never got it to launch. I know this post is old, but eh. Trying anyway.
  3. Again, for Freedomers, NOT for Epic. Jeez, the selfishness in these comments is appalling.
  4. Whichever side I am trying to see this... I can't help but think that once more, Epic got ######. Basically, every big account "ruling" on Freedom can just pop over here and start "ruling" on Epic just with one click on their portal. Oh how wonderful, thank you very much! That's a brilliant idea! That is definitely going to fix all the unbalanced and unfair issues we always had over here on Epic. NOT. Once again, this is all about OP advantages going to Freedom and in exchange Epic has to sacrifice everything for that. I really don't understand how devs CAN'T see that themselves! So thanks, but NO THANKS. This whole thing is just bullcrap to me. And yes I will "cry" over all the hours I spent grinding and trying to make my character better, yes I will complain about it because this is not fair. It's always the same side losing everything they worked hard for and paying for the other side's sh*t. And I will fight against this crappy idea as much as I can.
  5. +1 to n-n-n-ame change, pretty pleaaaaase!
  6. I'm having the same problem, except that when I log back in, I can't move the cart at all... Tried to relog but it's still not working... Any solution?
  7. I was in the same situation so I did the last Java update and now everything is running on 32bits even though I only have the 64bits version installed and I have to reinstall the game cause the files were "broken" for some reasons. Weeee.